Some say Luo #lifestyle is a #software that comes pre installed but I think our lifestyle is something that can be #learnt.

Luo is a sub tribe in Kenya (Just incase you’re an international audience) My name is George Colllins Onyango and yes Onyango is my Luo name and it’s a name I’ve struggled so much to include in my official name tag partly because of the reputation Luo is associated with. First as a Luo, I was taught from a very young age to value pride and status no matter how poor I am and personally I believe it’s a good thing because it builds your self esteem at a very tender age. It’s really hard to meet a Luo with a low self esteem.
The best thing about being a Luo is the compassion, humility and a rare blend of status and integration. I’ll attend Luo night yes in my luxurious car but at the same time I’ll never hesitate to help a poor child who can’t go to school even if that is not my child.
The best time I felt most proud to be a Luo was when Lupita(@lupitanyongo) won Oscar’s(@theacademyawards.oscars) and when #BarackObama(@barackobama) got elected as the 44th president of the United States. These are moments that shaped, continue to shape and will shape my life. The glee I felt is immeasurable.
I like Luo culture for its music and food my favorites being Ugali and fish(Fis). Musa juma being one of the musicians whose songs are very close to my heart.
Some say Luo lifestyle is a software that comes pre installed but I think our lifestyle is something that can be learnt.
I know also the not so good side(Goons), well I don’t know where this category comes from but as a person and if you talk to those people who know me, you’ll understand that I’m not a violent person and the same is true for the many Luos I know. Being Luo is all about being humble, cool, assertive and above all romantic. I love #Kenya, I love my culture, I love being #Luo, I love unity. (#instagramseries) This is my first story in a long series of covering all the more than 42 tribes in Kenya. Hope you’ll enjoy.

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Random thoughts

Just before I started writing this article, I got a call from my mother asking me how am fairing with school. Well, as every one else would say, I replied I was fine. Genuinely speaking, I’m not! I’m tired, stressed and passionate to make this life better. I understand that this can’t be a single man’s Job, but am lazy, meaning taking shortcuts is my way of doing things. I want to leap frog 20 years ahead. I want to have a kind of wisdom that only a 80 year old me would have. I want to learn everything in this World. I want to be exposed to the darkest of secrets in this planet and yes I want to remain Young and naive and innocent.

This is my aspiration. I aspire to intelligence and am motivated by the need to think Differently. On 31st December 2018,I gave Christ a Chance. Days after that I got a revelation, a need to lead;that said I launched my Gubernatorial candidacy awareness. Three months down the line, I’ve been exposed to so many challenges and insights one being the need to think Differently. It was a lot to take in the first four weeks, but now it’s become my daily cup of coffee. I find reading and waking up and listening to Ted enjoyable. Even during my full time daily Job, I find myself listening to podcast along side my daily tasks. I have laid my hands on three issues of the End of and frankly speaking am proud of the aisle 2019 is taking me on.

But here is the sad part, exposure to so much knowledge opens your mind to things you’d rather not know. It opens your heart to hatred and anguish. It makes you cry sometimes. You feel a huge burden to make the knowledge you’ve learnt into use but still at the end of the day you feel like you haven’t done enough. Witnessing ordinary citizens getting manipulated and brainwashed by governments, Politicians, religious organizations and corporations is heartbreaking. On the silence of my midnight rest on the bed, all I agonize and crack my head about is what more can I do. Was launching my candidacy the wisest choice? What if it’s not in line with God’s calling? What if God wanted me to be something else? Am never sure, no one , not even the articles, books and the websites I read can give me that answer. That answer can only be found deep inside my heart.