My proposal on women’s Right

I’m a firm believer that women empowerment has become a force that cannot be reckoned with. I’m a believer that my sisters deserve equal treatment just as I do. Women deserve to be heard because they too have a voice on things that affect this city.

I have sisters and female friends who complain everyday about them being victims of sexual harrasment in our streets, Buses, places of work etc. We must all work together to make Nairobi a women conducive county.

I also understand the struggles of new mothers, the need to keep your job and to care for your new baby.

I understand the payment disparity that happens in companies to operate right here in Nairobi.

I also understand that some women are also victim of domestic violence.

My Goal…

To create an accommodating County for both men and women, a county where all are able of treating one another with mutual respect and admiration.

As Governor, I will…

1. Protect women from harassment, discrimination and violence by placing a high penalty on the following acts :Wolf whistling(whistles to express admiration on the streets), catcalling, asking intrusive questions, unwanted following or even unceasing asking of telephone numbers and finally invasion of personal space.

2.Pass a violence against women policy that will abolish complete laying of hands on women.

3. Appeal to companies within the county to adopt equal pay for equal work policy to ensure women and men get paid equally.

4. Appeal to organizations to have stick laws against sexual harrasment and a complete ban from operation on companies that do not comply.

5. Reduce day care cost to make it more affordable for our hard working new mothers.

Problems solved…

End to domestic violence.

End to gender pay gap.

End to street and sexual harrasment.

End to long time of silence ядл among women.

The process of spotting fear and refusing to obey it is the source of all true empowermentMartha Beck

Empowerment of women is the empowerment of the nation. No household, no society no state, no country has ever moved forward without empowering its womenNaveen Patnaik

In days ahead, I will include the following proposition : Paid family leave, access to affordable childcare, sick days, vacation time and healthy work environment for casual laborers.