What are some common forms of sexism that men face?

What are some common forms of sexism that men face ? Seth Uttley, Writer, bibliophile, autodidact Updated Aug 3, 2019 I’m a stay at home dad. It was a practical decision that my wife and I made together. I was a musician who started working toward writing and held odd jobs to pay the bills, […]

Choose your battles wisely…

🍃🍂🍃🍂🍃🍂🍃🍂🍃🍂🍃🍂🍃🍂 An elephant took a bath in a river and was walking on the road. When it neared a bridge, it saw a pig fully soaked in mud coming from the opposite direction. The elephant quietly moved to one side, allowed the dirty pig to pass and then continued its onward journey. The unclean pig […]

Rape Culture and how we men play a part in it 💯

I acknowledge every woman I meet on the street, or in an elevator, or in a stairway, or wherever, in a way that indicates she’s safe. I want her to feel just as comfortable as if I weren’t there. I accept that any woman I encounter in public doesn’t know me, and thus, all she […]

It’s okay if you don’t do what you went to school for.

Guys, life starts with being happy with your situation. If you’re unhappy, you won’t have the energy to get through the day. If you don’t have energy, you won’t have any motivation. Doing things you like helps you be happy. I’m not saying quit your day job and rush headless into your ideal situation. It […]

Man’s opinion in a feminist dominated World

Well, it’s true that I, George Collins, could never understand what it’s like to be a woman raised in this country. I will never know what it’s like to be looked at continually, or judged for my appearances, to be thought of as something somewhat inferior that can’t do the same work, on and on […]

Advertisers Versus consumers/Customers

Advertisers have to constantly innovate to break through the “tuning out” that consumers learned to do. Post-Stalin Soviet leaders were increasing challenged to maintain the illusion that their system was superior to the west. The Flynn Effect is the increase in intelligence in each generation since the 1930s. One study estimated that population IQ increases […]

Meritocracy’s a False Believe

Meritocracy has become a leading social ideal. Politicians across the ideological spectrum continually return to the theme that the rewards of life — money, power, jobs, university admission — should be distributed according to skill and effort. The most common metaphor is the ‘even playing field’ upon which players can rise to the position that […]

How entertainment is Becoming a Golden lie

A “golden lie” is a false belief that induces co-operative behavior and fosters communities. “Golden lies” can also induce emotions, including fear, anger, empathy, and inspiration, when nothing in our physical environment is threatening or inspiring us. We choose to believe “golden lies” because we derive benefits from these false beliefs. Women are attracted to […]

Make Reading Your DNA

Reading is trending.The internet’s taken something uncool and given it a makeover. Reading is the new kale: worth stomaching because it’s Good For Us.So good, in fact, that we should do as much of it as we can. More is more! Everyone should be reading one book a week — no, wait, one book a […]

Popularity Versus Privacy

Vulnerability is highly relatable and it’s often easier to drop the mask in print rather than face to face. Harnessing vulnerability to produce engaging copy lets others catch a glimpse of unfettered humanity, something real and raw. In a world where the prevailing tendency is to curate one’s life on social media to inspire the […]

A case for polygamy

Lots of people see polygamy as something necessarily restrictive or exploitative of women because the man is getting to be intimate with more than one woman, and that’s the only aspect they consider. But women can gain from it too. Living together as a family allows women to support each other in a deeper way […]

📺 Netflix’s 2019 Problem

Although Netflix had a record-breaking November, it’s problems can be record-breaking as well. Following #Netflix’s lead, nearly every major video company is moving into the streaming media business. And that means also moving their content off Netflix and onto their own services. Disney — along with its soon-to-be purchased Fox — is launching its streaming […]

🎞 Video Get More Interactions than Images

The more followers an #Instagram business page has, the more likely it is to include video in its mix of post types, according to a study from Quintly. As part of its report, Quintly analyzed more than 8.9 million posts during the Q1-Q3 2018 period from more than 44,400 profiles ranging in size from 0-1k […]

Reading is not a Chore; Reading is Power

Reading is not a chore. Reading is theft. It is a robbery. Someone smarter than you has spent 20 years beating their head against the wall trying to solve the problem you’re dealing with. You can steal that hard won knowledge and make it yours. That is power.

Africa in a paragraph

The San people of Southern Africa are excellent hunters. Although they do a fair amount of trapping, the best method of hunting is with bow and arrow. The San arrow does not kill the animal straight away. It is the deadly poison, which eventually causes the death. In the case of small antelope such as […]

◾HOW OUR DECISIONS AFFECT OUR HAPPINESS #INFOGRAPHIC 💡Want to make better decisions that lead to greater happiness and fulfillment in your life? Learn the factors and research behind wise decision making.


👨‍💻HISTORY OF DIGITAL CONTENT #INFOGRAPHIC ▪Digital content is huge and it’s only going to grow larger. An astounding 90% of the digital content in the world today was created within the last two years and it’s rolling out faster every single day. So what do we do with all this digital content, anyway? ▪The average […]


✔️INSANE FACTS ABOUT NIKE #INFOGRAPHIC ▪Phil Knight was writing one of his college papers when he decided to start his own shoe company. In half of a century his initiative turned into the world’s biggest athletic footwear, apparel, accessories, and equipment selling company. Find out the most interesting facts and stats about Nike in the […]


THE EVOLUTION OF SLEEP: HOW HUMAN SNOOZING HABITS HAVE CHANGED OVER TIME #INFOGRAPHIC ▪️Humans have always needed sleep. While biologists don’t fully understand why our species didn’t evolve out of the need for rest, it remains a biological imperative. But as with most human activities, the way we sleep today bears little resemblance to how […]

How To Look And Sound More Confident Infographic

◾How To Look And Sound More Confident Infographic ▫️Confidence is one of the most important traits we can have, and it’s often lauded as being the key to promotions, good grades and general success in life. ▫️Various studies have found that confidence at work can lead to more promotions, but an interesting University of Melbourne […]

Reaching Learners With Mobile Learning Infographic

◾Reaching Learners With Mobile Learning Infographic ▫️Mobiles are now the natural access point for information. They are the go-to devices for catching-up on news, checking email, being ‘social’, watching videos, listening to music, taking photos, finding directions and general entertainment.

Job Interview Checklist: Never Go Without These 10 Important Things

◾Job Interview Checklist: Never Go Without These 10 Important Things ▫️While you are walking an extra mile for the interview preparation, it is also important to make another preparation for that specific day so that you can give an interview without having anything to worry! The Job Interview Checklist Infographic presents the things that are […]

How Emotional Intelligence Helps Students

◾How Emotional Intelligence Helps Students Infographic ▫️Success in the classroom depends on more than just your child’s IQ. ▫️The way your child identifies, understands and manages emotions can have an impact on everything from his or her relationships with classmates to performance in the classroom.

Boost Your Learning Capacity

◾Boost Your Learning Capacity Infographic ▫️What helps us move forward, change our habits, explore new opportunities, and acquire new skills? It’s no secret: it’s all about learning. However you choose to look at life, there is just no underestimating the role of learning. Some psychologists even claim that whenever we learn something new, a small […]


◾HOW TO FAST-TRACK YOUR WAY TO PROMOTION #INFOGRAPHIC ▪️Promotion is a form of career advancement that’s tied to better opportunities and benefits for employees. For one, promoted employees receive a higher salary that matches new job responsibilities. Along with the increase in compensation, a promotion also gives you a higher-level job title—an accolade you can […]


◾WORLD’S MOST ADMIRED PEOPLE IN 2018 #INFOGRAPHIC ▪️Bill Gates and Angelina Jolie are once again the world’s most admired man and woman in YouGov’s annual study of which public figures the people of our planet look up to. ▪️Tech pioneer and philanthropist Gates has topped the list every time YouGov has conducted the survey, while […]


◾THE BEST JOBS IN THE U.S. 2018 #INFOGRAPHIC ▪️Technology stocks are taking a beating right now, especially the biggest companies in the market, but, despite the current news cycle, economists predict that the technology sector will continue to produce substantial growth over the long haul. Most importantly, this segment of the economy will continue to […]

◾Profile Of A Modern Learner In 2018

◾Profile Of A Modern Learner In 2018 #Infographic ▪️Modern learners seek timely, relevant content as they need it. They are keen to develop skills and want to be empowered to take learning into their own hands. ▪️Yet only 1% of employees are involved in the design of their learning. And less than 20% of workplace […]

♦️Differences Between A CV And A Resume

♦️Differences Between A CV And A Resume #Infographic ▪️Did you know that resumes are preferred in the USA whereas the rest of the world uses CVs to judge applicants for their suitability to the jobs that they have applied to! ▪️In this infographic, we answer a question which almost every learner faces when they are […]

Crying is how humans safely release stress. It’s why you feel better after crying: the release valve was triggered and you’re not pent up any more. That men are societally denied this release is both sad and dangerous.

20 Countries with the Best Quality Maths and Science Education

Maths and science education quality, 2018. 1. Singapore 2. Finland 3. Switzerland 4. Lebanon 5. Netherlands 6. Qatar 7. Belgium 8. Estonia 9. Hong Kong 10. US 11. Slovenia 12. Denmark 13. UAE 14. Canada 15. Germany (World Economic Forum)

Personal data needs to be regarded as a human right. The ability for people to own and control their data should be considered a central human value. The data itself should be treated like property and people should be fairly compensated for it.—iamwill

Upgrading yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually changes who you’re around, what you attract, and where you end up. Self-love and self-work is the start of lasting change. Make the declaration that you’re going to get better today and never look back.

Top 3 Countries Whose graduates have Outstanding graduate skills.

Graduate skills, 2018. 1. Switzerland 2. US 3. Netherlands 6. Malaysia 7. Germany 20. Canada 28. UK 33. Indonesia 35. France 36. India 37. China 40. Japan 43. S Korea 50. Saudi 51. Pakistan 60. Italy 63. Mexico 72. Russia 94. Turkey 124. Brazil 135. Nigeria 136. Egypt (WEF)

Top 20 Countries With The Best Research Institutions in the world

Research institution quality, 2018. 1. US 2. China 3. France 4. Germany 5. UK 6. Spain 7. Japan 8. India 9. Italy 10. Canada 11. South Korea 12. Russia 13. Australia 14. Brazil 15. Taiwan 16. Iran 17. Netherlands 18. Poland 19. Turkey 20. Switzerland (WEF) What do you think? Which Country do you come […]

17 Countries With Highest Youth Unemployment.

Highest youth unemployment 1.South Africa: 52.8% 2.Greece: 36.8% 3.Spain: 34.9% 4.Nigeria: 33.1% 5.Italy: 32.5% 6.Iran: 28.3% 7.Morocco: 27.5% 8.Serbia: 27.5% 9.Algeria: 26.4% 10.Croatia: 23% 11.Albania: 22.6% 12.Sri Lanka: 22.5% 13.France: 21.5% 14.Portugal: 21.4% 15.Turkey: 20.8% 16.Cyprus: 19% 17.Belgium: 18.9%

Top 10 Countries Where People Are Likely To Volunteer Their Time.

Top ten countries where people are most likely to volunteer their time, 2018. 1. Indonesia: 53% 2. Liberia: 47% 3. Kenya: 45% 4. Sri Lanka: 45% 5. New Zealand: 40% 6. Australia: 40% 7. Ireland: 40% 8. US: 39% 9. Singapore: 39% 10. Mauritius: 38% (World Giving Index)

10 Marketable Professions and the recommended courses to land them.

1. Software Engineer Recommended courses: Learning Jenkins Angular: Building on Azure Microservices Docker: Continuous Delivery Navigating .NET and .NET Standard for Cross-Platform Development C# Framework Design 2. Investment Banking Analyst Recommended courses: Finance Foundations Mergers & Acquisitions Foundations Developing a Competitive Strategy Business Development Foundations Finance Foundations: Business Valuation 3. Marketing Coordinator Recommended courses: SEO […]

Top 10 Most Educated Countries In The World

The most educated countries in the world: 1. South Korea 🇰🇷 2. Canada 🇨🇦 3. Japan 🇯🇵 4. Lithuania 🇱🇹 5. UK 🇬🇧 6. Luxembourg 🇱🇺 7. Australia 🇦🇺 8. Switzerland 🇨🇭 9. Norway 🇳🇴 10. United States 🇺🇸 Source https://t.co/A3xzCtsDIE https://t.co/Ws9o1bSlOf

20 Things School Test Don’t Measure.

School tests do not measure: 1. Grit 2. Humility 3. Good manners 4. Leadership 5. Integrity 6. Passion to serve 7. Persistence 8. Customer centricity 9. Compassion 10. Endurance 11. Entrepreneurship 12. Work ethics 13. Commitment 14. Ability to inspire 15. Collaboration 16. Fighting spirit 17. Empathy 18. Creativity 19. Teamwork 20. Mindfulness

Hours per week parents spend helping kids with homework, 2018

1.India: 12hrs 2.Turkey: 8.7hrs 3.Singapore: 7.9hrs 4.Brazil: 7.5hrs 5.Russia: 7.5hrs 6.China: 7.2hrs 7.South Africa: 6.8hrs 8.US: 6.2hrs 9.S Korea: 5.4hrs 10.Germany: 5hrs 11.Spain: 4.8hrs 12.Australia: 4.4hrs 13.France: 3.9hrs 14.UK: 3.6hrs 15.Japan: 2.6hrs