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A visual metaphor for student debt. The fence being the loans.

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George Collins For Nairobi Governor

My name is George Collins and I will be running for Nairobi governorship position in the 2022 elections My campaign will focus on issues affecting Nairobians Rather than opponent Attack. I’ll be running not because I want to prove appoint, neither I’m I running to shift the political argument to Young people. Am running because of the need for change in the city: unity of neighborhoods over divisions, hope for all over fear and progress on living standards over cartel domination. Who am I to make this call? I’m a progressive!!

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Nairobian Job Guarantee

I believe In Job Guarantee for all Nairobians, because anyone who is willing and able to work shouldn’t struggle to find employment.

Nairobians Jobs Guarantee would create a baseline standard for employment that includes a kshs.10000 minimum wage (pegged to inflation), full healthcare, and child and sick leave for all. This proposal would dramatically upgrade the quality of employment in Nairobi, by providing training and experience to workers while bringing much-needed public services to our communities in areas such as parks service, childcare and environmental conservation.

Furthermore, Nairobians jobs guarantee program would establish a floor for wages and benefits for the City’s workforce. This program would provide a baseline minimum wage of kshs.10000 a month and guarantee for public workers a basic benefits package, including healthcare and childcare. By investing in our own workforce, we can lift thousands of Nairobians families out of poverty.

Universal Medicare for All Nairobians


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Universal Medicare for All Nairobians

Improved and Expanded Medicare for All is the ethical, logical, and affordable path to ensuring no person goes without dignified healthcare. Medicare for All will reduce the existing costs of healthcare (and make Medicare cheaper, too!) by allowing all people in Nairobi to buy into a universal healthcare system.
What’s even better is that Improved and Expanded Medicare for All includes full vision, dental, and mental healthcare – because we know that true healthcare is about the whole self, not just your yearly physical.
Almost every other developed city in the world has universal healthcare. It’s time Nairobi catches up to the rest of the world in ensuring all people have real healthcare coverage that doesn’t break the bank. This is very different than universal “access” to healthcare, which is lobbyist talk for more for-profit plans.
You can count on me to fight for people-centered healthcare more than any other candidate, because am the ONLY candidate that doesn’t accept money from Pharmaceutical lobbyists or private insurance companies.

Extending single payer (healthcare financed by taxes that covers the costs of essential healthcare for all Nairobians, with costs covered by a single public system) to Nairobians has rippling positive effects: people will take less time off work, have more money in their pocket, and other issues – like homelessness, and more – will also be alleviated with an increase in the number of people getting the mental and physical healthcare they need.

George Collins For Nairobi Governor