Police Brutality in Kenya 🇰🇪

Am inside the library basement, browsing through the internet and I’m shocked by a video clip of four police officers brutally beating a University student for his constitutional right to Pickett. For lovers of Twitter, #jkuatlivesmatter is among the top five Trending hash tags of today.

My personal opinion
This act is utterly inappropriate, not to mention that it’s painful to the student. When I watched the clip, I had tears down my cheeks and pictures myself being the one or maybe my brother. I’ve been part of two campus strikes in my entire life, and to be honest, the experience is fun. In fact, student don’t get the need of rioting if police officers aren’t going to show up. However, the experience is risky, tear gas canisters, rubber bullets, up and down reckless runs. You don’t want to find yourself in any wrong side of either happenings. I’ve seen friends getting shot, professionally though.

It’s the role of the police to restore order appropriately and it’s also the role of a picketter to Pickett within the bounds of the law.

I detest the action and the manner the police handled that unlucky student. However, we must not fail to take into account the prior orders before that. The fact is, incidents like those happen in literally every strike, lucky for us, that was captured on a camera.

Students have the habit of provoking security officers and trust me it even gets worse if an office was on the other side of the student. The difference is, students are not trained and that’s why they many times will act stupid but I won’t say the same of security officers.

Going forward, what can we do to exercise our rights peacefully and for the officers to be there to ensure our protection?
Here is a couple of suggestions I’d recommend :
1. Officers should expect the unexpected. This will set them in mood making them have a thick skin for provocations.
2.Plan ahead. Most protests issue notices days before the actual protest. This time is given to allow both the protesters and the security forces to plan before time to ensure safety of both civilians and the officers themselves.
3. Understanding. Students are suppose to understand their rights and the bounds set to exercise them and at all times to strive to stay within those bounds
4. Finally, we are all humans, we all feel pain. Let’s be Compassionate about one another and treat each other gently. We all want to live to see tomorrow, not in pain but in peace.

As the trends continues, comrades from Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology should understand that we’re together in this quest for better living.