Graduated from Harvard:

– John Adams
– John Quincy Adams
– George W. Bush
– John F. Kennedy
– Barack Obama
– Theodore Roosevelt
– Franklin D. Roosevelt
– Al Gore
– Henry Kissinger
– John Roberts
– Ben Bernanke
– Michael Bloomberg
– Mitt Romney
– Charles Schumer
– Ted Cruz


Am Done watching you suffer trying to Love me.

Have you ever faked a smile
Have you ever been so sad
To a point you couldn’t even cry?
Have you ever spent a sleepless night where your mind wonders off till the morning light
Have you ever felt so lonely
even the thought of having company gives you goose bumps?
Welcome to my life!
A life of ups and too many downs
A life am too sad to write a poem about
Am sitting in the dark and its past midnight
My troubled heart knows no sleep it bleeds through the night
Tears fall from my eyes
Tonight’s tears are of letting go
Am letting you go , setting you free
you can finally be what you want to be
Would you survive without me?
I know I can’t but this has to be
Am done watching you suffer trying to love me.

Which country first adopted time zones?

On November 2, 1868, the then-British colony of New Zealand officially adopted a standard time to be observed throughout the colony, and was perhaps the first country to do so. It was based on the longitude 172°30′ East of Greenwich, that is 11 hours 30 minutes ahead of GMT.