Dear H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta

Dear sir,

Hope this finds you well. Since your very first big victory in 2013 many of us didn’t believe in your capability, but after outstanding record in the first seven years, we can boldly say that in deed you’re the best Kenyan friends and president the Country has ever had. You’ve taught all of us the art of leading without bashing your opponent. You’ve taught all of us that indeed we can be one irrespective of all the divisions among the Politicians. You’ve taught all of us that in fighting graft, putting the interest of people is always the wisest choice.

I want to thank you for the many roads you’ve built in this country. There are places 10 years ago,I never imagined I could travel to but because of you I now have the opportunity to witness the true beauty of this country. A decade ago,I didn’t imagine seeing electricity in my rural home, but because of you my rural home is now the shiniest home in the whole globe.

Who ever thought that Kenyan would ever have a president who would stand against all odds to say no to vices such as corruption and tribalism?

To Youngsters, indeed you’ve inspired us. Millennials and Generation Z are very proud of the kind of example you’ve given us. Our generation is inspired by you. You may not feel like you’ve accomplished many things but if there’s one accomplishment you’ve achieved, I’d say inspiring a generation. Now a tiny kid from Turkana now has some hope of having the same opportunity like a kid in Nairobi.

I want to heart fully thank you for the bold step in your building Bridges initiative. Despite,the attacks from left,right and centre on how bad the thing is, I’d say it is a necessary evil. At first I thought it was a plan against the Deputy President William Ruto,but after a few months of objectivity, I believe it has truly united the country. For once in two decades I’ve seen Kenyans speaking in one accord.

Onto Big Four.
Achieving the Big Four is close to impossible,but it’s not too late to achieve the Big one. President kibaki is remembered for stabilising the economy and implementing the free primary education. You’d be remembered for so many good things like having a well balanced cabinet, championing for women and finally doing something real in the standard gauge railway. Going to Mombasa has never been fun and fast as it is now. With three years to go, doing something on health could tremendously add onto your many legacies. I choose health, because it’s a basic need though I won’t mind if you implemented something on manufacturing or even affordable housing.

Onto my last plea,an opportunity to see you,the former prime Minister,the Deputy President and the former Nairobi Governor Aspirant Miguna Miguna together would be a dream come true. I’m an optimist Mr President,and a photo ops or even a lunch in of the four of you would speak something truly meaningful. It would teach Kenyans that all of us are a family. It will show Kenyans how mature our politics has become. It will carry with it a message that indeed we may differ on ideologies but that doesn’t meaning we become enemies. It will show Kenyans how our politics reflect the good and the humanity in us and not the worse and the darkness in us. Kenyans are so in need of all the best ideas out there. As Nelson Mandela says

“May Your Choices reflect your hopes and not your fears”

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.

George Collins.


Kenya imports approximately 1.8 million kilogramme of fish every month. It produces about 135,000 tonnes annual against an annual demand of 500,000 tonnes. Fish imports from China hit Ksh1.7 billion ($17 million) last year as Kenya’s appetite for Chinese fish continued to grow with the country seeking to bridge a deficit.

Why Nairobi West is The Best Place to Stay In Nairobi

  1. It’s close to central Business district. Even you’re broke, you can Always walk to Town.
  2. It has every kind of Social amenities like hospitals, schools and churches.Nairobi west hospital is centrally located. It has Nakumatt supermarket and lots and lots of worship centres to join other worshippers.
  3. It’s safe. Chances of you getting Robbed are less than you getting hit by a car.
  4. Housing is relatively cheap as compared to to other estates where middle class stays.
  5. Water, electricity and Recreational facilities is never a problem in any apartments or secured home you may opt for.

Are you from Nairobi West? If you’re from there, what other thing is interesting from there?

GSU OFFICERS AND TRAILER INVOLVED IN A ROAD ACCIDENT The accident happened along Mombasa-Nairobi Highway involving a trailer and G.S.U vehicle…. Just pray for them. Quick recovery our officers. Quick recovery to them. Four officers are in critical condition while the rest are in stable condition. The truck driver disappeared.

When people confuse purpose & goals, they have trouble reaching their goals. Purpose is direction, your “why.” Goals are dreams, what you want to achieve. You set & achieve many goals, purpose remains the same for life. Discover your purpose, set clear goals & you’re unstoppable.

Top 12 Countries with Active Military Personnel

Active military personnel, 2018.

1.China: 2,035,000
2.India: 1,395,100
3.US: 1,348,400
4.N Korea: 1,280,000
5.Russia: 900,000
6.Pakistan: 653,800
7.S Korea: 625,000
8.Iran: 523,000
9.Vietnam: 482,000
10.Egypt: 438,500
11.Myanmar: 406,000
12.Indonesia: 395,500


Longer list:

Minutes of Work daily needed to Afford a Big Mac

Minutes of work needed to afford a Big Mac.

1.Hong Kong: 9
2.Tokyo: 10
3.Sydney: 11
4.New York: 11
5.Los Angeles: 11
6.London: 12
7.Paris: 15
8.Dubai: 17
9.Madrid: 19
10.Moscow: 20
Athens: 26
Istanbul: 34
Shanghai: 35
Beijing: 42
New Delhi: 50
Cairo: 63
Jakarta: 66
Mexico City: 78
Nairobi: 173

(The Economist)

20 Happiest Countries In the World.

Twenty happiest countries in the world, 2018.

1. Finland
2. Norway
3. Denmark
4. Iceland
5. Switzerland
6. Netherlands
7. Canada
8. New Zeland
9. Sweden
10. Australia
11. Israel
12. Austria
13. Costa Rica
14. Ireland
15. Germany
16. Belgium
17. Luxembourg
18. US
19. UK
20. UAE


10 Marketable Professions and the recommended courses to land them.

1. Software Engineer

Recommended courses:

2. Investment Banking Analyst

Recommended courses:

3. Marketing Coordinator

Recommended courses:

4. Graphic Designer

Recommended courses:

5. Assistant Media Planner

Recommended courses:

6. Account Executive

Recommended courses:

7. Business Analyst

Recommended courses:

8. Recruiter

Recommended courses:

9. Account Coordinator

Recommended courses:

10. Administrative Assistant

Recommended courses:

15 Things you’re Never too Young/Old To Do

You are never too young or too old to;

1. Be Fearless
2. Forgive first
3. Learn a new skill
4. Share wisdom
5. Change your mind
6. Apologize for mistakes
7. Love again
8. Make friends
9. Be generous
10. Choose happiness
11. Remove clutter
12. Read favorite books
13. Show gratitude
14. Have faith
15. Try again

What is Really A Rich Life?

Money is a big deal to many people and even if you were told that money is not everything ; you will draw back in disbelief probably saying something like “Lemme see for myself? You are right and yes I believed that until I laid eyes on these tips.

A Rich Life:

1. You and your loved ones are healthy.

2. Quality time with family and friends.

3. People who love and trust you.

4. Work that fills you with joy and pride.

5. Opportunity to learn and grow.

6. Freedom to express the true you!

7. Courage to dare, dream and do!(Personal Favourite)

8. Wanting less. What is called contentment.

Universal Medicare for All Nairobians

Improved and Expanded Medicare for All is the ethical, logical, and affordable path to ensuring no person goes without dignified healthcare. Medicare for All will reduce the existing costs of healthcare (and make Medicare cheaper, too!) by allowing all people in Nairobi to buy into a universal healthcare system.
What’s even better is that Improved and Expanded Medicare for All includes full vision, dental, and mental healthcare – because we know that true healthcare is about the whole self, not just your yearly physical.
Almost every other developed city in the world has universal healthcare. It’s time Nairobi catches up to the rest of the world in ensuring all people have real healthcare coverage that doesn’t break the bank. This is very different than universal “access” to healthcare, which is lobbyist talk for more for-profit plans.
You can count on me to fight for people-centered healthcare more than any other candidate, because am the ONLY candidate that doesn’t accept money from Pharmaceutical lobbyists or private insurance companies.

Extending single payer (healthcare financed by taxes that covers the costs of essential healthcare for all Nairobians, with costs covered by a single public system) to Nairobians has rippling positive effects: people will take less time off work, have more money in their pocket, and other issues – like homelessness, and more – will also be alleviated with an increase in the number of people getting the mental and physical healthcare they need.

George Collins For Nairobi Governor



Traffic Is Big Business.

The other week, I spent over 3 hours on traffic. Well, by then I didn’t pay particular attention to the brighter side of it. Busy with a lot of complaints, I didn’t see the many Kenyans who were using that opportunity to survive. Money grows economy.

Matatu business
Big business for the matatu sector in that at these hour is when the fares hit peak. A 60 seater matutu charging 150 for a 10 km journey? That’s a lot of money for two rounds on a morning and an evening traffic.

Despite lots of time and fuel lost on traffic, there are way many pros as well. Think of the many hawkers who only use this opportunity to make cash. Hawking was this close to becoming illegal, but the amount of money that this business brings can’t be ignored. Hawking feeds families, takes children to school and pays tax to the Government. What better business to start for unemployed Youth, than Hawking.

People with disabilities
People with disabilities also make a lot of money at this time of the hour. Did you know that 4.5% of Kenyans are physically disabled? Half this population get their income by begging mostly during traffic.

The big city malls
Be it Galleria, Taj mall, T-mall or even Sarit city and Garden city Mall, all these big malls make a lot of Cash during traffic or weekends. They are among the largest tax payers for any County.

Fuel stations.
Every time you’re stuck in traffic, chances are a lot of fuel is getting consumed. Who benefits? It’s the fuel companies;the like of shell, Total and kobil. They are among the companies that are highly taxed.

Traffic police.
During traffic is when many police officers get traffic offenders, and it’s when a lot of bribes come in place so handy. Although this money is illegal, but be sure it finds it’s way into the economy, which is good.

All in all, double cash will be saved by solving traffic problem.

Top 5 politicians to look up to for role models.

“Kenya is a not a good example for anything” one lecturer once told me during a journalism lecture. He was right then, he evoked a part of my brain that led me to do some research. In Kenya we witness a lot of struggle and hardship but at the same time, we also see so much triumph, so much beauty and so much Joy. A thing that led me to seek the beauty in our politics and no doubt I found good leadership; a kind of leadership that an aspiring leader could actually look up to.

1. President Uhuru Kenyatta

Surely all of you will agree with me that the president has revealed a side of him that surpassed many of our imaginations. From his fluency in language to his political charisma. A trait that has gained him and the country approval in the eyes of world leaders. This is what no one tells you about. That the president wasn’t the way he is when he started, he actually learnt. His appearance in countless world forums has made the whole world view kenya as the capital of Africa.

2. Senator Mutula Kilonzo jnr.

Social media gurus and followers of Parliament proceedings will tell you better how this senator from Makueni embodies everything in ordinary citizens. He knows our pain,he knows our struggles and he also knows our hustle. He gained this reputation following his strong stand against Chinese exploitation of locals on one senate proceeding. What makes him unique;is his way of expressing views in a knowledgeable and clear way not only for the elite but also for the common voter.

3. Deputy President Ruto

The deputy president is famous for his alleged corruption scandals probably because the media want you to dwell on that. But there’s a unique and an interesting trait to this leader that makes him be in this list-Honesty and loyalty. Two traits that we so desperately need in this country. Ruto stood with Raila completely in 2007 and he did the same with president Kenyatta since 2013. Which better friend do you need than a friend who stands with you on moments of Joy (Election Victory) and sorrow (ICC case). Ruto will always be honest with Kenyans on Matters interest.

4. Senator Sakaja.

Well, he surely is the youngest Senator in Kenya. Addressing the cabinet at merely 22 and climbing political ranks in such a fast pace makes the young senator be a person to look for as a mentor and a role model. He rarely speaks to the media,he isn’t interested in giving TV sound bytes and getting media attention. Surely enough, I’ll rate him as the smartest young politician Kenya has ever had. At only 33,he has come up with 4 proposed bills meant to better the lives of youth.

5. Senator Orengo.

Senator gained popularity following his landslide Victory during last year’s presidential election petition. He is definitely a person to look more so in constitutional Matters and policy implementation. He’s one of the smartest senators in the senate. Orengo is known for his calmness and like Senator Sakaja,he doesn’t crave attention and media sound bytes. He talks when there’s something to be said.

One Nation, Undecided!

The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision.

Chinese Imperialism

The Government has made some of the toughest decisions this year, decisions that have sparked different responses from the country as a whole. Back tracking to the first controversial decisions involving the Chinese and their imperialism, a debate was held in the Senate and the senators failed to reached an agreement. Kenyans are divided between whether China is investing and giving loans for our own benefit or for their own imperialism gain. Kenyans complained about discrimination in SGR(Standard Gauge Railway) and Chinese labor policies but untill now the Government hasn’t decided on the way forward. Whether to leave the issues unsolved or to put in place better policies to fix the problem.

Buildings Demolition

A month ago, many buildings were demolished. Some say it was for good reason others assign political reasons to the whole saga. The fact that ordinary citizens who were evicted during SGR construction haven’t been paid is laughable and a compensation plan should be implemented immediately. But the move by the government to bring down cartel buildings is something that shouldn’t be a controversy. The long held narrative that some people in this city can’t be touched because they know other people is slowly fainting in air. And Kenyans should rally behind the president in leading this move.

The corruption fight and the 2022 politics

The arrest of deputy chief justice has brought a lot of debates and Kenyans aren’t reaching an amicable agreement anytime soon. For the supporters, they say that’s a bold step and a signal that slowly but surely even the president and the deputy president will be brought to account on matters corruption. But for the opposers, they say that the chief justice David maraga is retiring in 3 years, and Deputy Mwilu is the likeliest person to take over. Her supreme Court decision is a threat to 2022 political Alliances and that’s why incriminating her earlier is a step to stop her from taking over. But enough of speculations, let’s wait and see how the case will go today.

East or West.
Kenyans and the Government are torn between China and America; who is the strongest partner. China is leading in giving economical support while America in millitary. The one question no one is asking is; who is more reliable,more trustworthy? We can’t say America with Trump leading,neither can we say China following it’s reputation and history.

Development or 2022 political Alliances
This is especially a big debate in the executive. The president is interested in development(The big 4 agenda) because he has no campaign ahead to worry about as opposed to to his deputy who’ll be running. Bringing in the question of the handshake, whether really it’s a step towards unity and building bridges or a political calculation by the political dynasties. Ordinary Kenyans can’t crack this;what it means ,who will be the horse come 2022 and the future of jubilee party.

Islam or Christian.
Kenya is a religious state by law. One state comprising of many religions. A fortnight ago we celebrated a Muslim holiday that wasn’t explained well to the majority Christians. It orchestrated debates, that the government down played. This shouldn’t be a question of choice but of inclusivity. An understanding that we all worship an awesome God.

Ryan Harwood say that the worst decision is indecision. Whether at national or individual level we must make a choice in these grey areas. And every step made by the government shouldn’t be a moment of questioning intentions. Some things are better left unasked just to give people in power an opportunity to serve. You trusted them with the job last year,now it’s their time to deliver. All of us should understand that indecision is the enemy of progress and not saying yes to one possibility is saying no to all of them.

Africa(Kenya) on course to progress.

The arrest of deputy Chief Justice Mwilu, the demolition of cartel buildings, public Chinese imperialism talks and South Africa’s president response to Trump. These are good signs of Africa and Kenya as a country on the rise.

As a young person nothing matters so much to me than seeing leaders I can look upto. For such a long time, I’ve always looked on the West for leadership models. For the first time am finding one in Kenya- president Uhuru Kenyatta. He is really working maybe because he has nothing to loose. His main mission is to fix the country from vices and malpractices.

Kenya is leading the Continent after South Africa and if the trend goes on as it is, then surely safe Civic spaces for youth is guaranteed. A few days ago, the president paid a visit to US president Donald Trump; a meeting that strengthened strategic partnership alliance and brought to fruition plans to construct a highway from Nairobi to Mombasa. This will be big for Kenya. On Thursday, British prime minister Theresa May will be visiting Kenya after visiting Nigeria’s president Buhari tomorrow. This will be the first time a Briton prime minister visits Kenya in 30 years.

In September Canadian prime minister Justin Trudea will be visiting Kenya on a world climatic summit to be hosted here in Nairobi. A summit that will not only place Kenya in the global stage but also be an opportunity to showcase Kenya’s potential not only as Africa’s economic hub but also as an example of Africa’s good leadership.

Kenya is on the rise not because big world leaders are visiting it, but because Kenyans understand that a country rises when all of us combine hands. The president is leading the fight on corruption, through DPP Haji.

Big and small, cartel or not, official or civilian, president or Voter. We are all equal before the law.

Africa and specifically Kenya’s voice have been ignored for a long time but president Kenyatta is setting a new course. He looks both West and East for support. He’s partnering with both China and America alike. As he always says,Kenya and Kenyans will always come first.

If all African leaders could follow the lead of president Kenyatta,then no doubt Africa as a Continent will be the third wave,globally, economically, technologically and politically. Africa will be making their own decisions like whether to use the US dollar or not just as EU did last week. As we are doing these,we must also be worry of those who come to us with honey while deep inside they have deeper detrimental motives. Those powers that are investing in Africa’s poor Countries with Future agenda to fulfill.

The meeting with President Donald Trump
was fruitful. We discussed security, especially the fight against terrorism. We also discussed how to increase trade and investment between our two countries and how US companies can help create jobs for our youth.

We are rich,we don’t need imperialism,we just need good leaders and policies. Dictatorial methods, Comradeship and Communism are worst form of leadership that shouldn’t be applied anywhere, institution or state, in Africa.

Tweet President Kenyatta thank you

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How To fix Nairobi Traffic and What You Could Do as a Citizen

It takes 50 min to cover about 100 metres in a heavy traffic jam in Nairobi an equivalent time taken to cook 29 normal dishes in an average hotel. At an average of a metre per second, you could cover 3KM with that time approximately a walk from town to Wilson Airport.

Yesterday, it took me three and a half hours to move from town to Rongai, for the first time I felt the pain of traffic. Besides that it was raining. Many city residents were stuck in the City and matatu fares were sky high. I watched a passenger sleep, wake up and sleep again. Everyone’s eyes were flooded with exhaustion.

The experience took me back to last year, on a KTN governor’s debate, in which Governor Sonko promised to fix the traffic problem. It makes me wonder whether the governor and the entire city hall fraternity are deliberately ignoring this problem or they’re just not interested in it or maybe they don’t know how to do it- At At last, they’re in Office and they have 5 years of painless salary.

This is what I’d recommend if at all they’re slightly caring. To fix traffic in the City, Kenya Revenue Authority should double or triple import tax on small vehicles. Over 50% of city traffic is caused by personal vehicles which mostly carry one person, with 3 or 4 seats going empty. Increasing tax, will limit the number of people who can afford cars and by implication reducing their number and pollution(as a result of vehicles exhaustion). Personal vehicles occupy a lot of space that could rather be utilized well by having big buses transporting people home.

Another way is by denying public transport vehicles city Access. Matutu drivers drive recklessly with no regard to traffic rules. Disorganization results in chaos a trait that best describes the matutu sector. These drivers are rude and they all want to occupy a lane at the same time. Personal vehicle owners are organized and functional traffic lights are enough to manage them. Cheap Rental bikes should be stationed at the bus terminals (Around Nyayo,muthurwa and Ngara) where the PSVs will be parking to facilitate entry into the city.

Getting rid of other services from the city could also help. Nairobi city is the financial hub of East Africa, it’s the country’s administrative headquarters and also the headquarter to many international organizations. It’s either we expand the city to include Rongai,ngong and kitengela or we make other towns like Mombasa and kisumu centres of other services.

Failure to act is not only costing the country a lot but will as well continue to deflate the economy. Surely we waste an average of 6 hrs daily on traffic, we could do something constructive and productive with this time. We could make the city a 24 hour economy. Instead of borrowing a lot why don’t we save this time for Kenyans to make some money for the economy. An average middle class Nairobian wakes up at 5 am and gets back to bed at 11 pm. Nairobians deserve better treatment after this determination and hard work. Doing that 5 days a week, 20 days a month is no joke.

Is either we act or we let nature frustrate our lives.

It’s either we pressure our government to do something least they continue feeding on your hard earned cash. You pay them , you make them ride in those cars and you pay for their rent in those posh neighborhood;they should pay you back as well through rendering of services.

50 billion is the amount we loose on Traffic

Second worst City in the World because of traffic

Faces of Kenya: Senator Johnson Sakaja

Full name:Johnson Sakaja
Born: February 2nd 1985
Where : Ngara Estate, Parklands,Nairobi, Kenya.
Position: Senator Nairobi County.
Primary school: Aga Khan Academy
High school: Lenana.
University: University of Nairobi.
Course/Degree; Actuarial Science.

Began his political career at age 5,when he carried around a burner written“No class one,no school” in protest against parent’s idea of repeating preschool. At Lenana school, he was the prefects’ coordinator and the vice chair of law society. He also became the best public speaker nationally during the music festivals through a piece titled “My Country Kenya”

Senator Sakaja passed Harvard entry-level exams but couldn’t join due to financial problems. He landed his first Job at 19 at Pricewatercoopers, a job he lost a year later. He later worked with a Gospel music group called Mission Driven. He is the founder of Arthur Johnson consultants,a financial consultancy firm.

He started his public political life as a vice chair of the Actuarial Students Association. Later elected into the Students Organization of Nairobi University (SONU). His first involvement in national politics was during the 2005 referendum where he used his SONU platform to rally young people together. In 2007 elections, he started as the driver of Kibaki team; later the director of the vijana na Kibaki lobby group. He took the lead role in vote tallying for the presidential Secretariat.

At 22, he addressed Former president Kibaki’s cabinet in attempt to find solution for the 2008 post election violence. It was then that he met President Uhuru Kenyatta whom he later worked with at the ministry of finance. He considers President Kenyatta a mentor, a personal friend and an older brother. He helped in the formulation of 2010 constitution.

At 26, he helped in founding the The National Alliance (TNA) and became it’s chairman at 27 years, making him the youngest party chairman is the whole Galaxy.(TNA led President Kenyatta to victory in 2013 general elections) He coined the party slogan “I Believe” and led the #IAMNAIROBI campaign

At 32, he ran for the Nairobi senatorial seat and trounced his opponents Edwin Sifuna with an overwhelming majority votes making him the Second Senator of Nairobi and the youngest Senator in the country.

As a Senator, he is working on three bills:
1. The employment Bureau Authority which will establish job centres in all counties.
2. The performing Arts Fund for funds to help upcoming Artists.
3. Public Procurement and Disposal Bill to legalize the implementation of the president declaration that 30% of public Procurement should go to youth.

He is the chairman of Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association an umbrella group that brings young Parliamentarians together irrespective of party or tribal affiliation. He is also the patron of Kenya Professional Boxing Commission justified by his huge body size and finally the executive member Kenya National Private Security Workers Union.


  1. African Achievers Award Changemaker of the Year 2016.
  2. Jacob Well Award 2016(Men Impacting Differently)


  • Rapping
  • Song writing
  • Politics
  • Public speaking
  • Youth

Faces of Kenya: Governor Mike Sonko

Full names: Mbuvi Gideon Kioko Sonko.
Position: Current Governor of Nairobi, Kenya.
Born in Mombasa in 1975.
Primary school: Kikowani.
High school: Kwale.

He kick started his political career when he was elected as the member of Parliament for Makadara Constituency at only 35 after trouncing well established politicians like Dick Wathika and Reuben Ndolo.

Following the creation of counties by the 2010 constitution,he declared his intent to run for the senatorial seat in the 2013 general elections where he won with a landslide (808,705 votes) becoming the first senator of Nairobi County.

As a senator he formed the Sonko rescue team that is credited for providing government related services that helped many of the city residents. He also donated vehicles to the county government under the leadership of the Former first Governor Evans Kidero.

As a result of the services rendered under the Sonko rescue team,his prominence rose among Nairobians.As early as January 2016,a year before the 2017 general elections,he announced his candidacy for Nairobi gubernatorial seat. After a grueling campaign,he emerged the winner beating the incumbent Governor with a small margin.(54% of the Total votes cast)

Governor Sonko’s journey hasn’t been a walk in an aisle. As a member of Parliament, he was thrown out of Parliament building because of earrings. He had the habit of flaunting House rules, including incidences of inappropriate dressing. An image he later corrected as a senator and now a Governor.

Spending millions for daughter’s exclusive graduation bash is just a sign of what the Governor would do to make his family happy.

A year as a Governor, he’s made some remarkable achievements despite criticism from naysayers. The Governor celebrated 120 million revenue collection, delivering a clean city and also flourishing our city by planting Flowers.

Though his prominence isn’t high outside the city capital,sources has it that he’s the likeliest candidate to deputize deputy president in his 2022 presidential race.

Sonko on Facebook

This is the beginning of my faces of a Nation series that will cover all the 47 Governors and senators countrywide. Next week am taking you to Mombasa-Governor Joho Hassan and Senator Faki Mohammed.

Gen Zers: We are an Unstoppable Revolution

“We take turns sleeping, we eat and we live,”these are the adjectives the world has labelled us. Yeah, we do all these but we dream as well. Born between 1996 and 2016 is such a blessing because the world is ours to rule and change is ours to embrace. We constitute about 40%of the world’s population and 35% in Kenya. We are the most diverse generation there’s and we are the generation the world is calling upon to impact.

Take a keen look at the world around us:The corrupt systems, the hatred, the hopelessness and the daily injustices. The world is bleeding,the world is bursting in tears. There’s no one to save the world and we are her best hope. We are change markers.
Business insider describes us as “millennials on steroids” who are leading change. This is because we have a unique DNA; a blend of all other generations strengths.

We are the most diverse and inclusive generation. We all at least have that one friend from a different tribe, religion or even race. We enjoy working with them. Diversity makes us strong,corrupt free and citizens of the world. We don’t identify ourselves by our tribes but by the knowledge and opinions we share. We can easily intermarry.

Technology shapes our daily lives and our worldview. Our loyalty is to our screens. We wake up and the first thing we check is our social media platforms. Twitter to catch up with daily happening, Instagram for our daily instant gratification and WhatsApp to keep in touch with our loved ones. Communication isn’t only with our friends in Kenya but also globally. Through it, we’ve managed to learn how other countries work and function,what our friends from other countries are doing to better the world and what’s working and not.

We’ve learnt that for change to happening, people must embrace their true selves. A change in state of mind is key. The mere doing of stuff to fit into a club is what is making change difficult for the previous generations. Politicians get elected and they enroll into contests shows of who has the most following, who has the latest model and who is the coolest. They prioritize the club more than the voters- ordinary people. They are motivated by who’s the most powerful,who can access the president and who can control an officer in an institution. Our main motivation is life,food and passion. We are interested more in seeing our parents, friends and the people around us thriving. What makes us Happy is service not only to God but humanity as well.

Generations get influenced by age, societal norms and technology. Previous generations have been influenced more by the first two while we’ve been influenced by all of them. A sense of balance exists in us. Hybrid is always better.

We need to act, we need to ensure that technology works for us and not against us, or we will be ruined by impunity that accompanies it.

We don’t watch television anymore. We value our time. An hour of news and ads could be slashed into a minute of a YouTube clip. We are less prone to “fake news”. We understand better that media houses serve the interest of the elites that’s why we’d rather rely on our Twitter friends.

With all these traits, we believe that nothing in this world is impossible. We are the campaigners, why not campaign to support our own. We are the brains, why not use our brains to support our own. We are the leaders, why not grab a clipboard and run for offices ourselves.

“We are the change we have been waiting ” Former US president Barack Obama.

By doing what we must do,by embracing the best in one another, by standing up for ourselves and others. That’s the way we become unstoppable. That’s why we are unstoppable. A revolution.


At parliament building, in the senate house and along our Streets, China colonization of Kenya have been making headlines-it is the main street talk. Discussions around which have had a mix of emotions and logic, both of which are right paying attention to the facts of the arguments.

One particular point is missing in the whole narrative- the development process of an underdeveloped country. Whether you claim Kenya is a third world country or a lower middle income economy, the truth is that majority of our people are poor, our facilities and infrastructures are at their level lowest(not in the capital though) and corruption is at it’s historical peak. What shot do we have as a country in bettering these sectors? I’ll say China.

Half a century ago,Kenya was at par economically with Singapore and Brazil. What path did these two countries take to experience such an enormous progress in just a span of 50 years. Where did Kenya as a country go wrong? These two countries capitalized on investment and leadership,what Kenya is currently doing. Brazilians brought to an end a long regime of dictatorial and corrupt leadership through the might of ordinary citizens rioting in Streets of major cities in the country from Sau Paulo to Rio. Singapore through good governance focused on investment;with a drive to be a global icon in economic development and indeed it is. Kenya on the other hand took the path of tribal politics and a “get-it-all” mentality in our tribal kingpins.

China is making massive investment in Kenya. China is seeing opportunity where all other big states are seeing disease and poverty. The motivation is what is blurred but with good policies from our government, China’s investment is a good opportunity for Kenya to leap-frog to the global stage(fourth industrial revolution). The discussion should shift from fear of what might happen 50 years to come to what benefits are we experiencing now. China is the reason why Kenya is a low middle income country and surely China can also be the reason why many Kenyan net and entrepreneurs can access the global market.

Am not advocating that everything Chinese is good; China’s form of leadership is not good for Kenya. But am afraid,many of our leaders are looking China as a good model of leadership. What am advocating for is Chinese technology, Chinese entrepreneurs and Chinese investors. They too have to benefit,just as in any form of trade, profit must also be the motivation. What the Senate and parliament should do is to make good policies to prevent local exploitation. The parties to negotiation treaties should ensure that the terms are fair to both countries.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.

Bucket list

Bungee jumping-

This is something I have always thought to be totally crazy, but I still want to do it! What is wrong with me? Nothing. I just love the adrenaline, to push myself to the limits. Just because..

2.Sky diving.
For adrenaline purposes, and to have an aerial view of the earth from 10,000 feet in the skies.

3.Start a children’s home.
I love children, some I know can get to your last nerves but kids are basically the most genuine little creatures on earth. I would love to give abandoned or orphaned kids a chance to grow in an environment of love.

4.Pay school fees for needy kids.So many kids lose out on great opportunities in life because they lack education which is the greatest equalizer of mankind. I would want to be able to give atleast one kid a chance to have an education.

5.Go on a cruise.
The experience is one I would love to have. It has to be in one of those big ships that have a swimming pool, games, concerts, jacuzzi and all that entertainment stuff going on.

6.Climb Mt Kenya and Mt Kilimanjaro.
Am yet to climb any major mountain (Only been to Mt Longonot) and its just fulfilling to climb at least these two to begin with. Its also good for the body and soul.

7.Tour 80 countries.
If I could I would travel the world but because that’s a bit hard for now considering finances and all, lets work with 80 countries for now. There is just something that traveling, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people does to you that a lifetime of schooling cannot teach you.

8.Do farming.
I have always wanted to have a farm where I grow crops and keep livestock, have a ranch where I can go rest in the grass and listen to the birds. Watch my kids play in the field and watch the cows come back home from grazing. Thats where I would want to retire to.

9.Start a business.
I have been thinking about this for the last 5 years but am yet to establish what business this will be but in due time.

10.Swim with the dolphins.
I have heard and read so many good stories about dolphins I want to experience them first hand.

11.Learn to play 3 musical instruments.
I Love how instrumentalists play those keys and strings. I would want to work those instruments like a pro coupled by the fact that I love music.I started with guitar but things didn’t work out but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up.

12.Visit Eiffel Tower.
Yes there’s a difference between travelling france1abd going to awakens love, the kind of love that you only experienced if you fell in love in your teen years.

13.Mentor young girls
I am all about women empowerment, it warms my heart to see girls who become responsible and ambitious women who know who they are, love themselves and go for what they want in life. Be it at work, in a love relationship or in the society. And at the same time be feminine and not compete with the men.

14.Learn 2 foreign languages
Its just a good feeling to learn and speak a foreign language. I have started french and Spanish and trust me the experience is woow!!!

15.Fly in a hot air balloon.
Adrenaline things, and the view of course.I have seen images of these in Japan and China.

16.Plant 100 trees.
Was inspired by this quote,The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit.

17.Have a romantic dinner at the ocean or lake.
The breeze,the sight, the feeling.

18.Learn how to bake cake from scratch.
I must confess that I cant bake cake but I hope to learn someday. My last attempt was fatal.And between guys,ladies love you more if you are a good chef.

19.See and play in the snow. Am yet to see and touch snow. Looking forward to it..probably in Iceland.

20.Wild water rafting
Adrenaline rush and screaming at the top of my voice is what is likely to happen when I finally take on this adventure.I am eagerly waiting for it.

21.Cliff dive into an ocean.
Just like bungee I want to feel the adrenaline rush and do it just because…

22.Go to Zanzibar for holiday.
A Beautiful place, why would I not want to experience it!

23.Live in a tree house.
Looks cool, feels good, nature is beautiful.YEAAH.

24.Dance in the rain.
Did this as a kid, need to do it as an adult.That would be funny but interesting.

25.Learn professional Salsa/Kizomba.
I want to learn how to shake and move my body like a pro. How do those guys do it so well and nobody falls or at least they don’t show us when they do?I’ll definitely do this with the lucky girl for my wedding.

26.Teach Sunday school.
There is something fulfilling about impacting knowledge and teaching kids new things.

27.Drive without a destination.
Fuel full tank and carry a change of clothes to nowhere in particular for a few days. Wouldn’t it be fun?Especially a road to nowhere,a place like a Sahara desert.

28.Meet the former president of the united states,Barrack Obama.
This guy is a great inspiration in my life.All the odds he beat to be what he is really motivates me and meeting him would just be a dream come true.

29.Own a motorbike(Ducatti)
Looks so cool! and with this Nairobi traffic, I would accomplish so much while the rest of y’ll are packed on the highways. Always loved bikers 😉

30.Own a pet.
That would most likely be a dog.I have a dog that survives on its own in its kennel out of the house. But I need one that is super clean and can live in the house with me.

31.Go to the Maldives Island.
Because its big and beautiful and famous.The floating bungalows.

32.Make a movie.
I have directed a 10 minute movie in campus, I Pray to do a more professional one in future.

33.Go to Disney land.
The child inside of me keeps popping out quite so often. It’s in New York.

34.Build my Parents a house.
One of those things that every boy wants to do for their dearest parents.

35.Go to Hawaii for a family vacation.
I will take my family on a vacation to Hawaii or Mauritius some day.

36.Write my biography.
Yes, am serious. My life is so worth documenting I promise, you will learn why when am done.

37.Surprise someone special.
I would love to give a major surprise to somebody special someday..

38.Volunteer in a children’s facility.
I already do this, just need to maintain and give more hours over time.

39.Help a stranger.
I just want to help a stranger in a big way and not expect anything in return

40.Learn martial arts.
To protect myself from petty thieves and bullies. Just need to scare them a bit with my commando moves and they back off. Am lucky I have a friend who does this already.

41.Pack my bags and set off for a random location with no itinerary. For the fun of it and to bond with self.

42.Fly in a helicopter.I love been up high in the skies and of course the view

43.Learn sign language
I would love to communicate with people who are deaf and dumb without them having to scribble somewhere. I know quite a number of them.

44.Have my dream home
Cant wait to own my dream home some day

45.Own a BMW X7 and drive a Mercedes maybach convertible two seater.
To start with, I realized that I have a desperate urge for german machines.That explains the desire to own a maybach.

46. Host a TV Show.I have always wanted to be a TV anchor since I can remember, a dream that is in the offing as I write this…

Share with me some of the items in your bucket list and you could be a winner of Kshs 1000 this Christmas. All you need to win is like this post and comment atleast 3 countries I have hinted in this post.

How to plan and travel cheaply

Travelling inspires your wanderlust,ignite your itinerary, and invite you to make meaningful discoveries large and small and that’s the inspiration behind my crave for travelling.

A few months ago I started living out my childhood dream of being a Traveller and a Television Journalist.Many of my friends have been asking where I get money to travel and that’s why in today’s article am taking you through my entire travelling process guaranteeing you maximum fun at the cheapest possible cost.
Traveling is fun but very expensive.A lot of people thirst for travelling but are scared of the cost that comes along with it. If you ever feel scared just remember:A journey of a thousand miles starts with a spark of joy and ends with a gleaming of meaning.
In the few months I have travelled I have learnt one of the most important art and that’s the art of blending in.
Before you travel;

1. Try and google the area for familiarization. Know the best places to visit within that area and what makes them really the best.
Read more about those places to enable you ask appropriate questions during the visit.
2.Your backpack must have enough clothing and first aid kit. If you’re allergic take safety precautions like carrying your medicines. Of cause No traveller misses a camera in her backpack.
3.Ensure you have enough money and the place you’re visiting is safe.

On the day of traveling,whether you have your own private car or using a public transport ensure you arrive at the destination relatively early this is because you’re a visitor and you never know how the place is. You could be putting your life or the person picking you up in danger. I prefer arriving between 10am and 4pm. Personally I don’t like eating while am travelling but this is dependent on the person.

On the destination;
1. Try and blend in with the locals. This has been on top of my priority list in technically everywhere I travel to. Blending in helps you get favours not only in getting the best treatment but also the best recommendations. There’s no expert better than a resident of a particular place and nobody understands the place better than him.Not even google compares with a person who has lived in place in his entire lifetime.
2.Go for 2 star hotels. They’re cheap because they are still in their growth stage and just a small hint …you can always bargain the price. Their services are equally as better as the 5 star hotels only that they lack exposure. Their attendants mostly are very welcoming and courteous because they want you there next time.
3.Traveling the place can be quite expensive if you don’t blend in well with the locals.They’ll mostly overcharge you but here is a secret: Never ask the conductor how much when in his matatu,he’ll obviously know you’re not from the place,so to get saved from this..always use kshs.200 note in paying for your fare and just stare at the the conductor trust me he’ll give you back the correct balance. The same applies in local hotels and fruit venders or even shops.
4. If you don’t have a car,it is better to strike a deal with a local motorists to carry you around. It’s expensive yes but not as compared to hiring a car to travel around. I prefer motorists because I make them my tour guides not to forget the discounts because they’re always in flocks. They know the best places to have lunch and they can always pretend to be your relative providing you free access to some beautiful places to visit.
5.Make friends.You can always make recommendations using these friends to your buddies in need of traveling to these places.
Friends can always offer you short term accommodation depending on the kind of friendship you have.

Now go out and travel because you definitely have all it takes.Quick recap:
1Fare to and fro.
2.Meals,Camera,First Aid kitand Clothing

But you can always start by touring your local city as you advance.
Bonus tips;
Follow events on Facebook, some do have good traveling deals to places.

As you are going on with your festive celebration, always remember it’s a season for giving and sharing. Share love,food,gifts with your neighbors. Spark some joy on the kid next door or home. HAAAPY FESTIVE.