This is for you!

To everyone who had a bad day, bad week, bad month! This one is for you.

I know you’re worried about your career which seems unstable and in miseries,
I know your life is falling apart and now it has taken over your happiness,
The one’s who said ‘I’ll be there for you always’ have left you alone,
The person you loved the most is busy loving someone else,
The person who cared for you yesterday doesn’t even care if you exist,
And you still believe that everyone is still the same but they have changed,
You were worried about your life 10 years ago, and see where have you come now. –
Around you, everything is still the same. The sun still rise in the East and sets in West. You’re still surrounded with the same bunch of crazy people, cancelled plans, pending assignments, unopened messages. People come and go, you have no control over it. The things that excited you yesterday, no more attracts you. The person you were yesterday was worried about the person that you’re now and it goes on and on. –
We panic how the things have been, we get carried away. We prefer to fake our smile rather than telling friends directly that we are not depressed, or glorifying our sadness, we’re just tried. That we want to stay alone for sometime. This is the fault in our generation which prefer ‘Fake’ over ‘Truth’. We don’t “talk and solve” but we “fake and laugh”. –
I hope the coming days fills your heart with happiness and positivity. I hope it reminds you that you’re not alone in this world, there are people around you who loves you, in fact all of does. –
You don’t need to get things sorted out everytime. You don’t really need to know what will happen next in your life. Life is uncertain. Everything will happen eventually and you’ll definitely get what you deserve. –
All of us have problems, and all of us are together. Let’s forget what has been troubling us and live this moment. We don’t need to worry about the things that will happen after 10 years, let’s focus on now and make it best. –
I hope all your pain get healed and smiles never takes off of your face.
Inked by Yogesh Gautam.




“When…the storm continued raging, we finally gave up all hope of being saved.” Ac 27:20 NIV

There are times in life when God seems distant. We pray but feel abandoned, at the mercy of our circumstances, afraid and hopeless. Paul was no different. He’d longed for an opportunity to preach in Rome and was on his way there when a hurricane struck his ship, plunging everyone into despair. Paul had not only foreseen the loss of the vessel, its crew and cargo, but his “own [life] also” (See v. 10 NIV). And his warning was disregarded by the captain, the pilot, and the centurion in charge of him. Consequently Paul and 276 fellow passengers were placed in a life-threatening crisis, and there was nothing he could do about it. Terrified, he and his companions declared, “We finally gave up all hope of being saved!” After fourteen days at sea without sun or stars to guide them, and just when the hurricane was fiercest, God sent an angel to Paul. “Do not be afraid, Paul. You must stand trial before Caesar; and God has graciously given you the lives of all who sail with you” (v. 24 NIV). They were cold, soaked, and hungry when their ship finally ran aground on an island south of Italy. Every circumstance pointed to tragedy and the demise of Paul’s dream of preaching in Rome. However, when the sun rose on the island of Malta next morning, it became clear that God had piloted them through the storm to the exact destination He had planned for them. And Paul ended up declaring God’s Word before Caesar in Rome. So take courage—you’ll get through this storm!



“Trust in the Lord and live right!” Ps 37:3 CEV

The media bombards us with stories of evildoers like pedophiles who prey on children or unscrupulous financiers taking advantage of the elderly. And just when you think it can’t get worse, it does! What should you do if you encounter an evildoer? (1) Call the authorities and pursue earthly justice to the fullest. (2) Pray for them. Jesus said, “Pray for them which despitefully use you” (Lk 6:28). (3) Make up your mind not to become like them. (4) Realize that one day God will right every wrong. (5) Keep your peace and stay focused on God. “Don’t be annoyed by anyone who does wrong, and don’t envy them. They will soon disappear like grass without rain. Trust in the Lord and live right! The land will be yours, and you will be safe. Do what the Lord wants, and he will give you your heart’s desire. Let the Lord lead you and trust him to help. Then it will be as clear as the noonday sun that you were right. Be patient and trust the Lord. Don’t let it bother you when all goes well for those who do sinful things. Don’t be angry or furious. Anger can lead to sin…The wicked will lose all of their power, but the Lord gives strength to everyone who is good. Those who obey the Lord are daily in his care, and what he has given them will be theirs forever. They won’t be in trouble when times are bad, and they will have plenty when food is scarce…If you do what the Lord wants, he will make certain each step you take is sure. The Lord will hold your hand, and if you stumble, you still won’t fall” (Ps 37:1-8, 18-19, 23-24 CEV).

It’s time to become mature

‘We must try to become mature.’ Hebrews 6:1 CEV

Paul writes: ‘Now may the God of peace make you holy in every way, and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless until our Lord Jesus Christ comes again. God will make this happen, for He who calls you is faithful.’ (1 Thessalonians 5:23–24 NLT) Are you growing into spiritual maturity?

Before you answer, read these words from Ann Landers: ‘Maturity is the ability to control your anger and settle your differences without violence or resentment. Maturity is patience; it’s the willingness to pass up short-term pleasure for long-term gain. It’s the ability to “sweat it out” in spite of heavy opposition or discouraging setbacks. It’s the capacity to face unpleasantness and frustration without complaining or collapsing. Maturity is humility. It’s being big enough to say, “I was wrong,” and when you are right, never needing to say, “I told you so.” Maturity is the ability to make a decision and follow through with it instead of exploring endless possibilities and doing nothing about any of them. Maturity means dependability, keeping your word, and coming through in a crisis. The immature are masters of alibi; they’re the confused and the disorganised. Their lives are a maze of broken promises, former friends, unfinished business, and good intentions. Maturity is the art of being at peace with what you can’t change, having the courage to change what you can, and the wisdom to know the difference.’

The Bible says, ‘We must try to become mature and start thinking about more than just the basic things we were taught.’ So the word for you today is: it’s time to become mature.

Random thoughts 💭

Think of human development as a long journey. At the beginning, we live at the mercy of nature. Dependent on its bounty, we pray for rains and freedom from natural disasters and plagues. At the end of the journey, nature lives at our mercy. We use science and technology to release new wealth and remake the planet. Today, as humans implant themselves with microchips, install artificial organs and plan Mars colonies, we even aim for a ‘singularity’ that will lift us out of nature once and for all.

Being There in the Crisis

“You’re called to give aid to people in distress.” Ro 12:8 MSG

You say, “It’s not my responsibility. I’m not getting involved!” Psychologists call this “compassionate disengagement,” the tendency to avoid helping someone in trouble. Whether your motivation is inconvenience, self-protection, or indifference, it’s wrong. “Being there” is how you demonstrate your love for God and your neighbor. And helping requires recognizing three kinds of crises: (1) Accidental or situational crises. These involve things like sudden threats to our well-being, disruptive events, unexpected losses, the discovery of a serious illness, the death of a loved one, a family breakdown, the loss of livelihood or security. Job experienced all these events together and wondered why God allowed so many bad things to happen to him. (2) Developmental crises. These occur in the course of everyday life. Moving houses, going away to college, adjusting to marriage, parenting, retirement, aging, declining health, and the loss of friends. Abraham and Sarah moved many times. They also endured years of childlessness and family stress, including the challenge of sacrificing Isaac. (3) Existential crises. These are when we face disturbing truths about ourselves. We may see ourselves as failures, grapple with being divorced or widowed, learn that our illness is incurable, experience rejection because of our race, class, age, or gender, or realize we may be getting too old to fulfill our life goals. True “helpers” understand, get involved, and encourage. They keep their eyes open, and are quick to “give aid to people in distress.”

Use the “Praise Strategy”

Use the “Praise Strategy”

“Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand.” Ps 149:6 NKJV

The Christian life is a battlefield with an enemy who’s out to defeat us every day. But God has given us strategies for winning, and praise is one of them. When Israel’s army went into battle, the tribe of Judah led the way. The name “Judah” means “praise the Lord.” So when you go into battle, go with “the high praises of God” in your mouth and He will go before you. This is the “praise strategy” that toppled the walls of Jericho for Joshua, and caused Jehoshaphat’s enemies to destroy one other before the battle even began (See 2Ch 20). It’s a decision to praise God when you face a situation you can’t handle; to focus on Him instead of on your problem. You may not feel worthy—but He is! You may not feel able—but He is! Remind God of His promises. Nothing moves Him like the sight of His children praising His name and claiming His promises in the face of adversity. Jesus said, “You will have complete and free access to God’s kingdom, keys to open any and every door” (Mt 16:19 MSG). Praise invites God to intervene, so use it. And find somebody to join you in praise (See Mt 18:19). Multiply your impact before the throne of God. The Bible says, “At midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God…And suddenly…all the doors were opened” (Ac 16:25-26). So, the word for you today is—use the “praise strategy!”

Write about me

She asked me to write a poem about her
“write about me, I wanna see what you see in me” she said
I told her I won’t!!!
Cause I knew then if my mind keeps pondering about her it will crush
But still it didn’t stopped it from Wondering
So I told her again I won’t write about her
She asked me time to time “when are you gonna write about me?
I want to be in your poem”
She didn’t understand that the poems I write about are not real She couldn’t understood that I wanted her to stay real
She said to me again ” write a poem about me”
I started to write poems about her
I wrote how the days can’t pass without her
I wrote what ever I wanted to tell her
I wrote one, two, three and more…
I couldn’t stop it anymore
I kinda lost control
that’s when I started to lose her
Just like I thought, my poems took her away from my reality
My words drove her to a distant that I couldn’t reach
My poems build the walls that no-one could ever breach
My poems wrecks the pathways that leads to my bridge
the bridges to my peace
even though I write them in rage, my poems are the only thing that keeps me at ease
So here is another poem for you
from a place so far which I don’t know where it is



“What happens when we live God’s way?” Gal 5:22 MSG

Paul writes, “What happens when we live God’s way?…[We gain] a sense of compassion…[and] we find ourselves…not needing to force our way in life” (vv. 22-23 MSG). Let’s think about these two Christlike qualities: (1) You become more compassionate. You stop seeing people as objects that need to be straightened out, or avoided, or used for your own benefit. When Jesus looked at people, “he was moved with compassion” (Mt 9:36). When that happens, two wonderful things occur. First, you conquer selfishness and become concerned with somebody other than yourself. Second, you develop a sense of gratitude for blessings you may have taken for granted. In other words, compassion expands your field of vision beyond “us-four-and-no-more” to those you’ve been too busy to notice. (2) You no longer need “to force [your] way in life.” You stop seeing people who have gentle, loving spirits as “wimps” who never achieve much. Paul wrote, “We behaved gently…among you” (1Th 2:7 AMPC). And Paul was no wimp! Sometimes the reason we’re so driven is we fear that if we become more gentle and loving, we might stop getting ahead and fall behind in the race. That kind of fearful, frantic thinking drains the creativity out of your life—not to mention the joy. And any success you enjoy is in spite of your stress, not because of it. Look at Jesus. He wasn’t in a hurry, He seldom raised His voice, He took time for children, He loved people and lifted them. And the Bible says, “This is the kind of life you’ve been invited into” (1Pe 2:21 MSG). It’s what’s known as living “God’s way.”


“For you are all one in Christ.” Gal 3:28 NLT

If you limit yourself only to people who think exactly like you, you’ll never grow personally or accomplish what God has in mind for you. You need people who have 20/20 vision where you have blind spots. The way to offset your weak areas is by being able to work with people who are strong in those areas. Instead of looking for those who conform to your opinions, you need someone who loves you enough to challenge your opinions from time to time. Why? Because you still have a lot of learning and growing to do! Think of the people Jesus picked. Luke was a doctor, and Peter and John were fishermen. If you prided yourself on your image, which would you have picked? But Jesus needed them all to accomplish His mission. He knew we need people who complement us, not duplicate us. It is estimated that even if you had the genius of Einstein, you’d still know less than one percent of all there is to know. And if you were mega-talented, you’d only be able to achieve less than one percent of what can be achieved. Yes, we need harmony. But there’s a difference between harmony which is derived from two or more distinctly different notes that blend together, and unison, the same note made at the same time. Harmony is far more appealing to the ear than unison. So your relationships should be harmonious without being in unison. Think about it: You are uniquely different from anyone else. So if you want others to love and accept you, start loving and accepting them. The greatest wisdom is found in diversity, not conformity.

Dream Big As you never know when it could come True.

They always tell me to dream
dream big, have a plan ,
have a vision
they still tell me to dream “they might come true”
and that’s what I am scared of
What if they do!!??
I have dreams, I have visions
Huge ones
But they are scary!!!
Scary as the thoughts of an indoor mind
What if they come true!!!!
I can’t let my dreams and my visions be real, I have to hide them, keep them locked away just to be sure
If they came out , everything will be left to ruins
they will hurt people , they know how to be cruel
Only a fool adds fuel to a fire to stop the flame
Only a sick adds alcohol to stop the pain
So let me keep my dreams away
to keep you safe from their destructive Waves.


I try and maintain that we are all kind of self-absorbed. And we’re hungry to feel validated, and we definitely feel validated by people who are like us, who kind of mirror our values and our ideas—they kind of give us that sort of narcissistic thrill that we are okay, that there are other people like this out in the world. It is what drives people to identify with some narrow group. The narrower the better. It’s a little hard to identify with a group of 500,000—it’s kind of abstract.

So there’s this ugly aspect of human nature that forces us to become more and more tribal. And it’s so insanely irrational. When I was working on the book, this is what I was trying to come to terms with—we are all stemmed from the same small group of homo sapiens from Africa, some hundreds of thousands of years, millions of years ago. We are all essentially the same. We all evolved. There’s no real sense of what it means to be white. The whole notion of white as a race is completely debunked scientifically. We are a mix of so many different races, and there’s no one who’s ever a pure race. We all come from the same roots.

Love is like Cocaine 😂

Besotted men and women crave emotional and physical union with their beloved. This craving is a central component of all addictions. Lovers also feel a rush of exhilaration when thinking about him or her, a form of “intoxication.” As their obsession builds, the lover seeks to interact with the beloved more and more, known in addiction literature as “intensification.” They also think obsessively about their beloved, a form of intrusive thinking fundamental to drug dependence. Lovers also distort reality, change their priorities and daily habits to accommodate the beloved, and often do inappropriate, dangerous, or extreme things to remain in contact with or impress this special other.

Even one’s personality can change, known as “affect disturbance.” Indeed, many smitten humans are willing to sacrifice for their sweetheart, even die for him or her. And like addicts who suffer when they can’t get their drug, the lover suffers when apart from the beloved — “separation anxiety.”

Trouble really starts, however, when a lover is rejected. Most abandoned men and women experience the common signs of drug withdrawal, including protest, crying spells, lethargy, anxiety, sleep disturbances (sleeping way too much or way too little), loss of appetite or binge eating, irritability, and chronic loneliness.

Lovers also relapse the way addicts do. Long after the relationship is over, events, people, places, songs, or other external cues associated with the abandoning partner can trigger memories. This sparks a new round of craving, intrusive thinking, compulsive calling, writing, or showing up — all in hopes of rekindling the romance. Because romantic love is regularly associated with a suite of traits linked with all addictions, several psychologists have come to believe that romantic love can potentially become an addiction.

If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it,” Einstein reportedly said. Few academics and laymen regard romantic love as an addiction — because they believe that all addictions are pathological and harmful. Data do not support this notion, however. When neuroscientists Andreas Bartels and Semir Zeki compared the brains of happily-in-love participants with the brains of euphoric addicts who had just injected cocaine or opioids, many of the same regions in the brain’s reward system became active.

Many professionals define addiction as a pathological, problematic disorder. And because romantic love is a positive experience under many circumstances (i.e. not harmful), researchers remain largely unwilling to officially categorize romantic love as an addiction. But love addiction is just as real as any other addiction, in terms of its behavior patterns and brain mechanisms. Even when romantic love isn’t harmful, it is associated with intense craving and anxiety and can impel the lover to believe, say, and do dangerous and inappropriate things. Moreover, all forms of substance abuse, including alcohol, opioids, cocaine, amphetamines, cannabis, and tobacco (as well as the non-substance addictions to food, gambling, and sex) activate several of the same reward pathways that are activated among men and women who are happily in love, as well as those rejected in love.

Dear God, Please Don’t Let Me Get Attached To What’s Not Mine 

Dear God,

Please don’t let me get attached to what’s not meant for me anymore. Don’t let me get attached to something or someone that you plan on taking away from me.
I know your plan is unknown but until you reveal it to me, please make it easier. Don’t let me hold on to what I need to let go of. Don’t let me fight for what I need to release. Do not let me desire what will eventually destroy me. Do not let me love those who will break my heart.

Because I get attached easily and I hold on to things tightly, so please don’t let my mind want things that I can’t handle, don’t let my mind trick me into wanting things I don’t need or things that are not good for me. Please don’t let my heart miss people who don’t miss me.

Don’t let my heart long for the ones who left. Don’t let my heart fall in love with someone who doesn’t want to stay.
Please don’t let me get attached to the things that keep me up at night, to people who leave me wondering and to places I’m not meant to live in. Bring me closer to what’s meant for me, let me hold on to those who are meant to stay.

But let me forget about the things that were never meant to be, give me the faith I need to believe that I’m better off without them. Give me the wisdom I need to realize that I deserve so much better and that I’ll be happier somewhere else with somebody else.

Or just give me tolerance I need right now to be okay with not getting the things I want, with not loving the ones I wanted to love and give me the patience I need to wait for your blessings and wait for your gifts.

But for now, please don’t let me get attached to what’s wrong for me. Don’t let me invest so much in things or people I’m bound to lose. Don’t let me want what’s not mine. Don’t let me build a future around what’s temporary.

Screaming Soul

I can’t promise you love
I don’t know what that is.
But what I can promise is,

I promise to keep the smile on your lips
Drawn all the way back to your cheeks.
I promise to keep your pillow dry
And no tear storms in your eye.
I promise to take you out
And make you dance in the sun like you ought.
I promise to chase you in the rain
And have fun like a little pretty babe.
I promise to shield pain from you
And knock back the sorrow bearing ewe.
I promise to hold your hand all through
And be your guide in the darkest alley.
I promise to put meals on your table
And not hard truths for you to swallow.

Come to think of it,
I just promised you love.🌹

Take Time to Reflect (3)

“Oh…that they would consider their latter end!” Dt 32:29 NKJV

If your goal is personal growth, then you must make time for reflective thinking. So: (1) Remove yourself from distractions. Reflection and distraction don’t mix. Reflection requires solitude. It’s not the kind of thing you can do well near a television, while the phone’s ringing, or with children in the same room. You say, “But I don’t have time to spend in reflection.” We all have 168 hours each week. If you spend just one of them reflecting, you’ll be amazed how your life will be enriched. (2) Regularly review your calendar or journal. Most people use their calendar as a planning tool, which it is. But few use it as a reflective thinking tool. What could be better, however, for helping you to review where you have been and what you have done—except maybe a journal? Those two things remind you of how you’ve spent your time. They show whether your activities match your priorities. They help you to see whether you are making progress. They also offer you an opportunity to recall activities you might not have had time to reflect on previously. Some of your most valuable thoughts may have been lost because you didn’t give yourself the reflection time you needed. (3) Ask the right questions. The Bible says, “Oh, that they were wise…that they would consider their latter end!” Ask yourself, “Am I growing personally and in my walk with God? Am I strengthening my relationships with the people who matter in my life? Am I using the gifts and sharpening the skills God has given me?” Reflecting on such questions can change your life for the better.

Take Time to Reflect (2)

“In the day of adversity consider.” Ecc 7:14 NKJV

The digital age has great advantages. Through emails, texts, and tweets we can communicate quickly. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t cultivate in us a desire to think about things deeply. You can’t microwave personal growth; it requires a crockpot. The Bible says, “In the day of prosperity be joyful, but in the day of adversity consider: surely God has appointed the one as well as the other.” By taking time to reflect: (1) You gain confidence in decision making. Ever made a snap decision and later wondered if you did the right thing? Reflective thinking can help to defuse that doubt. It also gives you confidence for the next decision. Once you’ve reflected on an issue, you don’t have to repeat every step of the thinking process when you’re faced with it again. You’ve got mental road markers from having been there before. (2) You clarify the big picture. Reflective thinking encourages us to go back and spend time pondering what we have done and what we have seen. To keep from making the same mistake over and over, you must stop and examine the process that led to it. In other words, reflection helps you to see the big picture. (3) You take a good experience and make it a valuable experience. They say we learn by experience. No, we learn from evaluated experience. An experience becomes valuable when it informs and equips us. That’s why daily prayer and Bible reading are so essential. You’ll understand things in God’s presence that you won’t understand any other way.

Joyous Encounter

In a place of deep thoughts, one day, i got recognized

I didn’t know i was recognized until I was welcomed,

Welcomed with friendliness,
and overflowed with

Those kind gestures taught me rather enormous things
which i shall hold within me forever

As they are too meaningful to ignore and
Too couraging to be kept to one’s self only.

In that place,

Being thankful to those who already love you instead of seeking love from others,

Being thankful for what you are blessed with,

Appreciating your surroundings,

Understanding there’s no limit to achievements in life,

Believing and trusting, as the future actually holds something for you,

Enduring it and fighting for it, for it’s all worth it,

Realizing it’s all about “how well” not “how far”,

Putting a little bit effort and being outstanding,

Is taught until it reaches the bottom of your heart
and makes you reflect back on yourself.

And that’s when i thought, “If that place is great enough to teach me those things”, then i better visit it frequently….

Take Time to Reflect (1)

“In it he saw…honey.” Jdg 14:8 NIV

One day Samson encountered a lion and slew it. The Bible says, “Some time later, when he went back…he turned aside to look at the lion’s carcass. In it he saw…some honey. He scooped out the honey with his hands and ate as he went along” (vv. 8-9 NIV). There’s a lesson here for you. When you take time to stop and reflect, you discover “honey” in your experiences that you can eat and grow stronger and wiser. When you reflect, you are able to put things into perspective; you gain new appreciation for things you didn’t notice before. Few of us have clear perspective in the heat of the moment. Most of us who have survived a traumatic experience usually avoid similar situations at all costs. This can leave us with unresolved issues that leave us tied up in knots. Reflective thinking enables you to distance yourself from the intense emotions of an experience and see it with fresh eyes. Indeed, this process is one of the first steps to getting rid of our emotional baggage. President George Washington observed, “We ought not to look back unless it is to derive useful lessons from past errors, and for the purpose of profiting by dearly bought experience.” Each of us has been shaped by the experiences, good and bad, that we’ve had in life. What we refuse to deal with deals with us, and often in harmful ways. We “act out” of our unresolved issues. But when we bring them into the light and ask God for the grace to face them squarely, they lose their power over us.

Trust Me With Your Heart❤️

Why does your heart grow doubtful dear?
Tense and beating, full of fear.
I keep with me your everlasting love,
and bless the day God sent you from above.

You remain my angel and I feel that I must,
tell you that within you, you have my trust.
My love is the tide, your soul is the shores,
you have my heart, do I have yours?

I’ll belong to you till the very end,
and you will forever stay as my lover and friend.
It has been so good like this from the start,
so darling please, trust me with your heart.

My note to you💛

When everything start falling apart, I wish you peace.
I wish you happiness even when everyone around you is drowning in grief.
I wish you never have to search for love in places that always remind you of pain
I wish your heart never breaks cuz nothin is heavier than the peace of a broken heart.
Dear you, i wish you well even when you cannot look forward to another day in your life. I know how hard it is to remain calm. When everything starts fading away and the sound of destruction becomes so loud that it deafens your ears and because of this,
I hope you are always protected from every pain of this life. I hope you never have to rethink about being alive and when sd days happen visit you, i pray they leave you soon🙏

#morningDevotion-Check Your Attitude

Check Your Attitude

“You must have the same attitude that…Jesus had.” Php 2:5 NLT

A flying instructor will tell you that periodically your plane needs to be “trimmed” or “balanced in flight.” After flying through storms, it gets knocked out of alignment and needs to be adjusted. And the same thing happens on your spiritual journey. The storms of life can “knock you out of alignment.” Unexpected “weather conditions” like sickness, depression, unemployment, divorce, disappointment, and death can force you to change direction and strategy. That’s why your attitude needs to be regularly checked and adjusted. So what are you dealing with that calls for an attitude check? Paul writes, “You must have the same attitude…Jesus had.” Is such a lifestyle possible? Yes, but you must make it a priority and pursue it each day. Joshua wanted to turn an army of complainers into an army that could conquer the Promised Land. So God gave him this formula for success: “Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night…be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do” (Jos 1:8 NLT). Try the “three-by-five technique.” Each week identify a Scripture that relates to an area in which you want to grow, write it down on a three-by-five card, and memorize it. In one year you’ll have fifty-two Scriptures you can recall and stand on. Think how that will impact your life! Not only will wrong attitudes become right attitudes, but your life will begin to move in the right direction.

🎯👆🏻Be the person you say you are. Be original!


Make a decision to be true to yourself in pursuit of your dreams! Don’t engage in self-deception. Don’t pretend as if you are doing something worthwhile when in actual fact you are not.

You know the targets you’ve set for yourself. Only you know the dreams you want to see become a reality.

Are you following them truthfully?
Are you still on the path to greatness?
Aren’t you deceiving yourself thinking you’re deceiving others? Polonius once said that “to thine ownself be true.”

Be true to yourself. Pursue your dreams with hunger for success. Don’t engage in self destructive behaviours like procrastination, self-doubt and blaming others for your mistakes.

After all is said and done, will you say you are following your dreams according to plans?

Keep thinking about it! But, to thine ownself be true! Remember you are the paper and the pen of your destiny, rewrite your story to suit your purpose on earth.

Ask God for mercy as you move forward. You deserve success….!


Letter from Ex-girlfriend.

Nothing is perfect about what we’ve got…nothing really. We weren’t supposed to even know each other but we did. I was like the one girl you shouldn’t talk to but coincidences took over and you were mine. I think I loved you like no one has and you eventually got tired? I don’t know but you left at some point and that was the angriest I have ever been. It didn’t take time getting over you and all but deep down I know I still wanted you and it hurt so much seeing you come back with an apology for what you did but rejecting you cause of the anger I had. That wasn’t supposed to happen but it did. And I was with someone else being treated ‘how I’m supposed to be treated’ (says society) but each time you came back I lost control for a while and eventually I gave in cause baby you’ve changed…for the better for me and all this time you didn’t give up and you have almost no idea what that means to me I really am stuck on you. Not supposed to happen but knowing you does that to me. And now I still get lost and not know what to talk about I can’t control my anger and stuff but that changes nothing cause none of this was supposed to happen…more like nothing is perfect or even right about us and no matter how people feel about it I don’t care. I believe in something and that’s really it. 🖤

A Brave and Startling Truth

By Maya Angelou

We, this people, on a small and lonely planet
Traveling through casual space
Past aloof stars, across the way of indifferent suns
To a destination where all signs tell us
It is possible and imperative that we learn
A brave and startling truth

And when we come to it
To the day of peacemaking
When we release our fingers
From fists of hostility
And allow the pure air to cool our palms

When we come to it
When the curtain falls on the minstrel show of hate
And faces sooted with scorn are scrubbed clean
When battlefields and coliseum
No longer rake our unique and particular sons and daughters
Up with the bruised and bloody grass
To lie in identical plots in foreign soil

When the rapacious storming of the churches
The screaming racket in the temples have ceased
When the pennants are waving gaily
When the banners of the world tremble
Stoutly in the good, clean breeze

When we come to it
When we let the rifles fall from our shoulders
And children dress their dolls in flags of truce
When land mines of death have been removed
And the aged can walk into evenings of peace
When religious ritual is not perfumed
By the incense of burning flesh
And childhood dreams are not kicked awake
By nightmares of abuse

When we come to it
Then we will confess that not the Pyramids
With their stones set in mysterious perfection
Nor the Gardens of Babylon
Hanging as eternal beauty
In our collective memory
Not the Grand Canyon
Kindled into delicious color
By Western sunsets

Nor the Danube, flowing its blue soul into Europe
Not the sacred peak of Mount Fuji
Stretching to the Rising Sun
Neither Father Amazon nor Mother Mississippi who, without favor,
Nurture all creatures in the depths and on the shores
These are not the only wonders of the world

When we come to it
We, this people, on this minuscule and kithless globe
Who reach daily for the bomb, the blade and the dagger
Yet who petition in the dark for tokens of peace
We, this people on this mote of matter
In whose mouths abide cankerous words
Which challenge our very existence
Yet out of those same mouths
Come songs of such exquisite sweetness
That the heart falters in its labor
And the body is quieted into awe

We, this people, on this small and drifting planet
Whose hands can strike with such abandon
That in a twinkling, life is sapped from the living
Yet those same hands can touch with such healing, irresistible tenderness
That the haughty neck is happy to bow
And the proud back is glad to bend
Out of such chaos, of such contradiction
We learn that we are neither devils nor divines

When we come to it
We, this people, on this wayward, floating body
Created on this earth, of this earth
Have the power to fashion for this earth
A climate where every man and every woman
Can live freely without sanctimonious piety
Without crippling fear

When we come to it
We must confess that we are the possible
We are the miraculous, the true wonder of this world
That is when, and only when
We come to it.

How Satan Tempts Us

“He will show you how to escape from your temptations.” 1Co 10:13 CEV

Satan tried to get Jesus to succumb to three different kinds of temptation, and he’ll try the same with you: (1) Satisfaction without God. Knowing Christ was hungry, Satan told Him to turn stones into bread. But Jesus said no because He knew God’s plan was to feed and strengthen Him supernaturally; He refused to settle for less—and you must too. (2) Success without God. Satan then took Jesus to the top of the temple and told Him to jump off, saying God would send angels to protect Him. But God’s plan for Jesus was the cross, the resurrection, and the multitudes who would come to believe in Him. Satan tried to get Jesus to settle for less, and he’ll try the same with you. Don’t take the bait! (3) Significance without God. Satan offered Jesus the kingdoms of this world if only He’d bow down and worship him. What an offer! Significance without God! But the fact is, the kingdoms of this world weren’t Satan’s to offer! So he lied to Jesus—and he will lie to you too. The way to lasting satisfaction is the way of the cross, which means sacrificing yourself. Jesus rebuked Satan with a reminder from Scripture that God alone is worthy to be glorified. Understand this: Satan will take every legitimate desire you have and try to get you to fulfill it in an illegitimate way. But you can overcome him. How? By staying close to God and living in His Word, “He will show you how to escape from your temptations.”

Coz that’s why I love you

I don’t really understand you
Maybe that’s why I like you
Or liked you
Or will like you
All I feel is how am gonna get passed tense moments like the one we gonna have on the next week or before
How am I gonna get you to understand me, when we live on a different time line?
When you told me the answers, before I asked the questions
How are you gonna get me? when the only thing you got from me was confusions
How would you define me,
When I never really existed in your definitions ?
When all my treasured moments doesn’t coincide with the thesaurus of your dictionary?
When your measurements couldn’t really specifies all my memories ?
That’s when I loved you
You were time
And I am gonna be the thought inside a confused mind


A new Chapter, A new Year

As another chapter is closed
As another page is turned to make the present past
The present that will lead to a future that is never constant
A constant that is evaporating
Evaporating with all the obstacles, war and journey of the passing chapter
And so I pick up the remains of the ending chapter
With the anticipation of finding you in the next
With the desire you would be the constant that doesn’t evaporate
But instead that condenses with time and faith
Faith that the next chapter is filled with fulfilled dreams and love
Faith that we’re strong like a rock
As the new chapter is beginning and the old one is ending
I hope that this chapter is memorable
Hope that we leave more than our handprints
Now is the beginning of a new journey
A new chapter, A new year

#MensConference19 FINAL REPORT!!!

#MensConference19 FINAL REPORT!!!

1. Cheating its too easy, we need to take up bigger challenges like being faithful.

2. Be a brother’s keeper. We are going for success and we are leaving no man behind.

3. No coveting another man’s wife or girlfriend.

4. Respect and honour one another at all times no matter your position in life.

5. Always be on time, keep your word and promises.

6. Never leave the woman who was part of your struggles for a Slay Queen.

7. Keep off lazy women and manipulative women

8. Men should be led by God before they lead their homes.

9. Before you love someone’s daughter, fall in love with God first.

10. Take your commitments seriously. No man should misappropriate money, funds, or property that belong to another man or his family.

11. Men should have the collective responsibility to take care of widows and orphans.

10. No giving money to a woman other than your lawful wife or engaged or confirmed girlfriend, sister, mother or cousin.

11. No wasting money impressing Slay Queens. Every time you are about to spend on a Slay Queen, even if its a cup of coffee, go and buy a bag of cement or a lorry of sand first.

12 . Lay down your standards and look for a woman who can fit or meet those standards. No wasting time on dates, state your case and be frank. If she can’t meet those standards find the person that will.
Kuna nyingine nimesahau wanaume wenzangu?


On Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day
I got nothing much to give you
I don’t have much money
I got no gifts or roses to offer
but on this day,
I want to offer you something,
something I’ve never given any other girl,
something sacred,
this something is very delicate,
it is unique on its own way
something every girl looks for
but I’d say no girl seems to find it;
what is this something?
It’s something that needs tender care
something to be treasured even after death
but first, promise me that you won’t let it spoil
please promise me that you’ll do justice to it
because this something is my heart and I want to share it with you on this day and forever.

Once in a Blue moon

Once in a blue moon, every thousand year
Fate intervenes and help comes near
The stars align; the gods permit
The stories add up; the pieces fit
The worlds converge; the signs agree
The universe stops and it’s just u and me
Once in a blue moon for single moment
For a fractions of second, the world is perfect

LOVE is a sign of heaven

By mehrimehraban

Love İs A Sign Of Heaven
Like a seed in frozen season,
Waits eagerly to grow up.

Love knocks your locked heart seldom
Dare, Open door, never mind wisdom.
taste the emotional part of life.

Eternal message of cooing dove:
‘A wise heart can’t stand in love’
Wisdom is frozen hearts leader.

Wisdom calls me to myself
Love grants eternity to ourslf.
egoism is Wisdom’s hidden gift!

love makes true our dreamy world
A kingdom free of pains and wars.
As if, we’ve never known sorrow.


Me? Contradiction.

I am different, I am the same as everyone else.

Feeble whilst invincible, exquisite though hideous, vibrant yet listless.

How could that be? Believe me I’d love to know.

Soulful although villainous, sagacious but idiotic, squalid and pure.

More and more and also a bit more…

Sincere and misleading. Rebellious and hopeless. Tender and harsh.

A whole lacking ambivalence.

I knew best to stay unknown from the slyness.

But I didn’t.

I lost in order to gain, and gained to sorrow over my hazy colors.

Grasping on the black that was left for me.

Striving lustfully to give up on sins, I danced alone and tripped over forgotten crowds.

I said, “Hello, and goodbye.”

I lived to love, and then loved to die.

My best companion, my worst foe, is no one else but me.

Learn to Be Content

“Godliness with contentment is great gain.” 1Ti 6:6

When you talk about contentment, some people think you’re against progress. No. Paul is saying contentment never comes from externals! Every twelve minutes, radio and television advertisers try to convince us that contentment isn’t possible without their particular brand of product. Don’t go for it! The desire for more can be insatiable. As long as you believe more is better, you’ll never be satisfied. Why? Because you’ll never live long enough to have it all! Just think; when you get something or achieve something, do you even take the time to enjoy it, or do you gallop off to the next thing without stopping? To avoid getting old too soon and wise too late, read this Scripture: (1) “We brought nothing with us when we came into the world, and we can’t take anything with us when we leave it” (v. 7 NLT). When you die and people ask, “How much did they leave?” the answer will be “everything” (including a legacy of good or bad). (2) “Some people, craving money, have wandered from the true faith” (v. 10 NLT). If your pursuit of material things is leaving no time for God, reexamine your priorities and start changing them while you still can. Stop thinking, “If only I had a bigger house, a more understanding spouse, a particular job, a radical makeover, a higher IQ, or the acceptance of a particular person, I’d be happy.” It doesn’t work that way. The Bible says, “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it” (Ps 118:24).

How Big is Your God?

“The battle is the Lord’s…he will give you into our hands.” 1Sa 17:47

How you handle life depends on how big you believe God is. If He’s too small: (1) You’ll live in constant anxiety thinking everything depends on you. (2) Your outlook will be dictated by your surroundings—or worse, your critics. (3) Without the acceptance of a loving God you’ll be a slave to people’s opinions. (4) You’ll constantly crave recognition because you don’t understand that “your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you” (Mt 6:4 NAS). Author John Ortberg says that when we make the mistake of shrinking God, we “offer prayer without faith, work without passion, service without joy, and suffering without hope—which results in fear, retreat, loss of vision, and failure to persevere.” When Goliath threatened the Israelites, “they were dismayed and greatly afraid” (1Sa 17:11 NRS). They didn’t think their God was big enough for the job. But not David! “Let no one’s heart fail…your servant will…fight…this Philistine. The Lord…who saved me from…the lion and…bear, will [save us now]” (1Sa 17:32, 37 NRS). You can face anything when you know what David knew—“the battle is the Lord’s.” And He’s never lost one yet! So you don’t have to depend on your own resources. David may have felt small, but he knew his God was big enough for the job. Do you know that? Eighteenth-century Anglican clergyman John Newton said, “If the Lord be with us we have no cause for fear. His eye is upon us, His arm over us, His ear open to our prayer, His grace sufficient, [and] His promises unchangeable.” It all depends on how big your God is!

Trash Bin

Once upon a time there was a lonely trash bin. His name was John.
John was very lonely because he always stays alone at home with no one to speak to.
But one faithful day, the landlord of the building where John stayed at decided that today was the day to add two new trash cans next to John.
The green trash bin was named Susan. She was a recycle bin for all the papers to be reused. She was a hero to all the trees to the world!
And the blue trash bin’s name was Paul. Paul was used to store glass bottles! He was very important to the environment.
When John had first met Susan and Paul he was the HAPPIEST trash bin in the world! He had never experienced this feeling in his whole life. He stayed up all day and night talking to Susan and Paul, trying to get to know them better. I mean, it’s the only thing John could do!
John, Susan, and Paul quickly became the best of friends. They were always together. Rain and shine, hail and sleet, always.

But one warm afternoon, something terrible happened. John had discovered a tiny crack on the rim of his trash bin. Susan and Paul freaked out! But John had told them that everything would be alright. That he wasn’t going to go anywhere.
Little did he know…

August 27th, 1968. 3:26AM

John woke up with a jolt of pain on his right side. He turned to that side to see what was wrong. What he found was beyond terrifying. He found a split on his can. It went from the very top of his trash can to the very bottom of his trash can. It had hurt so bad. The contents, all his trash, had begun to spill out.
He quickly woke Susan and Paul. He showed them what was wrong and it wasn’t long before all three had begun sobbing.
The pain John was experiencing was so intense he could barely breathe. He knew he was dying.

John uttered his last words to Susan and Paul, smiled, and closed his eyes….
Paul, who never cried, shed his tears. One by one they trickled down his face and down his chin. He let out a sob and another. He replayed John’s last words over and over again in his mind.

“Thank you for being my friend.”

John passed away at age 36 on August 27th, 1968 at 3:48AM

All for the Love

One night a girl and a boy were sitting in a parked car, in complete silence.

Both of them stayed quiet for a while, until the girl gave him a piece of paper, but before the boy decided to read it what was on it, he told the girl that he was going to leave her.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, a speeding drunk driver collided with their car.

The boy was devastated the whole way to the hospital. Every time he glanced at her, laying down on the stretcher in the ambulance, bloodied and unconscious, he thought to himself, “It’s all my fault. Why. Why. Why?”

The boy had only suffered minor injuries. But what his heart felt at that moment said otherwise. “Is this what heartbreak feels like?”, he said to himself staring at the hospital lights.

Later that day, the boy heard the news. That the girl had died. He rushed into her hospital room and collapsed onto his knees. “Why am I still alive? You were always there for me. Always. Oh please. Come back.” He said this so quietly, so softly so only she could hear him. He began to sob. “I miss you.”

When he had started to calm down a hour later, he got up from his seat on the floor. A loud crinkling noise came from his front pocket. When he dug into his pocket for it he remembered the piece of paper that she had given him prior the crash. He slowly and carefully unfolded it. He quickly read what was on it and covered his mouth in shock.

One tear. Two tears. Three tears.

A choked sob. Even more tears.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

On the piece of paper, it said,
“If you ever leave me I’ll die. I love you.”

Random Thoughts

It was mockery and a hint of weirdness that ringed in my ear when she said,

“Talking doesn’t always help, because people sympathise with you at first.”

“What do you mean at first?”

That weird tone again, sounded like she has a total faith in distrust, she replied,

“Yeah, eventually they get bored and sick of you.”

You took time every night to write me love letters And you used to whisper in my ear Nobody does it better

You took time every night
to write me love letters
And you used to whisper in my ear
Nobody does it better

People were created to be loved, and things were created to be used. The reason why the world is messed up is because things are being loved and people are being used. 🖤

People were created to be loved, and things were created to be used. The reason why the world is messed up is because things are being loved and people are being used. 🖤

Sometimes we all need someone that we seek help from Life is hard to go through alone without anyone to give you a hand and give some advice We all can look back at someone in our lives that were there for us when we needed them the most When we needed someone to listen to us and help guide us We are truly not alone.

Be an “Up” Person(Happy Valentine’s day!! ❤️😍😍)

“He picked us up and set us down in highest heaven in company with Jesus.” Eph 2:6 MSG

In order to become an “up” person, you must do these three things: (1) Expand your concept of God. How? By reading His Word and getting to know Him better. Be like the little boy in Sunday school whose teacher asked what he was drawing. He replied, “God!” The teacher said, “But nobody knows what God’s like.” Confidently he replied, “They will when I’m finished!” What is your God like? Loving or judgmental? Distant or available? Limited or powerful? Your concept of God will determine your confidence in Him, so spend time getting to know Him. (2) Recognize Satan’s limitations. The Devil is the world’s oldest loser, a former employee of heaven who got fired because of arrogance and who is headed for destruction. And the only power he has over you is the power you give him by remaining “ignorant of his devices” (2 Co 2:11). The Bible says, “Submit yourselves…to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you” (Jas 4:7). You have power over Satan—use it. (3) See yourself as God sees you. He sees you not just as you are, but as you will be. If you’ve been conditioned by past experiences to see yourself as worthless, starting now you can change your self-image by believing what God says about you in His Word. When you have His opinion, what else matters? (Read Jer 29:11; Isa 43:1-3; Eph 2:6). As you work on these three things each day, you’ll become an “up” person in a “down” world.

Mother knows best

I try not to cry
After all only the weak shed a tear
I never wondered why
Because why would I doubt mommy dear
“Mother knows best”
Isn’t that what they say?
Mommy said don’t be scared
So I try to keep my fears at bay
And I try to keep my ghosts away
Because mother knows best,they say.

I try not to scream
After all only the weak lose control
And I smile so it beseems
Like I wasn’t emersed in dole
“Mother knows best
Isn’t that what they say?
Mommy said don’t show your scar
So I paint over it each day
And I try to scrape my woes away
Because mother knows best they say.

I try not to set free
The resentment that dwells in me
The nightmares akin to death
The ‘death’ its self that steals my breath
I know I should let people in
But mommy said,”don’t let them win,
“They will hew you,my dear child,
” Don’t fall for it,don’t be beguiled.”
Mother knows best,I believe that
But does she know all?
The who?
The which?
The why?
The what?
I strongly think not.

Why should I not cry,
If the tears are ever nigh?
Why should I not be scared,
Of the monsters under the bed?
If I want to I’ll scream,
Let the tears fall in a steady stream. Because mother knows best
But she DOES NOT know all.

Valentines 😍❤️

Valentines is almost here
To some it means a lot
To me
And the rest
Of who support me
It means just another day
A day when the sunburns are pealing off
A day to hustle a little harder
A day like today
Boring yet must survive
Painful yet so sweet
Let’s wait for the day
For the loves to show off
For the flowers to feel the pain
Pain of misuse
As they blossom making a beautiful environment
The lovers will pick
And prick them
Tear them apart
For their own pleasure
But they are dead
Can’t complain
They are beautiful
So taken advantage of
For Beauty comes with pain
Spare the flowers
Spare the human
The human who is lonely
Spare us the weird shows
Spare us the pain.

©Maureen njoki

Hope and Despair

All I’m asking for is forgiveness
All I’m praying for is happiness
All I’m feeling is loneliness
Why was I brought to earth
To live with Adams curse ?
Thrown to this filthy world
To Slowly learn word by word
Of what has occurred,
So while I Grew up I realized
how I can be dead on the inside
But still try to hide,
How I can be left to the side
With nothing to decide &
And how reality is so ugly,
Now am hurting truly &
My pain can’t be described
I’ve shouted and cried
my heart has been deprived
But I’ve still survived And
I’m so surprised!

How do you find out if you are emotionally mature or not?

How do you find out if you are emotionally mature or not?

Praneet Kedari, Emotional Support Human at Human Behavior (2000-present)

Updated Fri

If you are emotionally mature then I believe you satisfy the following:

In times of elation you enjoy the moment, but don’t think the good times will last forever and instead keep your focus on what really matters.

You practice humility even when you achieve your greatest accomplishments.

When times are rough you don’t lose hope and are able to overcome the rough times through diligence and perseverance.

You don’t yell often and get angry over small mishaps, or things that don’t matter in the long run.

When nothing bad or good is happening in your life, you remain patient and trust what you are doing and committed to.

You don’t try to decieve others.

You don’t hit children.

You understand that no matter what happens good or bad, “This too shall pass”, in other words you don’t get caught up in the moment.

You are respectful of others and their beliefs.

You do what is right, regardless of what others think.

You are someone that other people come to for emotional support and advice.

My Best-

Brown Mamba

What are your dreams? A yacht in the Mediterranean, or meeting the love of your life, or curing a life-threatening disease? Changing the world?

What are your dreams? A yacht in the Mediterranean, or meeting the love of your life, or curing a life-threatening disease? Changing the world?

It costs nothing to dream; all you have to do is just close your eyes and picture yourself doing that thing, however wild and outlandish it is; everyone has thousands of dreams, big and small, they are dying to realize.

Thing is, there’s actually nothing that special about dreams. Anyone can do it, you just close your eyes. Also, everybody does it, all the time; there is a high likelihood that at least a million other people have the exact same dream as you.

Now going out there and actually doing it? Well, that’s what separates the glassy-eyed dreamers from the real innovators, the trailblazers, the groundbreakers; the people woke to what needs to get done, willing to wake up before the sun and face the hard work, willing to dig deep and get their hands dirty, willing to sweat and hustle and struggle day in and day out, willing to fail a thousand times before they succeed, all in the humble service of making their dreams a reality and empowering others to do the same.
Today, there are more than seven billion people in the world — each one making an impact in their own unique way. But we’ve carefully selected each and every nominee we think stand out; not based on their global scale, prestige, or name, but on their stand-out actions, vulnerability and willingness to break the mold and push their dreams forward — whether that comes in the form of writing and creating, philanthropic efforts or offering a much-needed dose of authenticity in their respective industry.

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Don’t Just Read It, Do It (1)

“Be doers of the word…not merely hearers.” Jas 1:22 NRS

A businessman known for his ruthlessness, arrogance, and religiosity told Mark Twain that before he died he intended to visit the Holy Land, climb Mount Sinai, and read the Ten Commandments aloud. “I have a better idea,” Twain replied. “Just stay here in Boston and keep them!” We’d rather cogitate on what we don’t know, than act on what we know we need to do. For example, a company knows it needs to improve its quality control so the executives discuss the problem, listen to presentations, read all kinds of books, look at state-of-the-art systems—but never actually get around to doing anything. Their problem isn’t ignorance; it’s knowing too much but doing too little. Another everyday example: People would rather debate the merits of protein vs. carbs, French cooking vs. vegetarian, lifting weights vs. cardio, than change how they eat. The bottom line is simple: Expend more calories than you take in. Likewise, some Christians would rather debate doctrine than do what Jesus says. As the old ad for Nike sneakers said—just do it! Practice loving a difficult person; try forgiving someone; give some money away; stop and say thanks; worship God; encourage a friend; bless an enemy; when you’re in the wrong say, “I’m sorry.” Face it: You already know more than you need to. And nothing turns people off faster than somebody with a head full of knowledge, who lacks grace and character. It’s the same today as it was when James wrote, “Be doers of the word, and not merely hearers.”

Don’t Just Read It, Do It (2)

Don’t Just Read It, Do It (2)

“The Holy Spirit…will teach you…and will remind you of everything I have said.” Jn 14:26 NIV

Jesus ended His Sermon on the Mount with a striking story that addresses the gap between knowing and doing: “Therefore anyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock” (Mt 7:24 NIV). The problem is, we find it easier to be smart than to be good. You don’t need to know more about the Bible until you put into practice what you already know. John Ortberg says that when he taught tennis, unskilled novices would agonize over which racket to buy—whether to use nylon or gut strings, whether to string them up at sixty-five or seventy pounds. The problem was, they couldn’t even hit the ball. Instead of debating the minutiae, they simply needed to practice. But a word of caution here: You don’t become a “doer of the word” by drawing on your own strength and willpower. The Holy Spirit who dwells within you is referred to in Scripture as “the paraclete.” The word means “one who comes alongside to help.” When you decide to do what’s right, the Holy Spirit within you empowers you to do it. When a situation arises, He will prompt you as to what you should do. Jesus promised, “The Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.” You ask, “But what if I don’t get it right?” He will work with you, giving you opportunities until you do get it right.

Destiny or fate

On my journey of life , I never knew my destination
I go along with my imagination
It takes me fast forward ,so all I see is a blurry vision
All my actions delivered by unwise decision
But every decision I make becomes my path
Sometimes it would be the sideways
Which leaves me wonder and regret the highway
Although it wouldn’t last
Next I would end up envying my past
Just like I passed those trees which moves against my track
I like to think they are the ones who moves tho
They are the one that moves backward
Just to lead me forward
They don’t follow anyone
They just lead Everyone
But I am a follower without a leader
a dreamer who might have to wake up later
… Am I moving or not, I don’t know
I will know when the story continue…….

Am Done watching you suffer trying to Love me.

Have you ever faked a smile
Have you ever been so sad
To a point you couldn’t even cry?
Have you ever spent a sleepless night where your mind wonders off till the morning light
Have you ever felt so lonely
even the thought of having company gives you goose bumps?
Welcome to my life!
A life of ups and too many downs
A life am too sad to write a poem about
Am sitting in the dark and its past midnight
My troubled heart knows no sleep it bleeds through the night
Tears fall from my eyes
Tonight’s tears are of letting go
Am letting you go , setting you free
you can finally be what you want to be
Would you survive without me?
I know I can’t but this has to be
Am done watching you suffer trying to love me.

What is the brutal truth about relationships?

In this digital age, when people encounter any breakup, what do they do first?


Delete all pictures.

Avoid places and friends, where they used to hang out usually.

Throw their gifts.

And many other activities to forget their past.

Brutal Truth: You cannot forget your past, where you were involved mentally, emotionally and physically.

Above activities will keep your mind calm momentarily, but the day your ex pops up like the seasonal mushroom, many of you won’t be able to control emotional burst.

Of course I will give you the solution, it is up to you whether you take it or ignore it. I will explain it with a simple example.

A catchy song is released, you love those lyrics, music and video itself. You keep listening to that song thousands of times.

But after a certain period of time, you start getting bored. And if you keep listening to it from third places, it starts irritating you. Right?

Case 1:

Now imagine, if someone forces you to listen to that song daily for next 5 years. How will you feel?

Of course, you won’t hesitate to kill that person.

Case 2:

You are already irritated of that song and you try to forget it as best as you can. You successfully did it.

But after 5 years, suddenly someone plays that song again. You love its melody. You start remembering those moments which happened 5 years back with this song.

Though it is momentary, you slip for the same song which irritated you once.

I hope you got it, what I wanted to convey here. In the second case, this is where most people cheat on their current partner because of their ex. Suddenly he/she comes after many years, momentarily you tend to forget what happened back then.

And people cheat.

Our mind is a bloody trickster. The more you try to forget someone, the more will you keep remembering them.

So my solution is, never cut all connections from your ex unless they are truly assholes.

Keep watching them unless you get irritated.

Keep staring at those pics until you get bored.

Don’t stop going to those places, until it doesn’t bother you anymore.

Don’t avoid gossips of your ex from your common friend until it doesn’t matter to you anymore.

Initially it is painful to watch them moving on in front of your eyes. But you know how boxers practice?

They keep taking punches on their faces until those punches stop giving them pain anymore. This is the best way to get rid of your pain, either find a cure or keep facing it.

The hardest part in the relationship is

waking up in the morning,

Remembering what you were trying to forget in the last night.

Block Assholes, but don’t block people whom you want to forget. Because forgetting hardly works, keep remembering them. And one day, it won’t matter anymore.

The Island Of Blessing

“You are complete in Him.” Col 2:9 NKJV

In his book Outlive Your Life, author Max Lucado says the Greek word for “blessed,” makarios, was the name of an island off Greece. It was known as “the blessed island” because it was self-contained. The residents didn’t need to leave it in order to get their needs met. The natural resources of this island were so rich that everything needed to enjoy life was already there. There’s a lesson here for you. The moment you trust in Christ as your Savior, He becomes your king and you begin living in His kingdom. You don’t have to leave it and go elsewhere to find what you need, because it’s all around you in the island of blessing. You don’t have to strive for God’s blessing; you simply have to “tune in” and receive it. It’s like your radio; there are no orchestras or newscasters inside it, it’s only a conduit and a point of contact. Even when your radio stops working, there are still signals in the air. All your radio does is receive the signal that comes from another source and deliver it to you. If you lose sight of that fact, you’ll give the radio more credit than it deserves. One of the reasons we don’t recognize the blessings of God in our lives is that we confuse the means of delivery with the source. If something doesn’t miraculously fall into our lap, we think it didn’t come from God. No, God will bless you at different times, through different people, in different ways. But you must always remember that they are only the carriers of blessing, while He is the source of it (See Ps 31:19).

Ways to get lucky:

• Hope luck finds you.

• Hustle until you stumble into it.

• Prepare the mind and be sensitive to chances others miss.

• Become the best at what you do. Refine what you do until this is true. Opportunity will seek you out. Luck becomes your destiny.

🍂Smartest Man in the World

A doctor, a lawyer, a little boy and a priest were out for a Sunday afternoon flight on a small private plane. Suddenly, the plane developed engine trouble. In spite of the best efforts of the pilot, the plane started to go down. Finally, the pilot grabbed a parachute and yelled to the passengers that they better jump, and he himself bailed out.

Unfortunately, there were only three parachutes remaining.

The doctor grabbed one and said “I’m a doctor, I save lives, so I must live,” and jumped out.

The lawyer then said, “I’m a lawyer and lawyers are the smartest people in the world. I deserve to live.” He also grabbed a parachute and jumped.

The priest looked at the little boy and said, “My son, I’ve lived a long and full life. You are young and have your whole life ahead of you. Take the last parachute and live in peace.”

The little boy handed the parachute back to the priest and said, “Not to worry Father. The smartest man in the world just took off with my back pack.”

Moral: Your job doesn’t always define you, but being a Good Human being Does.

Type you Could Love Someday❤️

Don’t judge me of my imagination
Don’t be fond of them too
Of my mer fantasies
Of my desire to be by his side
To enjoy his warm, calm hugs
His notice and way he cares
Cherish to listen
His cracking jokes
Of me acting gussy
Like quivering blob of jelly
Of my know all she wants presence
Dems to beep of delusion

He’s always imagining
Glitching with fantasies
Waving the tune of smokes
Blowing the burns
Creating a relief
Flying beyond boarders
Climbing to freedom
That provoke u to join or just bribe

But He’s such a sweet pie 🥧
Turtle dove
Type u want to hand on everywhere
Type u would want to taste every now and then
Type u would want to cherish the glamour
Type u would, if u could

Love some day.

A Small Change Can Make A Big Difference

“Does anyone dare despise this day of small beginnings?” Zec 4:10 TM

Imagine the temple lying in ruins, and having to be rebuilt from the ground up. That’s what things were like when Zechariah shared his vision with the people of Israel. Some thought it couldn’t be done, and others thought that their particular contribution would make no difference. So Zechariah challenged them in these words: “Does anyone dare despise this day of small beginnings? They’ll change their tune when they see Zerubbabel setting the last stone in place!” In 1963, MIT meteorologist Edward Lorenz presented the hypothesis that became known as the butterfly effect. He theorized that a minor event, like the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil, could conceivably alter wind currents sufficiently to cause a tornado in Texas. Lorenz came to the simple yet profound conclusion: “Minuscule changes in input can make macroscopic differences in output.” That simple discovery has the power to change your life. It can radically alter your spiritual, emotional, relational, or financial forecast. It can change the atmosphere of your organization or your marriage. One decision. One change. One risk. One idea. That’s all it takes. You don’t have to make one hundred changes. All that does is divide your energy by one hundred, and results in a 1 percent chance of success. You have to be 100 percent committed to one change. It will take an all-out effort. It will probably be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. But that one change has the potential to make a 100 percent difference in your life.

How Much Do You Love Jesus?

“When he had found one pearl of great price…[he] sold all that he had and bought it.” Mt 13:46 NKJV

In one of the most unique corporate take-overs ever, Stanley Tam legally transferred 51 percent of the shares of his company to God. He started United States Plastic Corporation with thirty-seven dollars in capital. When he gave his business back to God, annual revenues were less than two hundred thousand dollars. But Stanley believed God would bless his business, and he wanted to honor God from the get-go. At that point, most of us would have been patting ourselves on the back. Not Stanley. He felt convicted for keeping 49 percent to himself. After reading the parable of the merchant who sold everything to obtain the pearl of great price, he made a decision to divest himself of all his shares. He said, “A man can eat only one meal at a time, wear only one suit of clothes at a time, drive only one car at a time. All this I have. Isn’t that enough?” So on January 15, 1955, every share of stock was transferred to God, and Stanley became a salaried employee of the company he started. Before he was through, Stanley gave away more than $120 million to the cause of Christ. If you want to measure the depth of your love for Christ, look at your calendar and your credit card statement. They don’t lie. How you spend your time and money are the two best barometers of your true priorities. Is Christ your pearl of great price? He wants to be. He deserves to be.

Sound Financial Advice ( Episode finale)

“Gather…in the good years…Otherwise this famine will destroy the land.” Ge 41:35, 36 NLT

Joseph gave Pharaoh some sound financial advice that we would all do well to live by: “Gather into the royal storehouses all the excess crops of the next seven years…that way there will be enough to eat when the seven years of famine come. Otherwise, disaster will surely strike” (vv. 35-36 TLB). And how did Pharaoh respond? “Joseph’s suggestions were well received by Pharaoh” (v. 37 TLB). Your future financial security is guaranteed if you practice these three scriptural principles:(1) Tithe. “Bring all of the tithes into the storehouse…If you do, says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, ‘I will open the windows of heaven for you. I will pour out a blessing so great you won’t have enough room to take it in! Try it! Put me to the test!’” (Mal 3:10 NLT). (2) Save.Discipline yourself to invest a percentage of your income in savings. Don’t worry that it’s a modest amount, just make it a priority! If you don’t, you’ll spend it on other things and never achieve your long-term goals for college, retirement, or helping the work of the Lord. (3) Get out of debt. After tithing to God and saving for the future, strive to pay off all your financial obligations. Stop paying the bare minimum on your credit cards. By not repaying them in full every month, you end up paying much more than you should. Put as much as you can toward retiring outstanding debt, even if you have to stretch yourself and do without a few things for a while. In the long run, you’ll be way ahead.

Sound Financial Advice (episode 2)

“The wise have wealth…but fools spend whatever they get.” Pr 21:20 NLT

It’s foolish to buy things you don’t need and can’t afford, especially when your bills are overdue and you’ve nothing set aside for the future. Your financial security is determined by what you owe, not by what you earn! Having to work for years to repay debt severely limits your options. So determine your lifestyle by your actual income, not by what you wish it was or hope it will be. And when you get a raise, don’t automatically spend more. The Bible says, “There is…treasure…in the dwelling of the wise, but a foolish man squanders it” (Pr 21:20 NKJV). One of the wisest things you can do today is to start saving for the future, and sowing at least one-tenth of your income into God’s Kingdom so that you’ll have a harvest when you need it (See 2Co 9:6). Author John Kennedy writes: “Peddling Biblically-based financial advice has become a cottage industry. It’s not that the counsel is new, or that people haven’t heard it enough. The fact remains…Christians have racked up debt with no plan for financial accountability…they’re tapped out keeping up with interest payments.” Is your philosophy in life, “Why wait and save when a credit card will let me have what I want right now?” If you’re buying things you don’t need with money you don’t have, stop it! Before you purchase anything else, ask yourself if you really need it. And even if you think you do, ask yourself if you can live without it for a while; otherwise you’ll become a slave to credit card debt. Here’s some sound financial advice: Pray for God’s guidance before you make any nonessential purchase.

Sound Financial Advice

“The godly love to give!” Pr 21:26 NLT

The level of financial blessing God will entrust to you depends on three questions: (1) Are you mature enough to handle it? (2) Are you hoping to reap but unwilling to sow? (3) Are you a hoarder or a giver? God knows we can’t all give the same amount. Jesus honored a widow for giving her last two cents, saying: “Others gave what they’ll never miss…she gave her all” (Mk 12:44 TM). On the other hand, businessman Barnabas “sold a field he owned and brought the money and put it at the apostles’ feet” (Ac 4:37 NIV). The more God blesses you with, the more He holds you accountable for. Jesus said, “Much is required from those to whom much is given” (Lk 12:48 TLB). At offering time, a pastor told his congregation to reach out and grab the wallet or purse of the person sitting in front of them. “Now,” he said, “Open it up and give as much as you’ve always wanted to give but felt you couldn’t afford!” The truth is, we’re not all called to give equally but we’re all called to sacrifice equally. That levels the playing field. Isn’t it interesting how you can go to dinner at the home of somebody who doesn’t have a lot, and leave feeling like royalty because of their hospitality? That’s because the essence of generosity is self-sacrifice. God entrusts financial blessing to people who aren’t controlled by the love of money. How can you tell when you’re controlled by the love of money? Because instead of giving when God tells you to, you withhold. Understand this: When God impresses on you to sow a seed, there’s a harvest coming your way.

Being friends with God❤️ #3

Being friends with God (3)

“He made known his ways to Moses.” Ps 103:7 NIV

Let’s listen again as Moses talks to God. “If you are pleased with me, teach me your ways so I may know you and continue to find favor with you” (Ex 33:13 NIV). Israel was in a crisis that threatened their relationship with God, but what did Moses pray for? Not, “Lord, You’ve got to resolve it for me!” Instead he prayed, “Teach me Your way so I may know You.” He wanted more than just information about God, he wanted intimacy with Him: to know His heart and mind—how He thought and felt about the situation. Why? Because knowing God and having His favor would bring all the other things he needed, including a solution to the crisis. And God gave him what he asked. “He made known his ways to Moses, his deeds to the people of Israel.” God responded to Moses’ request, saying, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest” (Ex 33:14 NIV). In the Hebrew text “you” is singular. God promised to accompany Moses and give rest to only him. Anybody else would have accepted gladly, but not Moses! His prayer surpassed his own concerns: “If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here” (v. 15 NIV). In other words: “Lord, it’s not me I’m praying for, it’s us!” Question: Are your prayers bigger than yourself and your own needs? The Bible says, “For God so loved the world” (Jn 3:16). So pray that your family, your town, and a lost world will not perish but have everlasting life!

✨A limit of your Kindness

Recently Steve had a car accident. So he put his car in the garage to carry out the repair work. Since he had to go to the job daily, he decided that until the car is ready, he will travel by the metro train. One day, he noticed a homeless guy at the train station at night. He felt pity for him, so he gave him some change from his pocket.

The homeless guy thanked him for it. Next day again, he noticed the homeless guy at the same place. This time Steve though to get him something to eat, so he went outside the station and brought him a meal. The homeless guy thanked him for his kindness. But Steve got curious and asked him, “How did you get to this point?”

The homeless guy looked up at him and with a smile, he said, “By Showing Love.” Steve didn’t understand it, so he asked him, “What do you mean by that?” The homeless guy replied that “Throughout my whole life, I made sure that everyone was happy. No matter what was going right or wrong in my life, I always helped everyone.”

Steve asked him, “Do you regret it?” To which the homeless man replied, “No, It just hurts my soul that the very people I gave the shirt off my back to wouldn’t give me a sleeve of that same shirt when I was in need. Son, It is better to build your own house and invite someone in for shelter than to hand them your bricks while you are building yours. Because one day you will turn around and look at the spot where you had planned to build your house. It will be an empty lot. Then you are the one looking for bricks.”

Steve understood what the homeless guy meant and thanked him for the good advice.

Moral: Helping others is not a bad thing at all. But Sometimes, while we are helping others, we forget our own problems and needs. One must remember that sometimes sharing is better than giving away. You can do a lot more by being in a strong position instead of bringing yourself into a weaker situation.

Who is Happy? The Peacock and The Crow

A crow lived in the forest and was absolutely satisfied in life. But one day he saw a swan. “This swan is so white,” he thought, “and I am so black. This swan must be the happiest bird in the world.”

He expressed his thoughts to the swan. “Actually,” the swan replied, “I was feeling that I was the happiest bird around until I saw a parrot, which has two colors. I now think the parrot is the happiest bird in creation.” The crow then approached the parrot. The parrot explained, “I lived a very happy life until I saw a peacock. I have only two colors, but the peacock has multiple colors.”

The crow then visited a peacock in the zoo and saw that hundreds of people had gathered to see him. After the people had left, the crow approached the peacock. “Dear peacock,” the crow said, “you are so beautiful. Every day thousands of people come to see you. When people see me, they immediately shoo me away. I think you are the happiest bird on the planet.”

The peacock replied, “I always thought that I was the most beautiful and happy bird on the planet. But because of my beauty, I am entrapped in this zoo. I have examined the zoo very carefully, and I have realized that the crow is the only bird not kept in a cage. So for past few days, I have been thinking that if I were a crow, I could happily roam everywhere.”

That’s our problem too. We make unnecessary comparison with others and become sad. We don’t value what God has given us. This all leads to the vicious cycle of unhappiness. Learn to be happy in what you have instead of looking at what you don’t have. There will always be someone who will have more or less than you have. Person who is satisfied with what he/she has, is the happiest person in the world.

Show God’s Love

Show God’s Love (1)

“God showed his great love…by sending Christ to die…while we were still sinners.” Ro 5:8 NLT

Human love says, “I’ll love you as long as you meet my expectations, agree with my politics, attend my church, or fit into my social circle.” God isn’t like that. He didn’t wait for us to become worthy before making the first move. “God showed his great love… by sending Christ to die…while we were still sinners.” And when He did, He changed all the rules. Jesus said, “Now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other…Just as I have loved you” (Jn 13:34 NLT); “Love others as much as you love yourself” (Mt 22:39 CEV); “Love…without hoping to get anything back” (Lk 6:35 NCV). Pastor Bill Hybels says: “When I set about the task of loving, I usually end up giving instead of receiving. Love inevitably costs me the three commodities most precious to me—my time, my energy, and my money…When you’re concerned about the well-being of others, you usually have to sacrifice.” Another author adds: “For a while I was angry at love…it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. It didn’t last. It wasn’t worth it. The deeper it went, the more it hurt. Love was irrational, complicated, elusive and unreliable. And I was done with it. Little by little the Lord healed my heart. My anger…began to fade…Now I…see it’s humanity that scars and strangles love…‘Love comes from God’ (1Jn 4:7 NIV), and it’s worth it, whatever the cost. No matter what damage has been done in the name of love, we’re incomplete without it.”

Being Friends With God (1)

“The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend.” Ex 33:11 NLT

When you talk to a friend, you’re unguarded and relaxed. No need to “mind your P’s and Q’s.” You can say what you think without fear of being judged. That’s how Moses and God talked to each other—like two friends who were trusting and transparent. They said what they felt and thought. The Israelites had just created a golden calf to worship, and God was angry enough to disown them and pick some new friends. Moses had a major crisis on his hands, and he engaged God in a serious conversation. In essence he told God, “You see it one way and I see it another way. And your perspective is making me very uncomfortable.” Sounds like a candid exchange between friends, right? He wasn’t being disrespectful, he was opening his heart. God and Moses knew each other well enough to speak “face to face, as one speaks to a friend.” Do you pray like that? No posturing; just a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend you trust and feel close to. That’s what God wanted with Moses, and what He wants with you! Religious-sounding clichés and the usual run-of-the-mill prayer request list can undermine your opportunity to connect deeply and personally with God. Open up to Him instead. Get down to the nitty-gritty where you talk honestly about where you’re coming from and what you feel, think, and desire. That’s what being friends with God is all about!

🦊Fox and The Goat🐐

Once a fox was roaming around in the dark. Unfortunately, he fell into a well. He tried his level best to come out but all in vain. So, he had no other alternative but to remain there until the next morning. The next day, a goat came that way. She peeped into the well and saw the fox there. The goat asked, “what are you doing there, Mr. Fox?”

The sly fox replied, “I came here to drink water. It is the best I have ever tasted. Come and see for yourself.” Without thinking even for a while, the goat jumped into the well, quenched her thirst and looked for a way to get out. But just like the fox, she also found herself helpless to come out.

Then the fox said, “I have an idea. You stand on your hind legs. I’ll climb on your head and get out. Then I shall help you come out too.” The goat was innocent enough to understand the shrewdness of the fox and did as the fox said and helped him get out of the well.

While walking away, the fox said, “Had you been intelligent enough, you would never have got in without seeing how to get out.”

Moral: Look before you leap. Do not just blindly walk in to anything without thinking.

🍂Appreciation of Hard Work

🍂Appreciation of Hard Work

One young academically excellent person went to apply for a managerial position in a big company. He passed the first interview, the director did the last interview, made the last decision. The director discovered from the CV that the youth’s academic achievements were excellent all the way, from the secondary school until the postgraduate research, Never had a year when he did not score.

The director asked, “Did you obtain any scholarships in school?” The youth answered “none”.

The director asked, “Was it your father who paid for your school fees?” The youth answered, “My father passed away when I was one year old, it was my mother who paid for my school fees”.

The director asked, “Where did your mother work?” The youth answered, “My mother worked as clothes cleaner. The director requested the youth to show his hands. The youth showed a pair of hands that were smooth and perfect”.

The director asked, “Have you ever helped your mother wash the clothes before?” The youth answered, “Never, my mother always wanted me to study and read more books. Furthermore, my mother can wash clothes faster than me”.

The director said, “I have a request. When you go back today, go and clean your mother’s hands, and then see me tomorrow morning”.

The youth felt that his chance of landing the job was high. When he went back, he happily requested his mother to let him clean her hands. His mother felt strange, happy but with mixed feelings, she showed her hands to the kid. The youth cleaned his mother’s hands slowly. His tears 😭 fell as he did that. It was the first time he noticed that his mother’s hands were so wrinkled, and there were so many bruises in her hands. Some bruises were so painful that his mother shivered when they were cleaned with water.

This was the first time the youth realized that it was this pair of hands that washed the clothes everyday to enable him to pay the school fee. The bruises in the mother’s hands were the price that the mother had to pay for his graduation, academic excellence and his future. After finishing the cleaning of his mother’s hands, the youth quietly washed all the remaining clothes for his mother. That night, mother and son talked for a very long time. Next morning, the youth went to the director’s office.

The Director noticed the tears in the youth’s eyes, asked: “Can you tell me what have you done and learned yesterday in your house?” The youth answered, “I cleaned my mother’s hand, and also finished cleaning all the remaining clothes”.

The Director asked, “please tell me your feelings”. The youth said, “Number 1, I know now what is appreciation. Without my mother, there would not be the successful me today. Number 2, By working together and helping my mother, only I now realize how difficult and tough it is to get something done. Number 3, I have come to appreciate the importance and value of family relationship”.

The director said, “This is what I am looking for to be my manager. I want to recruit a person who can appreciate the help of others, a person who knows the sufferings of others to get things done, and a person who would not put money as his only goal in life. You are hired”. Later on, this young person worked very hard, and received the respect of his subordinates. Every employee worked diligently and as a team. The company’s performance improved tremendously.

Moral: If one doesn’t understand and experience the difficulty it takes to earn the comfort provided by their loved ones, than they will never value it. The most important thing is to experience the difficulty and learn to value hard work behind all the given comfort.

Some People Can’t be Helped

“They refused to pay attention…and would not listen.” Zec 7:11 NIV

Accept it—some people simply aren’t ready to change! They’ll demand your time and energy, but when you get right down to it, they won’t pay the price for progress. Who are they? (1) People who want to talk but not listen. James speaks about two kinds of people—hearers and doers. “Be…doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves” (Jas 1:22). Instead of striving endlessly to meet other people’s needs, try to connect them to the One who can. They should be dependent on the Lord, not you. (2) People who don’t think you’re qualified to help them. Jesus wasn’t respected in His hometown, yet He was the very person they needed (See Jn 1:11-12). Opportunity doesn’t always knock; sometimes it stands by, waiting to be recognized! When people are unwilling to accept your help and advice, chances are they may not be ready to grow and deal with their problems. (3) People who want what you have, but not what you know. These folks want to be rescued but not instructed; comforted but not corrected. And when you keep bailing them out instead of teaching them how to live, you’re not really helping them. David said, “It