What are some common forms of sexism that men face?

What are some common forms of sexism that men face ? Seth Uttley, Writer, bibliophile, autodidact Updated Aug 3, 2019 I’m a stay at home dad. It was a practical decision that my wife and I made together. I was a musician who started working toward writing and held odd jobs to pay the bills, […]

Choose your battles wisely…

🍃🍂🍃🍂🍃🍂🍃🍂🍃🍂🍃🍂🍃🍂 An elephant took a bath in a river and was walking on the road. When it neared a bridge, it saw a pig fully soaked in mud coming from the opposite direction. The elephant quietly moved to one side, allowed the dirty pig to pass and then continued its onward journey. The unclean pig […]

How to get rid of your soft spot

⬛️ We all have some thing we believe so strongly, that whenever anyone tries to critizes it we can get super defensive. In a way it’s like a religion, our personal religion and funny thing that those claming to be atheists are just as affected as those who believe in god. Perfectly cool guys can […]

Democracy turned tyranny

Sparta! You probably remember reading in school about extraordinary warriors who bravely beat huge armies to defend Greece from terrible Persian. How powerful these soldiers were. I used to admire Spartans, until I’ve started to read about Socrates. Today I can clearly say I despise Spartans and their ideals. In a movie 300 Spartans we […]

Another Corruption SCANDAL

We have lost close to half this country’s budget on corruption. It can’t be by coincidence. The country currently is running on deficit. We have lots of unpaid debts. Our economy is at the worst it has ever been since 2013. Our currency is deflating. Unemployment is at its all time high. Paperwise we have […]

What’s on your Home screen?

This question popped up in my mind during my morning breakfast. Grabbing my phone I found 6 phone notifications, 23 chats on WhatsApp,7 messages and 4 Instagram notification. Those are the four apps on my home screen. But then I new question dawned on me.What role does these apps play in shaping my morning routine? […]

What is dividing Us?

For 11 years, Kenya as a country has enjoyed a period of relative political stability but over the past two months, a level of rage and political extremism has surfaced. To get a better perspective, let’s examine the current political situation in the country. Corruption, corruption, corruption,political betrayal, political betrayal, poltical betrayal. In summary conflict […]

Dear H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta

Dear sir, Hope this finds you well. Since your very first big victory in 2013 many of us didn’t believe in your capability, but after outstanding record in the first seven years, we can boldly say that in deed you’re the best Kenyan friends and president the Country has ever had. You’ve taught all of […]

Don’t be So Harsh on Them: Truth about friends

If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” — Mr. Albert Einstein I personally believe that the way we exert pressure among our peers and friends isn’t fair. The other week I was a subject of argument among my friends […]

100 + Great power words to help you increase your post clicks

So here are the Amazing Words: Great Awesome Super Cool Secret Sexy Rock-solid Best Top Better Quick Fast Real Ultimate Effective Efficient Excellent Amazing Shocking Warning Crazy Must have Essential Important Proven Explosive Extreme Unbelievable Unending Viral Spice Exciting Dangerous Current Weird Interesting Enticing Fascinating Funny Love Ever Unique Eye-catching Superb Guarantee Easier Strange Special […]

Must Read For all 22 Year Old

Just before I started writing this article, I got a call from my mother asking me how am fairing with school. Well, as every one else would say, I replied I was fine. Genuinely speaking, I’m not! I’m tired, stressed and passionate to make this life better. I understand that this can’t be a single […]


The real currency of the world is not gold, nor plutocratic fiats, nor even the material backing of military might — it’s narrative. Whoever controls the narrative controls the world. That’s why propaganda plays such a massive role in our society. Whoever can control the stories about where power is located and how money works […]

A Night Under the Stars 😍 In the Northwest Territories of Canada lies this Hotel where you can stay in an Igloo for nights on end. The scenery also includes Dancing Northern Lights during the Aurora Season! Truly beautiful!

Abay The Ethiopian Blue Nile Falls

This is Abay The Ethiopian Blue Nile Falls – living and natural heritage. The Blue Nile looks like a sluggish beast as it meanders out of Lake Tana, but not far out of Bahir Dar you’ll see the Nile in a very different mood. The river pours over the side of a sheer 42m-high chasm […]

YouTube is Responsible for 37% of All Mobile Internet Traffic

📺 YouTube is Responsible for 37% of All Mobile Internet Traffic A new report by Sandvine has revealed the applications responsible for the most downstream mobile traffic in the world. Underlining the popularity of streaming services, #YouTube accounts for the most megabytes with 37 percent – an awfully long way ahead of second-placed #Facebook with […]

How to deal with Media/politicians propaganda

“Sympathy” is the best word I can think of for the way we open ourselves up to another and treat them as part of our tribe, as an extension of ourselves. Experientially it could be described as a kind of warm “leaning in” as opposed to a cold, leaned-back skepticism, and it’s an absolutely essential […]

Human evolution in the digital Age.

Large brains are humans’ most distinctive anatomical feature. Our brains are four times bigger than chimpanzees’ and gorillas’ brains. Brains use twenty times the calories of muscles at rest. Brains require maintaining a constant temperature. Large brains are easily injured, and make childbirth difficult. Intelligence has many costs, yet doesn’t directly help an animal survive, […]

Rape Culture and how we men play a part in it 💯

I acknowledge every woman I meet on the street, or in an elevator, or in a stairway, or wherever, in a way that indicates she’s safe. I want her to feel just as comfortable as if I weren’t there. I accept that any woman I encounter in public doesn’t know me, and thus, all she […]

It’s okay if you don’t do what you went to school for.

Guys, life starts with being happy with your situation. If you’re unhappy, you won’t have the energy to get through the day. If you don’t have energy, you won’t have any motivation. Doing things you like helps you be happy. I’m not saying quit your day job and rush headless into your ideal situation. It […]

Man’s opinion in a feminist dominated World

Well, it’s true that I, George Collins, could never understand what it’s like to be a woman raised in this country. I will never know what it’s like to be looked at continually, or judged for my appearances, to be thought of as something somewhat inferior that can’t do the same work, on and on […]

Advertisers Versus consumers/Customers

Advertisers have to constantly innovate to break through the “tuning out” that consumers learned to do. Post-Stalin Soviet leaders were increasing challenged to maintain the illusion that their system was superior to the west. The Flynn Effect is the increase in intelligence in each generation since the 1930s. One study estimated that population IQ increases […]

Meritocracy’s a False Believe

Meritocracy has become a leading social ideal. Politicians across the ideological spectrum continually return to the theme that the rewards of life — money, power, jobs, university admission — should be distributed according to skill and effort. The most common metaphor is the ‘even playing field’ upon which players can rise to the position that […]

Tech versus the Political Savvy

Tech-focused individuals aren’t paying attention to politics. Politics-focused individuals don’t realize that technology affects their lives more than politics. The tech-focused class is younger, better educated, more urban, and has better jobs and better health. They see technology solving their problems. They don’t believe that government solves problems. When was the last time the national […]

Human Nature, why are we so desperate in our beliefs?

The people who don’t believe that human nature is something real, who believe that humans are malleable and that we make our own nature, generally want to believe that we are perfectible by some kind of government or system. It has traditionally been a kind of a communist socialist revolutionary idea. And the idea is […]

Why Women are overlooked in leadership positions

There are three popular explanations for the clear under-representation of women in management, namely: (1) they are not capable; (2) they are not interested; (3) they are both interested and capable but unable to break the glass-ceiling: an invisible career barrier, based on prejudiced stereotypes, that prevents women from accessing the ranks of power. Conservatives […]

How entertainment is Becoming a Golden lie

A “golden lie” is a false belief that induces co-operative behavior and fosters communities. “Golden lies” can also induce emotions, including fear, anger, empathy, and inspiration, when nothing in our physical environment is threatening or inspiring us. We choose to believe “golden lies” because we derive benefits from these false beliefs. Women are attracted to […]

Identity Politics

Robert Greene is the author of The 48 Laws of Power and most recently, The Laws of Human Nature. His books, which are popular with many world leaders, celebrities, professional athletes and hip hop stars like Drake, have sold more than 5 million copies and have been translated into over 30 languages. In an interview […]

Final thoughts on Sebastian Haffner’s memoir Defying Hitler

A fortnight ago,I changed my taste from self help books to biographies and my first read was Sebastian Haffner’s memoir Defying Hitler and I think that this examination of Sebastian Haffner’s memoir Defying Hitler demonstrates to us how a memoir by itself must not be used as a sole source of scholarly knowledge. Memoirs clearly […]

How Religion has become a Golden lie

A “golden lie” is a false belief that induces co-operative behavior and fosters communities. “Golden lies” can also induce emotions, including fear, anger, empathy, and inspiration, when nothing in our physical environment is threatening or inspiring us. We choose to believe “golden lies” because we derive benefits from these false beliefs. Religion. Religion is a […]

Make Reading Your DNA

Reading is trending.The internet’s taken something uncool and given it a makeover. Reading is the new kale: worth stomaching because it’s Good For Us.So good, in fact, that we should do as much of it as we can. More is more! Everyone should be reading one book a week — no, wait, one book a […]

Big Scam: 7 Proven Ways To Get The Girl of Your Dream in 7 days.

Men are coached to behave like jerks, so that they appear to have confidence, while behind-the-scenes, in the murkiest depths of the internet, the same coaches are teaching men that they are beyond hope, that their bodies are wrong and ugly, and that instead of working on themselves, the only way to resolve this is […]

Models of Government structures

Model 1(This model is what we currently have) 1. National Top Government make all kind of laws and policies. 2. Government collect money through tax, selling bond note & borrowing. 3. Government give out money/budget every year to all lower entities like Counties, Cities, to ministry of “security, education, transports, agriculture, etc.”. It is no […]

Popularity Versus Privacy

Vulnerability is highly relatable and it’s often easier to drop the mask in print rather than face to face. Harnessing vulnerability to produce engaging copy lets others catch a glimpse of unfettered humanity, something real and raw. In a world where the prevailing tendency is to curate one’s life on social media to inspire the […]

Students: Don’t Settle For Voice, Demand Power

Reflecting back to moments I had in my high school and campus years from uplifting high school fun outings to dirty campus politics, I truly want to be thankful for the voice I had and deeply regret my lack of Power. Given our current education system and educational movement, students are at the centre of […]

Universal Basic Income

One of the barriers to adopting Universal Basic Income (UBI) is the feeling in neoliberal societies that nobody should get something for nothing. Even if the money is available, and there would be tangible improvements to society, the rule is that individuals must work in order to get recompense. And if you’re too sick, too […]

#BalancedForBetter This year’s International Women’s day theme

The theme for International Women’s Day this year doesn’t resonate with us. #BalanceForBetter brings to mind slow gradual change, and assumes that if you provide women and girls with equal access then the society will automatically be better. We know that’s false. Access to a broken capitalist system that privileges the richest 1% over the […]

Leading Without Power

You probably thinking that this is one of those many wishful thinking and I thought so too the very first time I read about it. How can you lead without Power? How can you lead without authority? This must be a typical example of an oxymoron I learnt back in primary school. I get your […]

A case for polygamy

Lots of people see polygamy as something necessarily restrictive or exploitative of women because the man is getting to be intimate with more than one woman, and that’s the only aspect they consider. But women can gain from it too. Living together as a family allows women to support each other in a deeper way […]

What’s 5G?

The next generation of wireless technology promises much faster speeds while using less power. The fifth generation mobile Communication has the capability of connecting huge volume of devices to the cloud making it a leader in the Internet of Things (IoT). It can be used: To add connectivity and intelligence to factory equipments. In 5G […]

Don’t call Rich Successful Women whores.

The World today woke up to a good news of Kylie Jenner hitting her one Billion dollars mark making her the youngest billionaire in history at least until now displacing Mark Zuckerberg. That’s a huge amount that you’ll rarely achieve in your lifetime. Think of the well paid profession and tell me how long you’ll […]

Russia’s biggest automaker AvtoVaz negotiating exports to Iran

Major Russian car producer AvtoVaz is in talks with Tehran over the sale and assembly of its cars there, Viktor Kladov, the director of international cooperation and regional policy at Russia’s state corporation Rostec, has said. “Avtovaz has been assembling its cars in Egypt,” he told reporters on the sidelines of the Aero India 2019 […]

🐦 Brand Tweet Length Distribution

On avg, only 12% of tweets are longer than 140 characters, with 1% hitting the 280-character limit. (Twitter’s data, 2018) Brands are less brief: 39% of brand tweets are longer than 140 characters, with 6.6% of tweets containing 245-280 characters. (Socialbakers data, 2018)

Back in business! 💪 Tottenham shared this image of Harry Kane back in full training with his Tottenham teammates, ahead of their match against Burnley on Saturday! 🏃

Gerard Piqué is the seventh player to play 100 games for Barcelona in the Champions League. 🔵🔴 Winning the competition three times in that period. 🏆

Airbus A350s in service.

Qatar Airways: 37 Cathay Pacific: 30 Singapore Airlines: 30 China Airlines: 14 Finnair: 12 Lufthansa: 12 Thai Airways: 12 Vietnam Airlines: 12 Delta Air Lines: 11 LATAM Brasil: 11 Ethiopian Airlines: 10 Hong Kong Airlines: 9 Air China: 6

📺 Netflix’s 2019 Problem

Although Netflix had a record-breaking November, it’s problems can be record-breaking as well. Following #Netflix’s lead, nearly every major video company is moving into the streaming media business. And that means also moving their content off Netflix and onto their own services. Disney — along with its soon-to-be purchased Fox — is launching its streaming […]

📱 Fastest Mobile Internet

Norway🇳🇴 had the fastest mobile #internet download speed, coming in at 67.17 megabits per second (Mbps). Iceland🇮🇸 came in a close second with 67.05 Mbps. The United States 🇺🇸 came in a distant 43rd with an average download speed of 30.49 Mbps. To stream #Netflix in Ultra HQ quality, a person needs access to 25 […]

🎞 Video Get More Interactions than Images

The more followers an #Instagram business page has, the more likely it is to include video in its mix of post types, according to a study from Quintly. As part of its report, Quintly analyzed more than 8.9 million posts during the Q1-Q3 2018 period from more than 44,400 profiles ranging in size from 0-1k […]

Best Twitter Accounts To Follow

“These guys don’t use Twitter accounts to impress people, they use it to impact people!” Twitter is only as good as the people you follow on it. And so, we’ve created a special list of Twitter accounts you must, must, must follow: Narendra Modi Here is a man who has used social media to his […]

Raheem Sterling meets Ethan 🙌 The Man City star met the young fan who he sent a letter to after learning that he was being racially abused. He told him to ‘be proud of who you are, and never stay silent’. Pure class. 👏

📊 Top App Publishers Worldwide for Q4 2018 by Downloads The top mobile app publisher worldwide by downloads for Q4 2018 was #Facebook with more than 800 million new installs during the quarter. Read more on SensorTower.

This photo was taken at an air show in 2002 at the airport in Sknilov. Many people who are on earth will not survive. This disaster broke records for the number of victims in the air show: 77 people were Killed (28 of them children) , 543 people were recognized as victims.

41,490 foreign jihadists, their supporters and family, including 4,600 children, joined the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq between 2013 and 2018. By last summer some 7,300 had returned to their home countries, according to @ICRC

🔍 Google’s Top Trending Searches of 2018

It’s that time of the year again, for the most special of retrospections… year-in-review lists. Google’s top trending searches of 2018 show that natural disasters and celebrity deaths were atop our minds again this year, though nothing trended quite as much on our keyboards as the exciting World Cup.

🎶 TikTok Continues Its Climb With 75 Million New Users in December, Up 275% From 2017

Short-form video social networking app #TikTok from Beijing’s Bytedance continues to expand its global footprint, chalking up its biggest month yet in terms of first-time installs during December. According to Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence estimates, the app added 75 million new users worldwide across the App Store and Google Play last month, representing year-over-year growth […]


“𝗥𝗢𝗖𝗞𝗘𝗧 𝗧𝗢 𝗠𝗔𝗥𝗦” | Elon Musk is trying to make it a no-brainer for you to move to Mars. SpaceX is designing a new rocket ship, called Starship, to send about 100 people to Mars at a time. Musk says he is “confident” people could afford to “sell their home on Earth” and move to […]

📰 The most engaged publishers on Facebook in January 2019

It’s time once again for our monthly rankings of the top publishers on Facebook, and it’s certainly been a busy news month. This has been reflected in the engagements driven by the top publishers on Facebook, with abnormally high numbers in the first month of 2019 compared with previous months we have looked at. Some […]

Power and Influence

Power The term “influence”, like many other term in political science, is itself a source of considerable controversy. Some scholars have used “power” and “influence” interchangeably, while others have stressed their differences. As the eminent political scientist, Robert Dahl, rightly acknowledged , “one writer’s influence is another’s power . We can generally say, however, that […]

This photograph shows the lead programmer of the Apollo space program, Margaret Hamilton, with a printout of the code used to fly to the moon in 1969.

Essaouira is crazy. As soon as you step inside the Medina, it’s like a time machine. The bustling narrow streets, the smell of a thousand spices, fish markets, music, and prayer calls. Just make sure you don’t get lost roaming the narrow maze of streets 👌🏼 Photo & Caption by | @emmett_sparling

What Is Yobai? Raper or Tradition?

What Is Yobai? Raper or Tradition? So, how could a man find himself some pleasurable company? He could go to a prostitute that was standard. Sure, in a city. But what if he lived out in a rural farming village? Not much he could do, other than start knocking on doors and asking if he […]