Don’t call Rich Successful Women whores.

The World today woke up to a good news of Kylie Jenner hitting her one Billion dollars mark making her the youngest billionaire in history at least until now displacing Mark Zuckerberg. That’s a huge amount that you’ll rarely achieve in your lifetime. Think of the well paid profession and tell me how long you’ll […]

Airbus A350s in service.

Qatar Airways: 37 Cathay Pacific: 30 Singapore Airlines: 30 China Airlines: 14 Finnair: 12 Lufthansa: 12 Thai Airways: 12 Vietnam Airlines: 12 Delta Air Lines: 11 LATAM Brasil: 11 Ethiopian Airlines: 10 Hong Kong Airlines: 9 Air China: 6

This photo was taken at an air show in 2002 at the airport in Sknilov. Many people who are on earth will not survive. This disaster broke records for the number of victims in the air show: 77 people were Killed (28 of them children) , 543 people were recognized as victims.

📰 The most engaged publishers on Facebook in January 2019

It’s time once again for our monthly rankings of the top publishers on Facebook, and it’s certainly been a busy news month. This has been reflected in the engagements driven by the top publishers on Facebook, with abnormally high numbers in the first month of 2019 compared with previous months we have looked at. Some […]

This photograph shows the lead programmer of the Apollo space program, Margaret Hamilton, with a printout of the code used to fly to the moon in 1969.

What Is Yobai? Raper or Tradition?

What Is Yobai? Raper or Tradition? So, how could a man find himself some pleasurable company? He could go to a prostitute that was standard. Sure, in a city. But what if he lived out in a rural farming village? Not much he could do, other than start knocking on doors and asking if he […]

November 27, 1095, the first crusade: 923 years ago today, Pope Urban II called all Christians in Europe to go to war against Muslims in order to reclaim the Holy Land.

November 27, 1095, the first crusade: 923 years ago today, Pope Urban II called all Christians in Europe to go to war against Muslims in order to reclaim the Holy Land. In the late 11th century, the Turks threatened to invade the Byzantine Empire and take Constantinople. Byzantine Emperor Alexius I asked Urban for help. […]

German Wehrmacht General Anton Dostler is tied to a stake before his execution by a firing squad in a stockade in Aversa, Italy, on December 1, 1945.

What do people from developed countries do for a living?

Obviously they go to conventional jobs such as enginering, medicine or service. However there is a huge rise of web industry these days and vast majority of people already reached for this and made it an additional or even their main source of income. After the survey it reveald that the most profitable and easiest […]

World’s best beaches.

World’s best beaches. 1. Honokalani, Hawaii 2. Honopu, Hawaii 3. Sunset Beach, Hawaii 4. El Nido, Philippines 5. Reduit, St. Lucia 6. Palm Beach, Aruba 7. Matira, French Polynesia 8. Treasure Beach, Jamaica 9. Orient Bay, St. Martin 10. Lindquist, St. Thomas (Condé Nast)

7 Most Expensive Buildings in The World

Building cost. ($ billion) 1. Grand Mosque (Mecca): 100 2. Abraj Al Bait (Mecca): 15 3. Resorts World Sentosa (Singapore): 6.6 4. Marina Bay Sands (Singapore): 5.5 5. The Cosmopolitan (Las Vegas): 3.9 6. One World Trade Center (NY): 3.8 7. Emirates Palace (Abu Dhabi): 3 Note;the figures are in Billion dollars

One Nation, Undecided!

The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision. Chinese Imperialism The Government has made some of the toughest decisions this year, decisions that have sparked different responses from the country as a whole. Back tracking to the first controversial decisions involving the Chinese and their imperialism, a debate was held […]

Africa(Kenya) on course to progress.

The arrest of deputy Chief Justice Mwilu, the demolition of cartel buildings, public Chinese imperialism talks and South Africa’s president response to Trump. These are good signs of Africa and Kenya as a country on the rise. As a young person nothing matters so much to me than seeing leaders I can look upto. For […]

Does porn up men’s game?

Internet influence is an act that both males and females undergoes through. A few weeks ago, a classmate of mine came to me asking why guys like watching porn. I didn’t think about it that much at that particular pointing in time until yesterday. I deeply thought about it and how it influences guys perception […]

5 productive female habits that guys should learn 🎓

Ever wondered why most females lead lives beyond their means? Well, most of you will attach that to the existence of sponsors (older money donors for the selfish motive of misusing girls) but well that’s just like 20% of the girls. What about the other 80%? Well;here are the secrets the other 80% of the […]

Why are you living fake?

People would rather live a fake life than proudly embrace the true life within them-Unknown. I look at youths and how crazy they are going just to live the life a celebrity or a friend is living. We forget that each and everyone of us was wonderfully and uniquely created. Each one of us was […]

Best Affordable Christmas gifts

Christmas is a season for giving and sharing love and nothing feels as good as getting the best gift for your loved ones. This could be your mum,dad,brother, sister,boyfriend or girlfriend. For lovers of travelling, I’d recommend an adventure to nowhere but for those who just want to have a nice time during holiday, these […]

Bucket list

Bungee jumping- This is something I have always thought to be totally crazy, but I still want to do it! What is wrong with me? Nothing. I just love the adrenaline, to push myself to the limits. Just because.. 2.Sky diving. For adrenaline purposes, and to have an aerial view of the earth from 10,000 […]

How to plan and travel cheaply

Travelling inspires your wanderlust,ignite your itinerary, and invite you to make meaningful discoveries large and small and that’s the inspiration behind my crave for travelling. A few months ago I started living out my childhood dream of being a Traveller and a Television Journalist.Many of my friends have been asking where I get money to […]