Top 10’s

*Top 10 Sites for your career:*

1. LinkedIN
2. Indeed
3. Careerealism
4. Job-Hunt
5. JobBait
6. Careercloud
7. GM4JH
8. Personalbrandingblog
9. Jibberjobber
10. Neighbors-helping-neighbors

*Top 10 Tech Skills in demand in 2019:*

1. Machine Learning
2. Mobile Development
3. SEO/SEM Marketing
4. Data Visualization
5. Data Engineeringj
6. UI/UX Design
7. Cyber-security
8. Cloud Computing/AWS
9. Blockchain
10. IOT

*Top 10 Sites for Free Online Education:*

1. Coursera
2. edX
3. Khan Academy
4. Udemy
5. iTunesU Free Courses
6. MIT OpenCourseWare
7. Stanford Online
8. Codecademy
9. Open Culture Online Courses

*Top 10 Sites to learn Excel for free:*

1. Microsoft Excel Help Center
2. Excel Exposure
3. Chandoo
4. Excel Central
5. Contextures
6. Excel Hero
7. Mr. Excel
8. Improve Your Excel
9. Excel Easy
10. Excel Jet

*Top 10 Sites to review your resume for free:*

1. Zety Resume Builder
2. Resumonk
3. Resume dot com
4. VisualCV
5. Cvmaker
6. ResumUP
7. Resume Genius
8. Resumebuilder
9. Resume Baking
10. Enhancv

*Top 10 Sites for Interview Preparation:*

1. Ambitionbox
2. AceTheInterview
3. Geeksforgeeks
4. Leetcode
5. Gainlo
6. Careercup
7. Codercareer
8. InterviewUp
9. InterviewBest
10. Indiabix


Choose your battles wisely…


An elephant took a bath in a river and was walking on the road. When it neared a bridge, it saw a pig fully soaked in mud coming from the opposite direction. The elephant quietly moved to one side, allowed the dirty pig to pass and then continued its onward journey.

The unclean pig later spoke to its friends in arrogance, “See how big I am; even the elephant was afraid of me and moved to one side to let me pass”.

On hearing this, some elephants questioned their friend, the reason for its action. Was it out of fear?

The elephant smiled and replied, “I could have easily crushed the pig under my leg, but I was clean and the pig was very dirty. By crushing it, my leg will become dirty and I wanted to avoid it. Hence, I moved aside.”

_This story reveals :_
Realized souls will avoid contact with negativity not out of fear, but out of desire to keep away from impurity though they are strong enough to destroy the impurity.

You need not react to every opinion, every comment, or every situation.

Kick the drama and keep going ahead

Choose your battles wisely… Not everything deserves Ur time and attention.

Fate isn’t the end, it’s the beginning of a falling faith.

I was taking a walk
Wrestling with my thoughts
She came to me like a song on a shuffle
her walk was so elegant and so humble
I didn’t get to see her face
I didn’t need to see it somehow
My mind just thought of her like my future somehow
My future I didn’t know, walking in front me on the road
My legs unconsciously started to follow
Changing it’s route which it never had before
Wondered about her back
Studied her like my past
Still with no intention of watching her face to face
I have no intention of facing my fate
I just followed
I couldn’t allow my self to say hello
I just followed
Untill I lost her from my sight
But still I wonder, what would have been like to see her face
there is always this phrase
that rings behind each day
Fate isn’t the end of the race
It’s the beginning of falling for a faith.

Stockholm syndrome

I don’t know how i feel about you
I have never been sure
You give me chills,love, pain, lust,joy, heartaches, excitement and fear all at once
How can someone have all of me?
Make me feel complete and incomplete at the same time.
I can’t figure it out.
I can’t figure you out
They never tell you this when they tell you about love
They never told me all the pain i”ll endure and keep hiden from her.
They never mentioned how lost i would feel at times
They skipped the part about the confusion
They never warned me how i will loose my self trying to find her.

A man’s lone story

He wakes up in the morning in a tiny room that almost feel like a cell with a small glass window and an old tilted door. He didn’t expect a different scene when he falls asleep last night or the day before that or before either he knows things wont change in a blink of an eye , a moment we call sleep. unless something out of ordinary happens like a miracle and he surly knows miracles are not for him miracles are for the lucky ones he never was a lucky one. He didn’t want to think about that now . he walks up to his old small window that he likes to look through on the morning and watches the outside of his home. There is nothing except some dead men walking , walking to their planned life called death and his hazy reflection of him self at the same time on the tiny window , he stays there for a while and suddenly smashes the glasses with his bare hands and he almost didn’t feel nothing he was a bit excited, hyped, ready for a new day with his smile on his face while he is cleaning the blood from his hands.



As the tears from my eyes roll down
I can’t help but wonder
They fall as I’m slowly drowning
My smile as I cry won’t fade away
The pain and the tears from those sorrowful eyes
Sparkle ,but remains the same
The beating of a broken heart keeps pounding
The fear of never being loved
the thought of being lonely
Running away I can’t seem to escape this hell
Dreaming and wishing for tomorrow I might be well
Deep inside screaming for help Trying to grasp onto something, anything within my reach
To ease the feeling of despair of what it means to be worthless
I’ve been searching, but I never found
The reason for this pain behind
Can’t seem to leave my past
So I desperately
Clench my mind around
Cause the love I hope would stay
Becomes a memory, but still fades away.

African 🇨🇫


I am an African,
Black as the night is black,
Black like the depths of my Africa
I’ve seen the worst
But also the best

I’ve been in Durban
In South Africa,
I’ve been in Mozambique
Where the beauty of Africa
Also lies,I’m African

My eyes have seen,
My feet have been
In Africa,Africa my continent!
I’ve found days of content
Which were all well spent.

African!That’s who i am.
The greatest beauty
I saw in the maq maq waterfall
In Draskop,in Africa!
Not leaving behind the Sudwala caves!

I’ve been to Swaziland,
I shared memories there,
The culture is nartured
My native Continent
My molded Africa!

I am African that’s who i am
I am black,yes black!
Black as the night is black
Black like the dephts of my Africa
Black as many Africans.

By Nontobiso Williams