A shared Humanity and A city in Peril

I have spent my whole life living to meet people’s expectations. In primary school I wanted every teacher to like me, back at home I wanted to be my parents crown jewel, in secondary school I wanted to excel in everything and in campus I’m here for the girls. To some this may seem like a narrow view of living but to me it was part of a long journey to self discovery.

I remember one particular moment where I had to buy a guitar I didn’t know how to play just to please a lady, not to mention a whole bunch of flowers I bought over valentines only for that lady to shut the door in my face. You feel pitty for me? Wait until you see a guy struggle so hard to lift weights, first obvious reason been to better his health but deep down its to please a woman. The things we go through to win the love of our lives. Besides being a dancer, a singer and a photographer, is there some easy way to get laid? It used to be my fantasy sometime back and it continue to be a fantasy for so many people.

Now fast forward to two short years, that messy, desperate and vulnerable me being conquered slowly by the rejuvenated me,so attuned to humanity, filled with compassion and driven by a crazy dream-To change minds, hearts and lives through public service. Going through that experience taught me something I didn’t realize then past the frustration of being rejected, it taught me to develop a thick skin, a strong mental set. It made me understand that not every time will you be accepted, sometimes the rejection will feel so Brutal but also remember that it’s only for a while.

Why I’m I typing? Because that’s the only way I’ve learnt to release the pressure in my heart. Somehow I feel better and peaceful after pouring my heart out in an article. Personally I value peace, something that’s completely contradictory to my heart’s desire, that’s public service. Politics will demand of me to put myself out there, to strike conversations with people I’ve never agreed with before all my life. It will demand of me to rekindle old hatchets. But if that’s all it takes, being messy, attacking and being attacked, then I’m all in. I’m all in in the sense that my attacks will be triggered to magnify compassion, a sense that we are all human beings subject to feel emotional, physiological, psychological and even physical pain. I’m a believer that there’s nothing so urgent than treating other people kindly, especially those that are not worthy of that kindness. Just the sense that we’re all human should make us wake up and go to bed with empathy.

I believe that I’m not in anyway better than the next passer-by along the roadside or even the beggar in the street with both limbs missing. I believe also that nobody is better in anyway than me. I believe in equality of all people:kings and presidents, male and female, kids and adults, gays and lesbians, murders and thieves. We are all equal unless otherwise God rules differently, but no man by whatever standard should look down upon on another.