American consumers spent more on Airbnb than on Hilton last year

🛎 American consumers spent more on Airbnb than on Hilton last year
And that means Airbnb now owns about 20 percent of the entire US consumer lodging market!

#Airbnb has long felt like an existential threat to hotel companies. New data shows that it actually is one.

US consumers spent more money on Airbnb last year than than they did on Hilton and its subsidiary brands like DoubleTree and Embassy Suites, according to new data from Second Measure, a company that analyzes billions of dollars in anonymized debit and credit card purchases. Their Airbnb spending is even catching up to Marriott, the world’s largest hotel company, which added to its revenue by acquiring Starwood hotels in 2016.

The data shows roughly 30 percent growth last year in US consumer spending on Airbnb, which is expected to go public next year and is currently valued at about $38 billion company.

Much of that growth, according to Second Measure, is coming from travelers who live in the Central US. Currently about a third of Airbnb’s US customers are from populous coastal states California, New York and Florida. That’s a departure from 2012 when people from those states made up half its customers.


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