Write about me

She asked me to write a poem about her
“write about me, I wanna see what you see in me” she said
I told her I won’t!!!
Cause I knew then if my mind keeps pondering about her it will crush
But still it didn’t stopped it from Wondering
So I told her again I won’t write about her
She asked me time to time “when are you gonna write about me?
I want to be in your poem”
She didn’t understand that the poems I write about are not real She couldn’t understood that I wanted her to stay real
She said to me again ” write a poem about me”
I started to write poems about her
I wrote how the days can’t pass without her
I wrote what ever I wanted to tell her
I wrote one, two, three and more…
I couldn’t stop it anymore
I kinda lost control
that’s when I started to lose her
Just like I thought, my poems took her away from my reality
My words drove her to a distant that I couldn’t reach
My poems build the walls that no-one could ever breach
My poems wrecks the pathways that leads to my bridge
the bridges to my peace
even though I write them in rage, my poems are the only thing that keeps me at ease
So here is another poem for you
from a place so far which I don’t know where it is



Dream Big As you never know when it could come True.

They always tell me to dream
dream big, have a plan ,
have a vision
they still tell me to dream “they might come true”
and that’s what I am scared of
What if they do!!??
I have dreams, I have visions
Huge ones
But they are scary!!!
Scary as the thoughts of an indoor mind
What if they come true!!!!
I can’t let my dreams and my visions be real, I have to hide them, keep them locked away just to be sure
If they came out , everything will be left to ruins
they will hurt people , they know how to be cruel
Only a fool adds fuel to a fire to stop the flame
Only a sick adds alcohol to stop the pain
So let me keep my dreams away
to keep you safe from their destructive Waves.

Love is like Cocaine 😂

Besotted men and women crave emotional and physical union with their beloved. This craving is a central component of all addictions. Lovers also feel a rush of exhilaration when thinking about him or her, a form of “intoxication.” As their obsession builds, the lover seeks to interact with the beloved more and more, known in addiction literature as “intensification.” They also think obsessively about their beloved, a form of intrusive thinking fundamental to drug dependence. Lovers also distort reality, change their priorities and daily habits to accommodate the beloved, and often do inappropriate, dangerous, or extreme things to remain in contact with or impress this special other.

Even one’s personality can change, known as “affect disturbance.” Indeed, many smitten humans are willing to sacrifice for their sweetheart, even die for him or her. And like addicts who suffer when they can’t get their drug, the lover suffers when apart from the beloved — “separation anxiety.”

Trouble really starts, however, when a lover is rejected. Most abandoned men and women experience the common signs of drug withdrawal, including protest, crying spells, lethargy, anxiety, sleep disturbances (sleeping way too much or way too little), loss of appetite or binge eating, irritability, and chronic loneliness.

Lovers also relapse the way addicts do. Long after the relationship is over, events, people, places, songs, or other external cues associated with the abandoning partner can trigger memories. This sparks a new round of craving, intrusive thinking, compulsive calling, writing, or showing up — all in hopes of rekindling the romance. Because romantic love is regularly associated with a suite of traits linked with all addictions, several psychologists have come to believe that romantic love can potentially become an addiction.

If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it,” Einstein reportedly said. Few academics and laymen regard romantic love as an addiction — because they believe that all addictions are pathological and harmful. Data do not support this notion, however. When neuroscientists Andreas Bartels and Semir Zeki compared the brains of happily-in-love participants with the brains of euphoric addicts who had just injected cocaine or opioids, many of the same regions in the brain’s reward system became active.

Many professionals define addiction as a pathological, problematic disorder. And because romantic love is a positive experience under many circumstances (i.e. not harmful), researchers remain largely unwilling to officially categorize romantic love as an addiction. But love addiction is just as real as any other addiction, in terms of its behavior patterns and brain mechanisms. Even when romantic love isn’t harmful, it is associated with intense craving and anxiety and can impel the lover to believe, say, and do dangerous and inappropriate things. Moreover, all forms of substance abuse, including alcohol, opioids, cocaine, amphetamines, cannabis, and tobacco (as well as the non-substance addictions to food, gambling, and sex) activate several of the same reward pathways that are activated among men and women who are happily in love, as well as those rejected in love.

Screaming Soul

I can’t promise you love
I don’t know what that is.
But what I can promise is,

I promise to keep the smile on your lips
Drawn all the way back to your cheeks.
I promise to keep your pillow dry
And no tear storms in your eye.
I promise to take you out
And make you dance in the sun like you ought.
I promise to chase you in the rain
And have fun like a little pretty babe.
I promise to shield pain from you
And knock back the sorrow bearing ewe.
I promise to hold your hand all through
And be your guide in the darkest alley.
I promise to put meals on your table
And not hard truths for you to swallow.

Come to think of it,
I just promised you love.🌹

Joyous Encounter

In a place of deep thoughts, one day, i got recognized

I didn’t know i was recognized until I was welcomed,

Welcomed with friendliness,
and overflowed with

Those kind gestures taught me rather enormous things
which i shall hold within me forever

As they are too meaningful to ignore and
Too couraging to be kept to one’s self only.

In that place,

Being thankful to those who already love you instead of seeking love from others,

Being thankful for what you are blessed with,

Appreciating your surroundings,

Understanding there’s no limit to achievements in life,

Believing and trusting, as the future actually holds something for you,

Enduring it and fighting for it, for it’s all worth it,

Realizing it’s all about “how well” not “how far”,

Putting a little bit effort and being outstanding,

Is taught until it reaches the bottom of your heart
and makes you reflect back on yourself.

And that’s when i thought, “If that place is great enough to teach me those things”, then i better visit it frequently….

Trust Me With Your Heart❤️

Why does your heart grow doubtful dear?
Tense and beating, full of fear.
I keep with me your everlasting love,
and bless the day God sent you from above.

You remain my angel and I feel that I must,
tell you that within you, you have my trust.
My love is the tide, your soul is the shores,
you have my heart, do I have yours?

I’ll belong to you till the very end,
and you will forever stay as my lover and friend.
It has been so good like this from the start,
so darling please, trust me with your heart.

My note to you💛

When everything start falling apart, I wish you peace.
I wish you happiness even when everyone around you is drowning in grief.
I wish you never have to search for love in places that always remind you of pain
I wish your heart never breaks cuz nothin is heavier than the peace of a broken heart.
Dear you, i wish you well even when you cannot look forward to another day in your life. I know how hard it is to remain calm. When everything starts fading away and the sound of destruction becomes so loud that it deafens your ears and because of this,
I hope you are always protected from every pain of this life. I hope you never have to rethink about being alive and when sd days happen visit you, i pray they leave you soon🙏

Letter from Ex-girlfriend.

Nothing is perfect about what we’ve got…nothing really. We weren’t supposed to even know each other but we did. I was like the one girl you shouldn’t talk to but coincidences took over and you were mine. I think I loved you like no one has and you eventually got tired? I don’t know but you left at some point and that was the angriest I have ever been. It didn’t take time getting over you and all but deep down I know I still wanted you and it hurt so much seeing you come back with an apology for what you did but rejecting you cause of the anger I had. That wasn’t supposed to happen but it did. And I was with someone else being treated ‘how I’m supposed to be treated’ (says society) but each time you came back I lost control for a while and eventually I gave in cause baby you’ve changed…for the better for me and all this time you didn’t give up and you have almost no idea what that means to me I really am stuck on you. Not supposed to happen but knowing you does that to me. And now I still get lost and not know what to talk about I can’t control my anger and stuff but that changes nothing cause none of this was supposed to happen…more like nothing is perfect or even right about us and no matter how people feel about it I don’t care. I believe in something and that’s really it. 🖤

A Brave and Startling Truth

By Maya Angelou

We, this people, on a small and lonely planet
Traveling through casual space
Past aloof stars, across the way of indifferent suns
To a destination where all signs tell us
It is possible and imperative that we learn
A brave and startling truth

And when we come to it
To the day of peacemaking
When we release our fingers
From fists of hostility
And allow the pure air to cool our palms

When we come to it
When the curtain falls on the minstrel show of hate
And faces sooted with scorn are scrubbed clean
When battlefields and coliseum
No longer rake our unique and particular sons and daughters
Up with the bruised and bloody grass
To lie in identical plots in foreign soil

When the rapacious storming of the churches
The screaming racket in the temples have ceased
When the pennants are waving gaily
When the banners of the world tremble
Stoutly in the good, clean breeze

When we come to it
When we let the rifles fall from our shoulders
And children dress their dolls in flags of truce
When land mines of death have been removed
And the aged can walk into evenings of peace
When religious ritual is not perfumed
By the incense of burning flesh
And childhood dreams are not kicked awake
By nightmares of abuse

When we come to it
Then we will confess that not the Pyramids
With their stones set in mysterious perfection
Nor the Gardens of Babylon
Hanging as eternal beauty
In our collective memory
Not the Grand Canyon
Kindled into delicious color
By Western sunsets

Nor the Danube, flowing its blue soul into Europe
Not the sacred peak of Mount Fuji
Stretching to the Rising Sun
Neither Father Amazon nor Mother Mississippi who, without favor,
Nurture all creatures in the depths and on the shores
These are not the only wonders of the world

When we come to it
We, this people, on this minuscule and kithless globe
Who reach daily for the bomb, the blade and the dagger
Yet who petition in the dark for tokens of peace
We, this people on this mote of matter
In whose mouths abide cankerous words
Which challenge our very existence
Yet out of those same mouths
Come songs of such exquisite sweetness
That the heart falters in its labor
And the body is quieted into awe

We, this people, on this small and drifting planet
Whose hands can strike with such abandon
That in a twinkling, life is sapped from the living
Yet those same hands can touch with such healing, irresistible tenderness
That the haughty neck is happy to bow
And the proud back is glad to bend
Out of such chaos, of such contradiction
We learn that we are neither devils nor divines

When we come to it
We, this people, on this wayward, floating body
Created on this earth, of this earth
Have the power to fashion for this earth
A climate where every man and every woman
Can live freely without sanctimonious piety
Without crippling fear

When we come to it
We must confess that we are the possible
We are the miraculous, the true wonder of this world
That is when, and only when
We come to it.

Coz that’s why I love you

I don’t really understand you
Maybe that’s why I like you
Or liked you
Or will like you
All I feel is how am gonna get passed tense moments like the one we gonna have on the next week or before
How am I gonna get you to understand me, when we live on a different time line?
When you told me the answers, before I asked the questions
How are you gonna get me? when the only thing you got from me was confusions
How would you define me,
When I never really existed in your definitions ?
When all my treasured moments doesn’t coincide with the thesaurus of your dictionary?
When your measurements couldn’t really specifies all my memories ?
That’s when I loved you
You were time
And I am gonna be the thought inside a confused mind


A new Chapter, A new Year

As another chapter is closed
As another page is turned to make the present past
The present that will lead to a future that is never constant
A constant that is evaporating
Evaporating with all the obstacles, war and journey of the passing chapter
And so I pick up the remains of the ending chapter
With the anticipation of finding you in the next
With the desire you would be the constant that doesn’t evaporate
But instead that condenses with time and faith
Faith that the next chapter is filled with fulfilled dreams and love
Faith that we’re strong like a rock
As the new chapter is beginning and the old one is ending
I hope that this chapter is memorable
Hope that we leave more than our handprints
Now is the beginning of a new journey
A new chapter, A new year


On Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day
I got nothing much to give you
I don’t have much money
I got no gifts or roses to offer
but on this day,
I want to offer you something,
something I’ve never given any other girl,
something sacred,
this something is very delicate,
it is unique on its own way
something every girl looks for
but I’d say no girl seems to find it;
what is this something?
It’s something that needs tender care
something to be treasured even after death
but first, promise me that you won’t let it spoil
please promise me that you’ll do justice to it
because this something is my heart and I want to share it with you on this day and forever.

Once in a Blue moon

Once in a blue moon, every thousand year
Fate intervenes and help comes near
The stars align; the gods permit
The stories add up; the pieces fit
The worlds converge; the signs agree
The universe stops and it’s just u and me
Once in a blue moon for single moment
For a fractions of second, the world is perfect

LOVE is a sign of heaven

By mehrimehraban

Love İs A Sign Of Heaven
Like a seed in frozen season,
Waits eagerly to grow up.

Love knocks your locked heart seldom
Dare, Open door, never mind wisdom.
taste the emotional part of life.

Eternal message of cooing dove:
‘A wise heart can’t stand in love’
Wisdom is frozen hearts leader.

Wisdom calls me to myself
Love grants eternity to ourslf.
egoism is Wisdom’s hidden gift!

love makes true our dreamy world
A kingdom free of pains and wars.
As if, we’ve never known sorrow.


Me? Contradiction.

I am different, I am the same as everyone else.

Feeble whilst invincible, exquisite though hideous, vibrant yet listless.

How could that be? Believe me I’d love to know.

Soulful although villainous, sagacious but idiotic, squalid and pure.

More and more and also a bit more…

Sincere and misleading. Rebellious and hopeless. Tender and harsh.

A whole lacking ambivalence.

I knew best to stay unknown from the slyness.

But I didn’t.

I lost in order to gain, and gained to sorrow over my hazy colors.

Grasping on the black that was left for me.

Striving lustfully to give up on sins, I danced alone and tripped over forgotten crowds.

I said, “Hello, and goodbye.”

I lived to love, and then loved to die.

My best companion, my worst foe, is no one else but me.

Trash Bin

Once upon a time there was a lonely trash bin. His name was John.
John was very lonely because he always stays alone at home with no one to speak to.
But one faithful day, the landlord of the building where John stayed at decided that today was the day to add two new trash cans next to John.
The green trash bin was named Susan. She was a recycle bin for all the papers to be reused. She was a hero to all the trees to the world!
And the blue trash bin’s name was Paul. Paul was used to store glass bottles! He was very important to the environment.
When John had first met Susan and Paul he was the HAPPIEST trash bin in the world! He had never experienced this feeling in his whole life. He stayed up all day and night talking to Susan and Paul, trying to get to know them better. I mean, it’s the only thing John could do!
John, Susan, and Paul quickly became the best of friends. They were always together. Rain and shine, hail and sleet, always.

But one warm afternoon, something terrible happened. John had discovered a tiny crack on the rim of his trash bin. Susan and Paul freaked out! But John had told them that everything would be alright. That he wasn’t going to go anywhere.
Little did he know…

August 27th, 1968. 3:26AM

John woke up with a jolt of pain on his right side. He turned to that side to see what was wrong. What he found was beyond terrifying. He found a split on his can. It went from the very top of his trash can to the very bottom of his trash can. It had hurt so bad. The contents, all his trash, had begun to spill out.
He quickly woke Susan and Paul. He showed them what was wrong and it wasn’t long before all three had begun sobbing.
The pain John was experiencing was so intense he could barely breathe. He knew he was dying.

John uttered his last words to Susan and Paul, smiled, and closed his eyes….
Paul, who never cried, shed his tears. One by one they trickled down his face and down his chin. He let out a sob and another. He replayed John’s last words over and over again in his mind.

“Thank you for being my friend.”

John passed away at age 36 on August 27th, 1968 at 3:48AM

All for the Love

One night a girl and a boy were sitting in a parked car, in complete silence.

Both of them stayed quiet for a while, until the girl gave him a piece of paper, but before the boy decided to read it what was on it, he told the girl that he was going to leave her.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, a speeding drunk driver collided with their car.

The boy was devastated the whole way to the hospital. Every time he glanced at her, laying down on the stretcher in the ambulance, bloodied and unconscious, he thought to himself, “It’s all my fault. Why. Why. Why?”

The boy had only suffered minor injuries. But what his heart felt at that moment said otherwise. “Is this what heartbreak feels like?”, he said to himself staring at the hospital lights.

Later that day, the boy heard the news. That the girl had died. He rushed into her hospital room and collapsed onto his knees. “Why am I still alive? You were always there for me. Always. Oh please. Come back.” He said this so quietly, so softly so only she could hear him. He began to sob. “I miss you.”

When he had started to calm down a hour later, he got up from his seat on the floor. A loud crinkling noise came from his front pocket. When he dug into his pocket for it he remembered the piece of paper that she had given him prior the crash. He slowly and carefully unfolded it. He quickly read what was on it and covered his mouth in shock.

One tear. Two tears. Three tears.

A choked sob. Even more tears.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

On the piece of paper, it said,
“If you ever leave me I’ll die. I love you.”

Random Thoughts

It was mockery and a hint of weirdness that ringed in my ear when she said,

“Talking doesn’t always help, because people sympathise with you at first.”

“What do you mean at first?”

That weird tone again, sounded like she has a total faith in distrust, she replied,

“Yeah, eventually they get bored and sick of you.”

You took time every night to write me love letters And you used to whisper in my ear Nobody does it better

You took time every night
to write me love letters
And you used to whisper in my ear
Nobody does it better

People were created to be loved, and things were created to be used. The reason why the world is messed up is because things are being loved and people are being used. 🖤

People were created to be loved, and things were created to be used. The reason why the world is messed up is because things are being loved and people are being used. 🖤

Sometimes we all need someone that we seek help from Life is hard to go through alone without anyone to give you a hand and give some advice We all can look back at someone in our lives that were there for us when we needed them the most When we needed someone to listen to us and help guide us We are truly not alone.

Mother knows best

I try not to cry
After all only the weak shed a tear
I never wondered why
Because why would I doubt mommy dear
“Mother knows best”
Isn’t that what they say?
Mommy said don’t be scared
So I try to keep my fears at bay
And I try to keep my ghosts away
Because mother knows best,they say.

I try not to scream
After all only the weak lose control
And I smile so it beseems
Like I wasn’t emersed in dole
“Mother knows best
Isn’t that what they say?
Mommy said don’t show your scar
So I paint over it each day
And I try to scrape my woes away
Because mother knows best they say.

I try not to set free
The resentment that dwells in me
The nightmares akin to death
The ‘death’ its self that steals my breath
I know I should let people in
But mommy said,”don’t let them win,
“They will hew you,my dear child,
” Don’t fall for it,don’t be beguiled.”
Mother knows best,I believe that
But does she know all?
The who?
The which?
The why?
The what?
I strongly think not.

Why should I not cry,
If the tears are ever nigh?
Why should I not be scared,
Of the monsters under the bed?
If I want to I’ll scream,
Let the tears fall in a steady stream. Because mother knows best
But she DOES NOT know all.

Valentines 😍❤️

Valentines is almost here
To some it means a lot
To me
And the rest
Of who support me
It means just another day
A day when the sunburns are pealing off
A day to hustle a little harder
A day like today
Boring yet must survive
Painful yet so sweet
Let’s wait for the day
For the loves to show off
For the flowers to feel the pain
Pain of misuse
As they blossom making a beautiful environment
The lovers will pick
And prick them
Tear them apart
For their own pleasure
But they are dead
Can’t complain
They are beautiful
So taken advantage of
For Beauty comes with pain
Spare the flowers
Spare the human
The human who is lonely
Spare us the weird shows
Spare us the pain.

©Maureen njoki

Hope and Despair

All I’m asking for is forgiveness
All I’m praying for is happiness
All I’m feeling is loneliness
Why was I brought to earth
To live with Adams curse ?
Thrown to this filthy world
To Slowly learn word by word
Of what has occurred,
So while I Grew up I realized
how I can be dead on the inside
But still try to hide,
How I can be left to the side
With nothing to decide &
And how reality is so ugly,
Now am hurting truly &
My pain can’t be described
I’ve shouted and cried
my heart has been deprived
But I’ve still survived And
I’m so surprised!

How do you find out if you are emotionally mature or not?

How do you find out if you are emotionally mature or not?

Praneet Kedari, Emotional Support Human at Human Behavior (2000-present)

Updated Fri

If you are emotionally mature then I believe you satisfy the following:

In times of elation you enjoy the moment, but don’t think the good times will last forever and instead keep your focus on what really matters.

You practice humility even when you achieve your greatest accomplishments.

When times are rough you don’t lose hope and are able to overcome the rough times through diligence and perseverance.

You don’t yell often and get angry over small mishaps, or things that don’t matter in the long run.

When nothing bad or good is happening in your life, you remain patient and trust what you are doing and committed to.

You don’t try to decieve others.

You don’t hit children.

You understand that no matter what happens good or bad, “This too shall pass”, in other words you don’t get caught up in the moment.

You are respectful of others and their beliefs.

You do what is right, regardless of what others think.

You are someone that other people come to for emotional support and advice.

My Best-

Brown Mamba

Destiny or fate

On my journey of life , I never knew my destination
I go along with my imagination
It takes me fast forward ,so all I see is a blurry vision
All my actions delivered by unwise decision
But every decision I make becomes my path
Sometimes it would be the sideways
Which leaves me wonder and regret the highway
Although it wouldn’t last
Next I would end up envying my past
Just like I passed those trees which moves against my track
I like to think they are the ones who moves tho
They are the one that moves backward
Just to lead me forward
They don’t follow anyone
They just lead Everyone
But I am a follower without a leader
a dreamer who might have to wake up later
… Am I moving or not, I don’t know
I will know when the story continue…….

Am Done watching you suffer trying to Love me.

Have you ever faked a smile
Have you ever been so sad
To a point you couldn’t even cry?
Have you ever spent a sleepless night where your mind wonders off till the morning light
Have you ever felt so lonely
even the thought of having company gives you goose bumps?
Welcome to my life!
A life of ups and too many downs
A life am too sad to write a poem about
Am sitting in the dark and its past midnight
My troubled heart knows no sleep it bleeds through the night
Tears fall from my eyes
Tonight’s tears are of letting go
Am letting you go , setting you free
you can finally be what you want to be
Would you survive without me?
I know I can’t but this has to be
Am done watching you suffer trying to love me.

What is the brutal truth about relationships?

In this digital age, when people encounter any breakup, what do they do first?


Delete all pictures.

Avoid places and friends, where they used to hang out usually.

Throw their gifts.

And many other activities to forget their past.

Brutal Truth: You cannot forget your past, where you were involved mentally, emotionally and physically.

Above activities will keep your mind calm momentarily, but the day your ex pops up like the seasonal mushroom, many of you won’t be able to control emotional burst.

Of course I will give you the solution, it is up to you whether you take it or ignore it. I will explain it with a simple example.

A catchy song is released, you love those lyrics, music and video itself. You keep listening to that song thousands of times.

But after a certain period of time, you start getting bored. And if you keep listening to it from third places, it starts irritating you. Right?

Case 1:

Now imagine, if someone forces you to listen to that song daily for next 5 years. How will you feel?

Of course, you won’t hesitate to kill that person.

Case 2:

You are already irritated of that song and you try to forget it as best as you can. You successfully did it.

But after 5 years, suddenly someone plays that song again. You love its melody. You start remembering those moments which happened 5 years back with this song.

Though it is momentary, you slip for the same song which irritated you once.

I hope you got it, what I wanted to convey here. In the second case, this is where most people cheat on their current partner because of their ex. Suddenly he/she comes after many years, momentarily you tend to forget what happened back then.

And people cheat.

Our mind is a bloody trickster. The more you try to forget someone, the more will you keep remembering them.

So my solution is, never cut all connections from your ex unless they are truly assholes.

Keep watching them unless you get irritated.

Keep staring at those pics until you get bored.

Don’t stop going to those places, until it doesn’t bother you anymore.

Don’t avoid gossips of your ex from your common friend until it doesn’t matter to you anymore.

Initially it is painful to watch them moving on in front of your eyes. But you know how boxers practice?

They keep taking punches on their faces until those punches stop giving them pain anymore. This is the best way to get rid of your pain, either find a cure or keep facing it.

The hardest part in the relationship is

waking up in the morning,

Remembering what you were trying to forget in the last night.

Block Assholes, but don’t block people whom you want to forget. Because forgetting hardly works, keep remembering them. And one day, it won’t matter anymore.

Type you Could Love Someday❤️

Don’t judge me of my imagination
Don’t be fond of them too
Of my mer fantasies
Of my desire to be by his side
To enjoy his warm, calm hugs
His notice and way he cares
Cherish to listen
His cracking jokes
Of me acting gussy
Like quivering blob of jelly
Of my know all she wants presence
Dems to beep of delusion

He’s always imagining
Glitching with fantasies
Waving the tune of smokes
Blowing the burns
Creating a relief
Flying beyond boarders
Climbing to freedom
That provoke u to join or just bribe

But He’s such a sweet pie 🥧
Turtle dove
Type u want to hand on everywhere
Type u would want to taste every now and then
Type u would want to cherish the glamour
Type u would, if u could

Love some day.


It’s funny how beauty comes out of separation! like when our ear is pierced, separating an intact flesh,
the wound drying up with what pierced it, in it.
I don’t know what it is maybe
It’s in the way that time heals all wounds,
Or maybe It’s in the way our irked flesh can learn to live with what stabbed it and with time forgives the mastermind behind it
And after it heals,
It’s in the way it welcomes the villain and carries it’s load all day long,
Or it’s in the way that there is no way it goes to bed with it, understanding the backs should go to safely unload
it’s not in the way the flesh connects back it’s in the way it stays a hole
It’s in the way the hole it makes can heal to take more of what pierced it
If not all this, then it’s in the sacrifice the ear makes for the sake of beauty of the face most importantly its in the way beauty doesn’t even make sense


When The mutable grace of our world becomes my ultimate path of survival; when every atom,every molecule,every blood bids to stand firm posing change; when beliefs propel from here and there with every pump in my heart; i chose to move and stay still however ambiguous that sounds.
My thoughts are weekday fatigues,abridged arrays of perspectives carried by emotive shores and dumped around the corner of reasonable doubts. Waking up a little less purposeful than the worm,it tickles me when its passion and faith for bed,it tickles me when its cold survival for the coming night. indeed,living has been a joke drilling and thrilling man kind.
My opinions are on a war, they say they are fighting change some shooting new some bombing progress and few seemingly Liberal thinking tied by absurd conclusions, buried six inches bellow with two degrees of freedom,cognitive rationality and mare confusion
my entire existence is not utterly intricate or captivating but rather greasy and slick like the European knights galloping in circles while tossing balls from one to another on a yet unnamed rotating platform and if i am like the tossed ball? swiping mercilessly? finding comfort at any destination? i will still be laughing to it, and i will be laughing with it and at it with every breath as my alarm and every fiber of my faith as another contradictory anchor fiercely attached lest the ordinary.
Affection,lust, smooth turns and intimacy flew with a blink of an eye and superficial interactions decorated with few forced smiles swing in on a chariot . If its laughter today,pain ignites tomorrow its poetry and creativity then its crude reality where the heart sits still on a turning chair, its a heavy bridge spanned in inches weighting in pounds made of raging rocks, woven with a smile, untied with infinitely circular fear and hope. hanging ,floating,turning with a knee to feet distance from its core my head is a spinning carousel roasting on a Sunday morning sunlight blinded by the brightest of lights. that’s where a gentle mighty hand placed your glowing soul to light my way more and more and more.




On the pure lands of intellect
A forbidden seed lies with all its allure Irresistible in its demure
To mankind’s primitive ardour

Lo! But it is a harmless seed he says
Powerless against my valiant self
I will do and undo it if all else fails

And so with a swoop he plants his doom
He watches it sprout pleased with his move
He caresses its buds while its petals bloom
He savours its nectar and bathes in its scent
The whistling leaves seduce him to nest Hours fade into days as he sits transfixed
Alas! He is a man bewitched but he does not know

He is a man blinded but he does not know
So he does not see the roots gripping his feet
He is a man deafened but does not know
So he does not hear voice of reason’s frantic screams
He is a man spellbound so he cannot reckon
The impending storm that threatens his breath
Alas! He is a man long lost

But as the storm begins and our man is disillusioned
He sees himself a prisoner of his passions
He searches for his strong will now far gone
“Alas” he wails, “I am a fool undone”.

The Moon Is a Kite

By Andrea Gibson;______________________________From the other end of the phone line my little sister says
“Andrea, poppy flowers are beautiful in the right light.”
I say: Laura, you’re right. And land mines look like toys to children until their limbs explode.
And their families find their bodies in ditches on the side of the road.
Our mother is crying herself to sleep again tonight.Your daughter is in my arms wondering where you are
and maybe this light is right for you
But from here I can’t see the stars
In the morning the sunbeams will look like jail bars
Come back
PleaseI’ll breathe “I love you” into your bloodstream until the needles can’t compare
I’ll teether my veins into thread and stitch them through your torn seams
I’ll scream light into your bruises
Still lives beneath your track marks
You can stand on the cliff of my heart and shout nothing but ugly through me
I promise all I will echo back is Beauty, beauty.
You have always been beauty.Did I ever tell you on the day you were born I stopped believing in Jesus
and started believing in you
And sometimes its the metal in the wind chimes that reminds us how soft the breeze is
So even when you grew like a switchblade
Pupils dilating the apocalypse
More junk in your veins than blood
More rage on your lips than love
I still believed in youI know you blew this world a kiss and no one blew it back
and I wish I had a roadmap back to the time before the first time you mainlined midnight
in search of an escape
I wish I’d had your back that night
I wish I told you life is going to hold you at gunpoint
But time usually comes with a white flag
‘cause right now theres a body bag around the moonAnd every time your daughter cries the constellations look like chalk outlines of crucified angels in the sky
And I’m not sure I’m strong enough for this
I can see the veins in my wrists too clearly
can feel the knife in the drawer
We are more alike than you knowBut your daughter’s heart is beating
I can see her pulse in the soft spot in her head
and in the other room my mother is asleep and dreaming
now of the way we were when we too were just babies like her
and maybe we’ll never be that new againMaybe there will always be days when the sunbeams look like jail bars
Maybe it’ll seem we have more scars than life lines sometimes
But I’ve found its always worth trying to wake away from the land mines
and hope you come back with your skin intact
enough to drink the moonshine.Girl, I know you think this world is too dark to even dream in colour
But I’ve seen flowers bloom at midnight
I’ve seen kites flying in gray skies
and they were real close to looking like the sunrise
and sometimes it takes the most wounded wings
the most broken things to remind us how strong the breeze is
How precious the flight
so I’m still not believing in JesusI’m still believing in you.
I’m still telling your daughter the moon is a kite
attached to a string that’s held by your mother
and I promise she’s coming back soon.


Sweet good morning texts. Always looked forward to the next. But. Oh! She hated morning sex.
Said she hated moaning in the morning. Yet she always kept me longing. Like a dog on a short leash strolling.
Counted steps on my move. Had nowhere to run to. No one else to call boo. Stuck to her super like glue.
Why would one person have so much great impact in my life? God knows I wanna make her my wife.
The drug I’m addicted to but can’t quit. The love bug I wanna squash under my foot but can’t do it.
Toss and turn of memories in my head. Cuddle and saddle rides in the bed. Too much thought yet just little is said.
Never believed in love till she came around. She’s that one song on repeat in the background. When we get down and smash the ground.
Feel my heart when I think about her. You’d think I’m running against time aiming very far. I swear the rush makes all night wanna hit the bar.
Like hot metal bent to her every wish. Like melted plastic flowing along sluggish. Unlike steaming water hard to distinguish.
Can’t she seen what to me she has done? Can’t she smell the fear in my blood veins when she says we are done? Can’t she hear my guts spilling out as I turn? Can’t she see I’m walking on the tight rope aiming for the fuckin gun?
No! She just can’t leave me for dead. Woh! We can’t just stop at the light cause it’s red. Let’s risk our safety just go ahead.
Broken beyond repair is what I am. Love made me so blind but now I’m dumb. Weird she makes me feel useless like tasteless chewed gum.
I’m hanging on the cliff by the rope. And I swear it hurts so much to let go. But if it’s the last thing I ever say… We could have been so much more!!!
©Maina Ann

What is the dark side of falling in love?

Tanu Sharma, PhD Scholar at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (2018-present)

Updated Dec 14, 2017

2.5 years ago

A text message from him

He: I love you so much…l love you that much that I wanna marry you…

It was unexpected for her. She just ignored the message thinking that it might be a prank.

After few casual meetings with him. She finally realised that it was not a prank and started to fall for him.

2 years ago

Chat on WhatsApp

He: you know I really love you. Please be mine.

She: even I love you. But I am afraid of our future. My family will not accept us.

He( with lots of happiness): just say yes. Everything will be fine.

She: love you too…

7 months ago

She: I am feeling that you kind a ignoring me. Is everything okay between us.

He: no dear, its just that I have to leave my friends after 7 months. I am trying to give my time to them.

She: but that is same with me also. You will also leave me after some months.

He: please try an understand. We will be together for the rest of our life. Let me give this time to my friends.

She: ohk dear, I will wait for that day.

1 month ago

She was leaving him. Their relationship was going to be a long distance relationship. She cried hard. But left him with a hope that now their relationship will be better than before. As he had said that the day his friends will leave she will be her priority.

7 days ago

She got a chance to visit him. But he sounded to be a very different person. No love was there in his eyes that she was expecting all days and nights before their meeting. He said that he had to focus for his future now, have no time for anything else. And I cant take stress for the thing that is uncertain (their marriage). She felt disheartened but Did not say anything. She returned to home crying all the way.

5 days ago

A chat on whatsapp

She: why are you ignoring me.

He: you think too much. There is nothing such.

She: but I am feeling this. You never care for my emotions.

But there was no reply from him. All the messages on WhatsApp was being seen. But he was busy in chatting with someone else.

she called him twice but all in vain.

All her hopes, memories blurred with tears coming in her eyes. It was a feeling like all the memories were being washed with the water flowing out of her eyes. She screamed loudly, cried for an hour. Then even the tears refused for her company. She went blank and numb kept on thinking till the morning that what went wrong between the two. But she had done wrong to him that he behaved so rudely to her.

In the end, you can see the darkest side of falling in love. Nowadays a days, no one cares for the feelings of other. The one who love more, made more efforts to make the relationship work, will have to suffer More.

For someone special

I wish we were of a different era
I wish heart break hadn’t been our rite of passage
I wish you cared enough to put in the effort
And I wish I cared enough to be patient
I wish a lot of things, none to come true
Cause you and I are of this one
That throws away the broken
And never bothers to try.

You Deserve

You deserve to see all the world
You deserve to laugh out loud
You deserve to get soaked in the rain
You deserve to hug people you love
You deserve to love and not be judged
You deserve all the Christmas vibes
You deserve all benjamins for clothes
You deserve being pretty everyday
You deserve all the sunlight in the air
You deserve swimming in earth’s water
You deserve dancing and partying hard
You deserve listening to music loudly
You deserve everyday choosing happiness…!



Sometimes I think it’s good to believe in fate and love.
Because I love you and you’re all I have.
Sometimes I want to ring you in the middle of the night.
To hear your voice and know that you’re all right.
Sometimes in the middle of the day I smile just when I think about you.
Because I remember I have you to lean on and call my baby boo.
Sometimes I feel like my world is caving in and there’s no way out.
But then I feel you holding my hand all the way leaving no doubt.
Sometimes like all the times I feel my heart throbbing and calling out your name.
And I’m happy you’re here to make me feel this way hoping you feel the same.

©Maina Ann

Does love always hurt?

Does love always hurt?

Adarsh Gupta, A Sensible Writer

Answered 23h ago

You guys fell in love with each other.

You be in a relationship for few years.

Hugs, kisses, sexting and missing texts, everything was spot on in your relationship.

Cute and small fights also exist between you two which further increase your love.

But then things started getting worse. And you two had a breakup due to some reasons.

Like every other couple, you start blaming your partner for the breakup and then keep on exaggerating that “one shouldn’t fall in love” and “one should fall in love to realize why one shouldn’t” and all.

You don’t receive good morning texts anymore. You feel hurt and miss him/her.

You don’t get hugs anymore. You feel hurt and miss him/her more.

You don’t have someone who cutely cares for you(except mom). You feel hurt and miss him/her more.

You don’t have someone whom you can talk dirty with surety. You feel hurt and miss him/her more.

You don’t get to fight with someone for silly issues. You get hurt and miss him/her more.

But slowly your scars get way with time. You’re not hurt anymore.

You don’t miss him/her anymore. Everything is back on track now.

Then one fine day, you met someone, spent few days with him/her, had few dates and lunches, figured out that he/she is the one and then come in a relationship again.

You fell for her inner beauty, she fell for your inner soul and you two start a new journey of life.

You again come in a relationship.

Again hugs, kisses, sexting and missing texts, everything is spot on in your relationship.

Again cute and small fights exist between you two which further increase your love.

So, what hurt you above?

Love? No

Care and certain things which your partner(Ex) used to do for you? Yes

Habits which you gained due to your partner(Ex)? Yes.

Q.) Does Love always hurts?

Ans.) Love Never Hurts! It’s the caring and certain things which, your loved ones used to do for you, hurts you when you don’t get it.

Love can neither be created, nor be destroyed. It can only be transferred from EX to NEXT.

– Adarsh Gupta

A sincere review from you all would encourage me to write even more.

Te Amo ♥

Why do you think most relationships fail?

Why do you think most relationships fail?


Answered Jan 29

You met a girl.

Both of you started talking.

A lot of talking.

On whatsapp, insta, snapchat, almost everywhere.

Both of you realized you have fallen for each other.

You confess your love to her and she says yes, there starts a new exciting journey.

Lot of love is pouring out, “hearts” “kisses” and “hugs”. Clinging to each other all the time.

Making promises of future, getting naughty when alone, exchanging pics of morning, evening and night.

One day she gets angry for not replying to her msgs. you console her and after a small fight everything gets normal and love pours out again.

Time passes, both of you get to know each other, all about the family and friends.

You get to find out differences of each other, the dark side of your better half.

Another day you get angry because of those differences, she consoles you and again after a small fight everything turn out alright and get all lovey dovy

Through these small fights you accepts each other differences and fall for each other even more.

Living a beautiful memory, sitting next to each other, your hand is on her hip and her head is resting on your shoulder looking at sunset.

Both of you are getting used to each other, ignoring some differences and accepting other.

One day you gave her part of attention to another girl, although you didn’t do it intentionally, but it happened anyway.

She gets furious, and start firing all kind of accusations to you.

You block each of them, apologizes, console her, hug her, kiss her.

She gets calm after a lot of consoling, but you didn’t GIVE UP.

One unfortunate day, due to her mood swings she gets angry at you, you also get angry and a heated argument happen like never before and left her, but instantly regretted and realized what you have done.

You instantly go back to her seeking an apology.

But she has made her mind of leaving you, you cry, you beg for forgiveness. she denies all of it.

Even after all that, you DON’T GIVE UP, and after a long series of apologies and consoling, she forgives you.

You promise yourself not to do that ever again. You started to become a better person.

And again relationship gets on track with some small and some big fights.

Fights are the part of relationship, they are as equally important as the love couples exchange, the difficult part is where both parties DON’TGIVE UP.

Getting in a relationship is very easy and staying in it is equally hard. DON’T GIVE UP, find solutions to your problems, love each other, fight with each other , dance with each other, understand your better half and live a life together until the end of time.

Vision Bearer

Two interesting words here:
The letter T begins the first word but is last in the second word. The letter B begins the second word but is last in the first. Now I’m learning something interesting here. Often times we may have our own projects and would want to manage them the way we see fit and that’s just fine. Infact that’s how it’s supposed to be because we carry the vision and know first-hand how things must run. That’s where we appear as the letter T in the first word and the letter B in the second word.
However, we may be called upon by others to join in their projects because of our expertise and skill and because we are called upon, we may feel a sense of bossiness and thus, have the tendency to control affairs which in anyway isn’t the wisest thing to do because we are not the vision bearers. And this is where we appear as the letter B in the first word and the letter T in the second word. We are to offer our expertise and skill not by taking the front space but by following the vision bearer and making our inputs where necessary. Unless told otherwise by the vision bearer, we must give him/her the maximum respect by allowing them to make most of the major decisions and plans. When we do this, it becomes easy for people to work with us, making future recommendations to others by them easier.

Nana Kwame

MoveOn: “Sometimes, you have to let people go because they are toxic to you. Let them go because they take and take and leave you empty. Let them go because in the ocean of life, when all you’re trying to do is to stay afloat, they’re the anchor that’s drowning you.” 😥

“Don’t hold on because you think there will be no one else. There will always be someone else. You’ve got to believe you are worth more than repeatedly hurt by someone who doesn’t really care. Someone will see what you are really worth and treat you the way you should be treated”

Last Night of January

The last night of January is near
embrace me warmly,
This night is the music of departure,
embrace me warmly.

For an year there’ll be distance of separation,
We only have the loyalty of this night,
embrace me warmly.

Which will be remembered for all the year round,
This is that moment of night,
embrace me warmly.

Where would I search you in rest of the months,
This is the end of all the promises,
Embrace me warmly.



By: Len

Blown like a screaming mimi
Through choked echoey tubes
Shrieking and singing
With outlasting desire
Blown by the distended belly
Singing the avant garde song of sorrow
That aways in the wind
In all abandoned streetheads
Left to tumble to rocked apathy
Like some obilisk
Made by slaves who never wanted to be great
Speaking the truth not softly
And carrying one hell of a stick
Shrieking the sorrows and joys
From deep within the chest
Shooting soul vibrating great vibratto
Through concrete corridors
Unpainted in apathy


You don’t have to be okay.
That’s what she told me.
You don’t have to push me away.
Atleast let me in and let things be.
You don’t have to let the emotions in you sway.
Just close your eyes and beyond see.
You don’t have to watch the happiness in your soul just slip away.
No. Just try hum a song and it’ll slide back in.
All these things she said to me when I’d break.
And God knows how good and fulfilling it was.
Breaking and feeling the pain devour me was really great.
Trust me I’d give anything to always feel how it makes me does.
Sometimes like most times I really don’t want to feel okay or even fine.
I just wanna feel my emotions climax and shatter my existence.
Because my life is almost so blurred there’s even no clear line.
And it’s been too long since I felt okay in my experience.
The thing is it’s okay not to feel okay.
Bad things happen to people all the fuckin time so why not me!!!

©Maina Ann

It Was A Good Run

It was a good run.

I adored you, countless times that you didn’t know.
You were the what might have been.
I know you’re not hurting and maybe that’s good,
but I just hope you heal in the time to come
and love yourself.
And only yourself first.

This will be the last time I write to you,
but know that I’ll still stay by as a friend.

I hope you come to enjoy the warmth of the sun rays seeping through after each rain.

The Heart 💓

The heart
The heart wasn’t made to hurt, nor was it made to break
or be pushed to a limit far more than it could take
the heart wasn’t meant to weep for all the grief of the world
or be cut deeper every time by words that are cold
it was not meant to shiver at the fear of death
but be filled with the warmth of hope’s hearth
it was not meant to long for a rest like the dead
not meant to crave the coming of the end
a heart is not meant to love, nor is it for hate
it’s not to be mingled with words such as fate
the heart shouldn’t be pushed far more than it would take
cause a heart is for living not for you to break

A brief unforgettable night

A night that filled not the whole on my body but the whole in my heart
A brief incredible night of pleasure
The only witnesses were our shadows in the moonlight and the endlessly dripping shower

A time of openness
A time of honesty
I hid nothing from him
It was all me

The wave of thrill I was trapped in
Getting bigger with each passing heartbeat
The work of his hands
Handling me like I were an antique glass
His eyes were fierce, he looked at me like i was his prey
I was the prey he was the tiger
I took myself to his den,there to surrender
Surrender to his beauty
Surrender to his halo
Surrender to his grace
Surrender to his glory

With his effortless movements he captured my thoughts
I cld think of nothing but his presence
With his sensational touch he captured my heart
I cld feel nothing but the caress of his hands on every inch of my skin

His weight on top of me
Was smtg I cld Carry forever
It was a heavenly burden that made me whole
It crushed my doubts and uplifted my soul
His body completed mine
When he pushed to cross that red line
Every kiss he grants me reveals a whole another universe of passion
A universe
Where I declare my freedom and independence

The symphonic noises coming out from his mouth
Were like angels singing in the air
The heavy sighs and groans he let out in my ear
Flee off my fear
He did not yet fill the whole on my body
But he poured his love in the whole in my heart
He poured it in until it overflowed

His body was a work of art I witnessed once he uncovered
A grand masterpiece meant only for the royals
Him really lying there next to me was a side view I have never quite seen
Our bodies so close with only thin air in between
A feeling of privilege dawned upon me
He has finally made me his queen

A brief night of getting to know each other through unspoken words
A night of building the cords
And connections
Feeding my secret hunger for affection

The bittersweet end of this journey leaves me wondering where it may later lead
I might strike u as a good girl
But I do have my needs


Dancing down highways
To tumble twisted-neck
Down church asiles
Bare bunned to the bone
To skidaddle frantic like
In sprinting down the strip
And into beer bore stores
To buy wine for the dogs
Who you are your grateful court
For tall tales and small pomes
Told half drunk on cheap rum
Bought from german super markets
With half realized intent
Of getting wasted

We Can Do It

Imagine How we sleep
The petals relaxing and loosing the power of keeping the eyes open
These petals falls and then we loose ourselves
And little by little things fall in place after every wake
We remember what it is we have to do
We carry ourselves to the washrooms
Palm our faces with wet palms
The water dripping off our hands
Washing off yesterday from our mouth and skin
The mirror assures our safety
No one can see through this body
See, how the hands move across the skin
For the benediction of beauty
We put this body in a package and dash off from our Rooms
To wherever it is we have to go
Come back in the evening and these petals will still remember to close again even if we forget

Ernest Obimpeh


Among the vendors
of flowers and soft drinks,
I saw a child
with a hideous mouth,
and I knew the wound was made
for a way to stay alive.
What I gave him
wouldn’t keep a dog alive.
What he gave me
from the brown coin
of his sweating face
was a look of cunning.
I carry it
like a bead of acid
to remember how,
once in a while,
you can creep out of your own life
and become someone else–
an explosion
in that nest of wires
we call the imagination.
I will never see him
again, I suppose.
But what of this rag,
this shadow
flung like a boy’s body
into the walls
of my mind, bleeding
their sour taste–
insult and anger,
the great movers?

By Mary OliverIn Jakarta,

Attached to unrealistic thoughts My mind wonders on the lonely roads Looking for answers in every doors Walking even if the rain pours Searching for a dazzling light How beautiful is the star at night How compelling is the moons light Looking for something that would give me meaning Am lost on the roads all alone wandering.

Dear Younger Me

Dear Younger Me,
I know it’s been tough growing up in the slums(which our current teacher refers to as the “informal urban settlements”, he says that I shouldn’t call them slums because it sounds inhumane). Listen, I will never regret appreciating the fact that we’ve gone through it all; a forest of difficulties. I have to make it clear to you that life isn’t what wr hoped it would be, it’s like an all-seasons flower. It turns things around, towards whatever we hope for or against it. I have to inform you that you’re going to meet the better part of your future and that which you never wished for, the worst part. Frankly, I would really love to stop it from happening but you know what, it’s not possible.

I wish I could meet you, have some coffee and talk over the experiences we’ve had within different circles of life, but this would crush you and this is something I don’t wish for to happen. One thing though, never allow yourself to be written off by anyone,you ought to live the you that I’ve always known.

I’ve realized that you’ve had a problem with you opening up, look, I can’t turn that down, I know, people are different, i know you’re afraid of sharing whatever is itching you; I am terrified too, but I’ve got something to counter that, an idea that you’ll love, this, am sure of- we’ll write to infinity, we’ll embrace that fire that set our souls on fire, the fire that burns and releases words full of anger, joy, love and reality; opening up too should be to the right people.

Be kind too boy, I know you’ve tried your you got to give the best. See, it’s not been an easy one trying to show them that despite the fact your passion to help a friend get through a rough path in their life even though your situation may be worse, you still find something to do about it, besides, the souls that you’ve touched from the streets, rescue centers, homes, schoolsand hospitals. Like this passion. Please learn to embrace anything positive about yourself, this will surely outdo any negatives. You should also understand that you’re not perfect, ther

Remember you’ve never been afraid to be different or people’s judgments because they made you stronger. They’ve made you work harder to prove them wrong. You’ll always be unique and it’s more exhilarating to be unique out of the ordinary. You experience different things than others and that’s okay. It’s also okay not to be okay. I’m sure one day you’ll be on a couch with your pen spitting words on an innocent paper, writing a letter to the younger you that may have lived his life, but most importantly, love yourself unapologetically.

So,I’m leaving you with this write up for you to refer back to on days when you arent feeling so sure about your life, or need a quick pick-me-up. I’m looking forward to seeing where life will take us.

Stay awesome kid.

Hasta luego!

©Odhiambo Obonyo
The Dark Pen

The Royal Tree

There once lived a tree
In a kingdome by the sea
Among the riches of men
In a royal family
She was seeded by the king
Watered by his queen
She was a hire loom of theirs
That was so endearing to keep
But their children didn’t know this
They treated her all wrong
They carved their plots on her skin
With a blade that was sharp & strong
She kept shading their home
Amidst of her disdain
She thought that love was nothing
With no compassion or little pain
But as her shades grow bigger
Their fear of the dark got stronger
The king wouldn’t allow that
So he forgot all her pains and
Put a chainsaw through her heart

Stare Into My eyes

Stare into my eyes
See what I see and live in my dimensions lets us be one creation,
Lets turn the double table
Into a single table,
Let’s dis form one by one
And deform as one
Let’s us be divided and yet let’s us be one
Like the world is so divided but still one
And everything starts from one before growing
One is the end and the beginning
So let’s us depart but still be one.


My body is covered with paints of sorrow
My heart is stabbed with a paining
Arrow &
My inner was looking for a happiness to borrow
To reminisce how joy feels like
So that I could smile at pain with dislike
I guess I’ve Traveled to deep
With out remembering the road &
All of a sudden I was found abroad
With regrets so bored !

Her Smile

Her smile..

A smile that makes you smile.
It’s not a perfect smile.
But it’s a smile thats perfect for me.
A smile that makes me laugh.
A smile that makes me feel safe.
A smile that make me melt.
A smile that brings me joy
A smile that’s inviting.
A smile that makes you fall in love.
Her smile.
The only smile……

A Massive Revolution

A massive revolution took place,
Indeed change was inevitable and so it happened
The hierarchy flipped and the process changed
New ruler with new rules emerged,
The people started crying out happiness and
The land was brightened once again
It looked like a moment of peace
It looked like every broken pieces
Combined to form one piece
Once again our country seemed great
And our voice become significant
Once again we saw unity after generations of diversity
But still there are threats and there is an enemy
Who fights against our unity
As known for centuries destruction
follows us down our histories
Trying to break our spines so that we could break down but not die
So standing together is our only hope
We won’t let the enemy cut the rope.

Caught between what I wish and what I know

Dreaming I saw my self standing
At the gates of heaven praying
Woke I felt my soul struggling
And felt my life slipping
I stood in my mind wide awake
Trying to picture heaven and hell
Grasping some thoughts to tell
Wondering if heaven is a fairytale
And is earth living in hell doomed by Gods own spell
To be honest I’ve nothing to tell
But just sail
Gifted with a soul to sell.

Let Go

Now you are about to go
But I know I won’t let you go
Cause after all you’ve put a glow
In a breath that has been slow
And in a heart that has been low
I stopped drugs cause you make me high
All I see is you on the sky
You might relocate from our village but
The love I have for you will never age
We might not hold hands and kiss
But it’s just for a while
As time passes building us and breaking us we won’t remember the times we were apart
Cause our bond is timeless
It is unbreakable though unseeable
A love that’s almost impossible.

We All


We all have goals &
We all have dreams,
We all have a pictures in our minds
We all have histories on our behinds,
We all have Heroes to look up to
We all have figures to look down to,
We all have to grow to succeed
We all have to grow to be succeeded,
We all have different futures though
We are all the same creatures,
We are all humans
We are all thinking animals
We are all rulers
We are all slaves,
We are the beginnings and the ends
We are one as a whole
We are survivors with a soul.

You Got The Best Of Me

📓Are you replaceable ?
And am I capable of letting you go ?
To be honest I don’t know
But the only thing I know is that I’ve fallen for you,
I could feel my heartbeat elevating every time I see you
I could hear my emotions smiling every time I kiss you
I could feel my love bursting every minute I spend with you
Oooh honey what are you ?
Are you my soulmate and
Am I your innate ?
Can we live without each other
Could we survive without seeing one another
I get worried thinking about what losing you & loneliness feels like
Sometimes I can’t even sleep
Cause my thoughts are so steep….
You are all over my head
Because of the tears we’ve shad,
The laughters we’ve shared and the vows we’ve said About not leaving each other until we are dead.✒️

An illusion of extreme Beauty

My mind is yours and my heart too
You’ve manipulated all of my system
With poisons of love like a venom
Every emotions I throw you kill them
Walking on the wrong side of love
yes I’m a victim,
A victim who can’t sleep peacefully cause every time I close my eyes
all I see is you dancing around
laughing so loud
like there is a big crowd,
Yes I’m a victim
A victim trapped in an illusion of extreme beauty after all to feel lonely
A victim buried with an unimaginable pain that all he knows is rain
A victim who’s voiceless but shouts
On a paper with an ink
A victim that’s mad but can still


What’s So Great About A Flower?

What’s so great about a flower?
So many people talked about her
People think of her as a feminine
Is it because her beauty is like a medicine?
Is it because she shows our life is vulnerable?

What’s so good about a flower??
All the poets and Lorette’s wrote about her
Is it because she represents people through variety of colors??

What’s so great about flowers??
Their life span can’t even be compared to ours
They die young and beautiful does that makes us pitiful ,
Cause we barely see our self as
something useful?

Whats so great about flowers?
How calm they be a symbol of Love??
Is it because we destroy and devour love just like a flower??

What’s so great about you flower?
Tell me ,I just wanna know more

Blinded by Your laughter

The night comes and my body wants to slip
Into this motionless numbness you call sleep
As I settle into my nightmares and dreams
I become blinded by your laughter and screams
But only there can I join you and share your pain
In reality, I am a coward and that would be too insane
So I restlessly wait for the sun to go away
Stars and moons come out and now I lay.

Perfect Timing

I am amazed by your timing , not too early not too late
You’re punctual like punctuations in a life’s sentence
Sometimes you end with a comma dangling an idea,
Sometimes you add an apostrophe to show that I am yours
How I hate your full stops when I don’t know whether it is your last or you just fully stopped telling me your Story…

A star or A Scar?

First time I saw her I was so perplexed
I immensely observed every inch of her body
& there was nothing to omit
Her eyes are captivating I admit

First time I saw her I felt this constricting attraction
And wondered if it was just my imagination,
I remember how her face was gleaming

And how her laughter was pleasing,
My heart was smiling but my head stood solemnly
Telling me it’s better to stay lonely
After all she will leave you empty
You’ll hate love and humanity
It whispered,

But my heart was keen and my mind is bizarre & so
I went on looking for a star or a scar!


#I moaned from the tapping sunlight against my face
#My mind fuzzy, the last remnants of a dream being chased away
#It was a nice dream, something about realizing my dreams
#But I was faced with a choice
#Continue to sleep with my dreams or wakeup and chase my dreams
#As the blankets turn, with my decision of a little more sleep
#Not realizing how my dreams are being chased by my choice
#I stood up with a jolt, hitting my head, what have I done?
#My appointment is by 9 now its 8:45
#With lightening speed I dressed and prepared
#Running as fast as I could to catch the bus
#Thinking of an excuse to give the boss
#You see, We fail to realize that our lives are a reflection of the choices we make
#From the choice of shoes to your career choice in life
#You see choices has erected empires, built homes and made careers
#But it has also destroyed and taking away many lives
#Many listens to the voices around them
#Ignoring the voices within them
#I look back at my life, my friends and I
#Some fulfilled and some down in regret
#So brother, listen to me, sister hear my voice
#You can either sit in regret or stand up and make things right
#So you still have a choice
#Ignore the noises and follow your heart
#For there is no instinct like that of the heart
#Do not cripple your thoughts, dream big
#For success finds those who are prepared for it
#So I urge you to look within yourself, look within your heart
#Your talent is God’s gift to you,
What you do with it is your gift back to God
#So get up and go for that interview
#Save up and go to that music school
#Take a step and let God do the rest
#Be the change you want to see in yourself
#Make your choices and then your choices will make you.




You don’t feel the sun anymore
You have nothing to hold on
So as you look up it’s all grey
All your colors faded away
It’s been so long since you smiled
Since you felt peace on your mind
Darkness is all around you
Feeling the rain falling on you

But there’s a part of you that glows
Within the mystery in your eyes
There’s a smile in your sadness
That breaks through the madness

Nothing good is supposed to stay
So you turned around to hide away
Facing backwards you felt okay
And you chose to stay this way

But there’s a part of you that glows
Within the secret perfection of yours
There’s a smile in your sadness
That breaks through the madness

Right now you feel like dying
Like your heart stopped beating
And as it gets hard to breathe
Let the fire burn underneath

Cause there’s a part of you that glows
Within the lights of your darkness
There’s a smile in your sadness
That breaks through the madness

Unending Love

I choose to see the best in you
I choose to see the beauty you radiate
And how amazing you are
I choose to see the positive life you live
I embrace your kind heart.

I appreciate you for who you are
Your uniqueness and your care made me speechless
Your words keep my steps firm
Your sternness call me to carefulness
I choose to see good in your character

I am special because you made me
Your love is kind and patience
I stand dazzled of your openness
Still, you love me for who I am
No one can love me like this.

Gosh! Our Lifestyle.

Our Lifestyle
Fam the reality on the ground is our lifestyles are exams and God is marking them. It is easy to fool the crowd and create a perception in their minds that you’re “spiritual ” but you can’t fool God because He knows our deepest secrets and searches our deepest parts. Jesus said that there’s nothing hidden that won’t be revealed. How we live our lives will determine our pass or fail when we stand before God. If our lives are not as plain on the outside as they are on the inside and if there is no synchronisation between our outward lives and inward lives, it is time to do some thorough clean up and put things in order. When it’s all said and done, it is God we’re going to stand before and He’s the One who’ll be the sole Judge of our lives and so it’s to our own benefit that we live our lives solely for Him. On Saturday we bury my lil brother and it still seems like a dream but what happened to him can happen to anyone and the issue won’t be about friends and family weeping over their loss but whether you were prepared for eternal bliss. I wish us all Jesus and I pray we have a deeper understanding of Who He is and what His sacrifice on the cross really means so we in total surrender live our lives for Him. Shalom.


Love Does Look Pretty On You

Here we are a few years later,
On the same rooftop where we first met..
I lie down beside you
For the sake of old times,

With a hint of a smile
You say,
“The blanket of stars above us
Looks the same as it did
On the day when it stood witnessing our first kiss,
Remember how we danced after that kiss? Shoulder to shoulder,
A smile for a smile that night,”
Yes dear love,
Back then,
Love did look pretty on you..
You inch closer to me
And your arm brushes against mine
I release the breath
Which i’ve been holding,
And I catch you staring at the twinkling stars,
I catch a sparkling glint in your eye.
Is it for happiness or are they tears?
I just can’t tell.

You whisper a name
A name I forget as soon
as it is said
Your warm breath fogs
in the sudden chill of the night
we’re still in love, you say..

I continue looking at the stars with you
they wink in return at us..
Then I stand up and give you a hand
let’s dance again, I say
shoulder to shoulder,
a smile for a smile,
just for the sake of the old times.
Because till this night,
love does look pretty on you..

© Raghavendra Laxman