There is nothing less satisfactory experience than having to get what you were craving for. At first the idea plants it self on your mind or someone would put it in your head then after a while you start having thoughts trying to figure out what the the thought is and then the thought become […]


There is nothing less satisfactory experience than having to get what you were craving for. At first the idea plants it self on your mind or someone would put it in your head then after a while you start having thoughts trying to figure out what the the thought is and then the thought become […]

Fate isn’t the end, it’s the beginning of a falling faith.

I was taking a walk Wrestling with my thoughts She came to me like a song on a shuffle her walk was so elegant and so humble I didn’t get to see her face I didn’t need to see it somehow My mind just thought of her like my future somehow Mysterious Unknown My future […]

Write about me

She asked me to write a poem about her “write about me, I wanna see what you see in me” she said I told her I won’t!!! Cause I knew then if my mind keeps pondering about her it will crush But still it didn’t stopped it from Wondering So I told her again I […]

Dream Big As you never know when it could come True.

They always tell me to dream dream big, have a plan , have a vision they still tell me to dream “they might come true” and that’s what I am scared of What if they do!!?? I have dreams, I have visions Huge ones But they are scary!!! Scary as the thoughts of an indoor […]

Love is like Cocaine 😂

Besotted men and women crave emotional and physical union with their beloved. This craving is a central component of all addictions. Lovers also feel a rush of exhilaration when thinking about him or her, a form of “intoxication.” As their obsession builds, the lover seeks to interact with the beloved more and more, known in […]

Screaming Soul

I can’t promise you love I don’t know what that is. But what I can promise is, I promise to keep the smile on your lips Drawn all the way back to your cheeks. I promise to keep your pillow dry And no tear storms in your eye. I promise to take you out And […]

Joyous Encounter

In a place of deep thoughts, one day, i got recognized I didn’t know i was recognized until I was welcomed, Welcomed with friendliness, openness and overflowed with warmness Those kind gestures taught me rather enormous things which i shall hold within me forever As they are too meaningful to ignore and Too couraging to […]

Trust Me With Your Heart❤️

Why does your heart grow doubtful dear? Tense and beating, full of fear. I keep with me your everlasting love, and bless the day God sent you from above. You remain my angel and I feel that I must, tell you that within you, you have my trust. My love is the tide, your soul […]

My note to you💛

When everything start falling apart, I wish you peace. I wish you happiness even when everyone around you is drowning in grief. I wish you never have to search for love in places that always remind you of pain I wish your heart never breaks cuz nothin is heavier than the peace of a broken […]

Letter from Ex-girlfriend.

Nothing is perfect about what we’ve got…nothing really. We weren’t supposed to even know each other but we did. I was like the one girl you shouldn’t talk to but coincidences took over and you were mine. I think I loved you like no one has and you eventually got tired? I don’t know but […]

A Brave and Startling Truth

By Maya Angelou We, this people, on a small and lonely planet Traveling through casual space Past aloof stars, across the way of indifferent suns To a destination where all signs tell us It is possible and imperative that we learn A brave and startling truth And when we come to it To the day […]

Coz that’s why I love you

I don’t really understand you Maybe that’s why I like you Or liked you Or will like you All I feel is how am gonna get passed tense moments like the one we gonna have on the next week or before How am I gonna get you to understand me, when we live on a […]

A new Chapter, A new Year

As another chapter is closed As another page is turned to make the present past The present that will lead to a future that is never constant A constant that is evaporating Evaporating with all the obstacles, war and journey of the passing chapter And so I pick up the remains of the ending chapter […]

I hide my tears when I say your name, but the pain in my ❤️ heart is still the same. Although I Smile and Seem Carefree, There is no one Who misses you more than ME!


On Valentine’s Day This Valentine’s Day I got nothing much to give you I don’t have much money I got no gifts or roses to offer but on this day, I want to offer you something, something I’ve never given any other girl, something sacred, this something is very delicate, it is unique on its […]

Once in a Blue moon

Once in a blue moon, every thousand year Fate intervenes and help comes near The stars align; the gods permit The stories add up; the pieces fit The worlds converge; the signs agree The universe stops and it’s just u and me Once in a blue moon for single moment For a fractions of second, […]

LOVE is a sign of heaven

By mehrimehraban Love İs A Sign Of Heaven Like a seed in frozen season, Waits eagerly to grow up. Love knocks your locked heart seldom Dare, Open door, never mind wisdom. taste the emotional part of life. Eternal message of cooing dove: ‘A wise heart can’t stand in love’ Wisdom is frozen hearts leader. Wisdom […]


Me? Contradiction. I am different, I am the same as everyone else. Feeble whilst invincible, exquisite though hideous, vibrant yet listless. How could that be? Believe me I’d love to know. Soulful although villainous, sagacious but idiotic, squalid and pure. More and more and also a bit more… Sincere and misleading. Rebellious and hopeless. Tender […]

All for the Love

One night a girl and a boy were sitting in a parked car, in complete silence. Both of them stayed quiet for a while, until the girl gave him a piece of paper, but before the boy decided to read it what was on it, he told the girl that he was going to leave […]

Random Thoughts

It was mockery and a hint of weirdness that ringed in my ear when she said, “Talking doesn’t always help, because people sympathise with you at first.” “What do you mean at first?” That weird tone again, sounded like she has a total faith in distrust, she replied, “Yeah, eventually they get bored and sick […]

You took time every night to write me love letters And you used to whisper in my ear Nobody does it better

You took time every night to write me love letters And you used to whisper in my ear Nobody does it better

People were created to be loved, and things were created to be used. The reason why the world is messed up is because things are being loved and people are being used. 🖤

People were created to be loved, and things were created to be used. The reason why the world is messed up is because things are being loved and people are being used. 🖤

Sometimes we all need someone that we seek help from Life is hard to go through alone without anyone to give you a hand and give some advice We all can look back at someone in our lives that were there for us when we needed them the most When we needed someone to listen to us and help guide us We are truly not alone.

Mother knows best

I try not to cry After all only the weak shed a tear I never wondered why Because why would I doubt mommy dear “Mother knows best” Isn’t that what they say? Mommy said don’t be scared So I try to keep my fears at bay And I try to keep my ghosts away Because […]

Valentines 😍❤️

Valentines is almost here To some it means a lot To me And the rest Of who support me It means just another day A day when the sunburns are pealing off A day to hustle a little harder A day like today Thursday Boring yet must survive Painful yet so sweet Let’s wait for […]

Hope and Despair

All I’m asking for is forgiveness All I’m praying for is happiness All I’m feeling is loneliness Why was I brought to earth To live with Adams curse ? Thrown to this filthy world To Slowly learn word by word Of what has occurred, So while I Grew up I realized how I can be […]

How do you find out if you are emotionally mature or not?

How do you find out if you are emotionally mature or not? Praneet Kedari, Emotional Support Human at Human Behavior (2000-present) Updated Fri If you are emotionally mature then I believe you satisfy the following: In times of elation you enjoy the moment, but don’t think the good times will last forever and instead keep […]

Destiny or fate

On my journey of life , I never knew my destination I go along with my imagination It takes me fast forward ,so all I see is a blurry vision All my actions delivered by unwise decision But every decision I make becomes my path Sometimes it would be the sideways Which leaves me wonder […]

Am Done watching you suffer trying to Love me.

Have you ever faked a smile Have you ever been so sad To a point you couldn’t even cry? Have you ever spent a sleepless night where your mind wonders off till the morning light Have you ever felt so lonely even the thought of having company gives you goose bumps? Welcome to my life! […]

What is the brutal truth about relationships?

In this digital age, when people encounter any breakup, what do they do first? Block. Delete all pictures. Avoid places and friends, where they used to hang out usually. Throw their gifts. And many other activities to forget their past. Brutal Truth: You cannot forget your past, where you were involved mentally, emotionally and physically. […]

Type you Could Love Someday❤️

Don’t judge me of my imagination Don’t be fond of them too Of my mer fantasies Of my desire to be by his side To enjoy his warm, calm hugs His notice and way he cares Cherish to listen His cracking jokes Of me acting gussy Like quivering blob of jelly Of my know all […]


It’s funny how beauty comes out of separation! like when our ear is pierced, separating an intact flesh, the wound drying up with what pierced it, in it. I don’t know what it is maybe It’s in the way that time heals all wounds, Or maybe It’s in the way our irked flesh can learn […]


When The mutable grace of our world becomes my ultimate path of survival; when every atom,every molecule,every blood bids to stand firm posing change; when beliefs propel from here and there with every pump in my heart; i chose to move and stay still however ambiguous that sounds. My thoughts are weekday fatigues,abridged arrays of […]


Forbidden On the pure lands of intellect A forbidden seed lies with all its allure Irresistible in its demure To mankind’s primitive ardour Lo! But it is a harmless seed he says Powerless against my valiant self I will do and undo it if all else fails And so with a swoop he plants his […]

The Moon Is a Kite

By Andrea Gibson;______________________________From the other end of the phone line my little sister says “Andrea, poppy flowers are beautiful in the right light.” I say: Laura, you’re right. And land mines look like toys to children until their limbs explode. And their families find their bodies in ditches on the side of the road. Our […]


Sweet good morning texts. Always looked forward to the next. But. Oh! She hated morning sex. Said she hated moaning in the morning. Yet she always kept me longing. Like a dog on a short leash strolling. Counted steps on my move. Had nowhere to run to. No one else to call boo. Stuck to […]

What is the dark side of falling in love?

Tanu Sharma, PhD Scholar at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (2018-present) Updated Dec 14, 2017 2.5 years ago A text message from him He: I love you so much…l love you that much that I wanna marry you… It was unexpected for her. She just ignored the message thinking that it might be a prank. […]

You Deserve

You deserve to see all the world You deserve to laugh out loud You deserve to get soaked in the rain You deserve to hug people you love You deserve to love and not be judged You deserve all the Christmas vibes You deserve all benjamins for clothes You deserve being pretty everyday You deserve […]

Does love always hurt?

Does love always hurt? Adarsh Gupta, A Sensible Writer Answered 23h ago You guys fell in love with each other. You be in a relationship for few years. Hugs, kisses, sexting and missing texts, everything was spot on in your relationship. Cute and small fights also exist between you two which further increase your love. […]

Why do you think most relationships fail?

Why do you think most relationships fail? Anonymous Answered Jan 29 You met a girl. Both of you started talking. A lot of talking. On whatsapp, insta, snapchat, almost everywhere. Both of you realized you have fallen for each other. You confess your love to her and she says yes, there starts a new exciting […]

Vision Bearer

ANALOGY Two interesting words here: TAB BAT The letter T begins the first word but is last in the second word. The letter B begins the second word but is last in the first. Now I’m learning something interesting here. Often times we may have our own projects and would want to manage them the […]

MoveOn: “Sometimes, you have to let people go because they are toxic to you. Let them go because they take and take and leave you empty. Let them go because in the ocean of life, when all you’re trying to do is to stay afloat, they’re the anchor that’s drowning you.” 😥

“Don’t hold on because you think there will be no one else. There will always be someone else. You’ve got to believe you are worth more than repeatedly hurt by someone who doesn’t really care. Someone will see what you are really worth and treat you the way you should be treated”


By: Len Blown like a screaming mimi Through choked echoey tubes Shrieking and singing With outlasting desire Blown by the distended belly Singing the avant garde song of sorrow That aways in the wind In all abandoned streetheads Left to tumble to rocked apathy Like some obilisk Made by slaves who never wanted to be […]

Attached to unrealistic thoughts My mind wonders on the lonely roads Looking for answers in every doors Walking even if the rain pours Searching for a dazzling light How beautiful is the star at night How compelling is the moons light Looking for something that would give me meaning Am lost on the roads all alone wandering.

Dear Younger Me

Dear Younger Me, I know it’s been tough growing up in the slums(which our current teacher refers to as the “informal urban settlements”, he says that I shouldn’t call them slums because it sounds inhumane). Listen, I will never regret appreciating the fact that we’ve gone through it all; a forest of difficulties. I have […]

Girls don’t compliment guys because they’re likely to take it non-platonically, guys take it non-platonically because it happens so infrequently they don’t know how to handle it.

Platonic (intimate but non sexual)

Stare Into My eyes

Stare into my eyes See what I see and live in my dimensions lets us be one creation, Lets turn the double table Into a single table, Let’s dis form one by one And deform as one Let’s us be divided and yet let’s us be one Like the world is so divided but still […]

Her Smile

Her smile.. A smile that makes you smile. It’s not a perfect smile. But it’s a smile thats perfect for me. A smile that makes me laugh. A smile that makes me feel safe. A smile that make me melt. A smile that brings me joy A smile that’s inviting. A smile that makes you […]

A Massive Revolution

A massive revolution took place, Indeed change was inevitable and so it happened The hierarchy flipped and the process changed New ruler with new rules emerged, The people started crying out happiness and The land was brightened once again It looked like a moment of peace It looked like every broken pieces Combined to form […]

Caught between what I wish and what I know

Dreaming I saw my self standing At the gates of heaven praying Woke I felt my soul struggling And felt my life slipping I stood in my mind wide awake Trying to picture heaven and hell Grasping some thoughts to tell Wondering if heaven is a fairytale And is earth living in hell doomed by […]

View your life with kindsight. Stop beating yourself up about things from the past. Instead of slapping your forehead and asking, ‘What was I thinking?’ breathe and ask yourself the kinder question, ‘What was I learning?’

Does porn up men’s game?

Internet influence is an act that both males and females undergoes through. A few weeks ago, a classmate of mine came to me asking why guys like watching porn. I didn’t think about it that much at that particular pointing in time until yesterday. I deeply thought about it and how it influences guys perception […]

5 productive female habits that guys should learn 🎓

Ever wondered why most females lead lives beyond their means? Well, most of you will attach that to the existence of sponsors (older money donors for the selfish motive of misusing girls) but well that’s just like 20% of the girls. What about the other 80%? Well;here are the secrets the other 80% of the […]

We Both Have Feminine and Masculine Energy.

I was raised up with a believe that man should always be tough. A man was not suppose to show any kind of weakness. A man was suppose to enjoy the pain. In my teenage years, the role shifted from my community to the media. The media taught me a lot of the expectation of […]

Who knows..

Flash of a kiss has never crossed my mind.But the warmness and smoothness of her strawberry lips can’t escape my imagination. Good is always kept for last.But who knows? We’ve only had a heartwarming, partial hug.Happiness better than a mother’s sight of her new born baby filled my heart. I feel a feeling of miss […]


Curly hair they were  My concious still deep sea water. In the rose floral garden  Beautiful white doves flying over us. Was it a premonition.  Wild fancy moves yesternight  Breathtaking match towards my table  That’s love’s to answer.  Thought rose will never flourish  Suppleness of its petals  It’s brightness attracts the eye. One of the […]