What percentage of the earth’s water is frozen?

Of the three percent of the water that is not in the ocean, about 69 percent is locked up in glaciers and icecaps. Ninety percent of that frozen water is in Antarctica and about nine percent covers Greenland. Of the remaining freshwater, 30 percent of it is groundwater, captured below our feet.




▪Digital content is huge and it’s only going to grow larger. An astounding 90% of the digital content in the world today was created within the last two years and it’s rolling out faster every single day. So what do we do with all this digital content, anyway?

▪The average person spends almost 6 hours a week watching videos online and that is a number that is also growing rapidly. Thanks to smartphones and the mobile web the amount of video out there on sites like YouTube would take us trillions of years to watch in its entirety.

▪But all this digital content can also be used for innovation. Currently Fortune 1000 companies are leveraging big data to save money, launch new products and services, set forth the new wave of major innovations, and more.

▪Learn more about the history of digital content and where digital content is headed from this infographic.

Remember your life has been preparing you for all you are meant to do with rest of your life. You may not have chosen suffering but it served growth of your spirit in a profound way that you can’t yet understand but will be revealed to you as your life unfolds. Keep striving.

There are a lot of people out there who have great ideas but nothing in this world is cheaper than a good idea without any action behind it. It’s great you have an idea. Now do it. Try it. Fix it. Nothing can stop you when you are an action oriented doer. Small steps. Start now.