Only days after Kenya made the headlines for producing the world’s best teacher, it is in the news again, this time for the wrong reason. It is described as a hotbed of academic dishonesty, where jobless graduates are minting millions of shillings writing thesis and term papers for students in the United Kingdom.

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Magical Kenya

As they say, you haven’t lived untill you set your foot in Kenya.

Magical it is!

Kenya, a country that’s slightly more than a half a Century old is unique not because of it’s diverse cultures and people but because of the unity it’s Citizens exudes on time of Terror and disasters. It’s a country that all Leaders from across the world envy. Our wildlife, is the icon of Africa. Our people are embodiment of unity in strength and out Children are surely the true promise of a thriving country in the 21st Century.

We’ve stood together on so many occasions: Westgate attack, Dusit Inn attack, Bombing of the American embassy, Garissa University attack, Kenyan for Kenyans and helping Turkana and Baringo drought and famine crisis. We did all these not out of obligation but out of a sense of responsibility. We did and we will continue doing because of the pure heart and the compassion that’s deeply engraved in our DNA. This is the Spirit of kenyans and according to world economic Forum Kenya is ranked in the top 10 among the countries whose citizens are more likely to help stranger and not only that; we’re among the top 50 countries in terms of the compassion index. We celebrate all these achievement with a profound sense of humility and not pride.

Our airline,despite it’s recent difficulty, is still the pride of Africa. Our buildings are some of the most iconic in the continent.

We can’t ignore our leaders, irrespective of their dismissal performance in colleges and high school, they still lead at par with lots of fellows who graduated from Harvard. They represent the true meaning of “Kenyan Dream.” I know what you’re thinking: How can that be? Corruption is something that’s present in literally every government in the World. The trick is on how it’s being managed and whether the funds embezzled are used within the country or stored in some offshore Account somewhere in Panama. We’ve done better, because our stolen money is in circulation. It’s used in helping the hungry and building Churches .

There’s is no country that’s perfect in the world, neither do we have one single country that tops in everything. As a country we’ve dwelled in our strengths and forgotten to work on our weakness. That’s why we are an average country, but we can be the best country, but we end tribalism In our politics and elect leaders who reflect our values and spirits.

#BeyondZeroCorruption , Dubbed #BeyondZeroMarathon Strategies Revealed.

Hundreds of police officers drafted into Kenya First Lady’s Beyond Zero Marathon Security on Sunday as undercover runners and sleuths, in an attempt to ward off anticipated anti-corruption crusaders intending to use the occasion to hold peaceful protests.

Sources further indicate that police have been given express orders to maintain public order by dispersing any unauthorized meetings/ congregations/ gatherings within the precincts of the marathon, including detaining protesters intending to “bring Beyond Zero HM into disrepute”.

Security officers from satellite towns of capital city have been ferried into Nairobi for reinforcement during the First Lady Half Marathon on Sunday. Police on high alert over possible “interruptions”. Public parks and “open spaces” will particularly be under watch.



1)The Media announces a Scandal
2)The People involved called by the Media house at a fee to Cleanse themselves
3)An Investigation is announced
4)The Media is used to announce another Scandal
5)The Previous scandal is forgotten

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Under Jubilee Government, Kenya has been losing approximately 241,000 Kenya shillings Every Second

Six Years of Jubilee Government;

~We have lost over Ksh 700 Billion.
~That’s means we have been losing Ksh 120 Billion every year!
~Ksh 10 billion each month!
~Ksh 0.34 Billion each day!
~Ksh 241,000 each Second!

No job!

No hopes!

New leadership.

Deputy President brutally rebuts Raila’s Accusations.

Just after a day of Direct attacks of the former prime Minister Raila Odinga towards Deputy President William Ruto at the devolution conference; the deputy President finally got his Chance of rebutting and didn’t spare.He used the hyena narrative to channel his feelings. Moreover, he explicitly stated that those accusing him of corruption should walk to the offices of DCI and he even gave directions.

“To those who know anybody who has stolen or misappropriated public funds, instead of shouting in funerals, fundraisers or conferences, they should submit their petitions to investigating institutions either in Karura or Valley Road…” ~ DP Ruto

Moreover the Deputy President highlighted the following as some of the major challenges facing Kenya and not a change in Constitution and structure of government.

Wastage, mismanagement and corruption undermine the optimal use of resources. The Constitution provides robust, independent institutions to deal with this danger to our development; EACC, DCI, DPP, Judiciary are well resourced to function effectively and efficiently.

He further added that 52% of revenue goes to salaries and wages. Less than 20% goes into development. Suggestions for the creation of other layers of government is reckless, pedestrian and outright thoughtless.

This is what Boni Khalwale had to say on Twitter.

@RailaOdinga challenged @WilliamsRuto at the Kirinyaga Devolution Conference. Ruto came crashing him with
-the fight in the dog
-the shepherd & his sheep
-the hyena’s interest in the size of the herd
-the pope couldn’t have called u.

Deputy President William Ruto’s Speech

The Cost Of Strike at JKIA

Business wise, the strike at JKIA did not only cause alot of emotional and physical damages but also a greater financial impact on the KQ as an organization and Kenya as a country. According to a story by business Daily, KQ owes five Billion Kenyan shillings to CBA and NIC.

KQ owes 5bn to CBA and NIC

On Top of that huge Debt, the company had 34 flights cancelled and lots of other airlines also rescheduled their flights. At least 120 flights were to leave the Airport yesterday. According to KQ stats, there were suppose to be 120 flights departing with an estimated 8236 Passengers and 114 flights arriving with an estimated 7641 Passengers.

What does that mean economically?
It means the company lost aircraft parking cost for flights landing, connecting and leaving the Airport. Moreover, the company had to compensate Passengers whose flights were cancelled and for some they had to go an extra mile of paying for them hotel accommodation. That’s not all, remember we’ve perishable good like flowers which have to be flown within a set amount of time;that strike meant no product was transported and even if they did, the cargo probably expired along the journey.

No official numbers have been given by the company in regard to how much was lots but from your basic maths you can guess how much it was. Alot.

Building Riches Initiative;Raila’s Feature in The KQ Saga

A good story never ends with the villain losing every game. After lots of exposes from the yesterday’s strike at JKIA, the story seems to be evolving. This is after Raila’s family for the very time is connected to KQ saga according to a report by Citizen TV yesterday. According to the report, Raila Junior Odinga is not only a director but also a shareholder holding 2000 shares in the company.

Assume for a second that I have a rich Father, who is interested in a particular product but being that there are limits onto how many products you can purchase, my father in his right thinking state won’t go ahead and make the purchase having bought before. So to cover his tracks, he’ll use me as a proxy to get the product. What do I mean, he’ll use my name to make the purchase. Legally the product in mine but in reality the product is my fathers.

This simple extract is how lots of filthy Rich people make investments. Think of any big name, and the investments they’ve made. Many times the huge amount is distributed in thousands of small amount. Sounds familiar? Remember the NYS scandal. But why must it always be that ordinary people are used as means to an end. Why must we always glorify the thieves among us and vilify the Patriots.

In speeches and theory they give hope to Citizens but behind dark rooms they toss at their ignorance. Many people were arrested while the real problem at KQ haven’t been addressed. You don’t get rid of bedbugs by burning the mattress. You get rid of bedbugs by spraying each and everyone of them.
The problem of racism and embezzlement of funds will continue unless the real problem is addressed:Get rid of the corrupt and racist in KQ.

Could the colonialists be planning a Coup over our precious Airline (KQ)

The whole saga began with alleged merger between Kenya Airport authority and the Kenya Airways. A merger is simply one organization joining another to form one huge organization either voluntarily (Joint merger) or involuntarily ( Hostile take Over). An involuntary merger happens when the weaker organization is operating on debts and can’t even pay its employees. For it’s survival, merging is always the best opportunity cost (the best alternative forgone).

Following how the events unfolded from the merger to the issuance of strike notice by Kenya Aviation worker’s Union, to this day’s strike, there’s something fishy. Workers go on strike because of default payment or underpayment by the organization or Employee’s segregation (racism in other words). No single organization denies it’s workers payment willingly unless they genuinely can’t afford to pay or sustain the needs of the workers.

The union gave a strike notice, that the organization ignored. It’s their constitutional right to Pickett but ironically their Peaceful demonstration was disrupted by armed GSU solders. The cabinet secretary even called them criminals. How can you call someone a criminal when the courts haven’t found them guilty of any crimes let alone being presented before a court of law. Look how Gatwick and Heathrow handled the drone incident. Isn’t that a good way to learn instead of sending armed officers.

Kenya airways was suppose to be a national security installation but it’s now being turned into a private entity. The Top most paid employees (more than 15) aren’t Kenyans but whites. Is our precious airline being controlled by old white guys in suits? If it’s truly Kenyan, why don’t we have a few of our own in among the most paid? A thing like this doesn’t happen anywhere else in the World and as great Citizens who love not only our magical airline but also our country, we must say No.

All you Need to Know About #DevolutionConference

The 6th Annual Devolution conference is on it’s second day in Kirinyaga University, Kirinyaga County following officiation by President Kenyatta Yesterday. This year’s theme is deliver, transform, measure and accountability something that almost all Governors have failed in. The conference brings together Governors, Senators, key players and stakeholders. The Senate role is basically to represent the counties and serve to protect the interest of the counties and their governments.

The first day was quite a show with the sign language interpretor going viral than even the president bringing the conference to the attention of many Kenyans. Also controversial was the step by Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru distribution of 150,000 condoms on the day of conference commencement.

Moreover, there was also a very big deviation from this year’s theme as many leaders turned the conference into a corruption blame and attack game. Many speakers dwelled on the corruption scandals in the country among notable names were DCI and the Deputy President. One big celebration was the impact devolution has made, but is there any progress when it comes to Fight against corruption? And are there any measures in place to curb it’s growth. Kenya ranks higher in the Global corruption index and it’s a rising trend since the former president Mwai kibaki left office.

Out of the 5 bills proposed last year in the Senate, none is targeted towards metigating the spread of this vice. Many kenyans on twitter are embaraced by their leaders using hateful words like “ Kenya is a failed state ” How do you blame them if the Top three families owes wealth equivalent to bottom 70% of the whole population.

Even as the second day of the conference is ongoing, Kenya Airports Authority Workers are on strike and no air operation is taking place at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport while our leaders are wasting billions of tax payers money on hotels and entertainment at the conference. Will we ever learn?

Miguna Miguna Warns of Primitive leaders


a) Is when a citizen of Kenya whose vote does not count; whose taxes are stolen; whose voice is muzzled; who is unemployed or underemployed; who is over-taxed; who pays too much for basic commodities
-still supports those who have turned his/her life into a nightmare


a) Show off expensive designer suits, vehicles, houses and clubs but not visionary ideas because they don’t have any.

b) Flaunt fake degrees, diplomas, titles and blings instead of policies, programs, plans and/or industries.

c) Torture, maim, detain, exile or kill their opponents instead of debating and competing with them.

d) Steal elections, loot public resources and oppress their people instead of upholding the rule of law and empowering the people.

e)Use public offices to become billionaires by STEALING PUBLIC wealth and NOT through their productivity, innovation, creativity or entrepreneurship whereas in developed countries no one can become a millionaire in public service.

Tell me who you think fits miguna Miguna’s primitive leader in the comment section.

Kenya: Fed Up! More Than 400,000 Kenyans Tried to Migrate, Settle in U.S. in 2018

The number of Kenyans who have tried their luck with the US Diversity Visa lottery (green card lottery) draw keeps rising, according to latest data released by US State Department

A total of 442,966 Kenyans applied for the US green card in the Fiscal Year 2018. This was a 23 per cent rise compared to 2017 when 360,023 Kenyans entered the lottery.

In 2016, a total of 304,693 Kenyans entered the lottery draw.

The 2018 figure includes 317,029 entrants and 125,937 derivatives (spouses and children that entrants included in their application forms).

Kenya imports approximately 1.8 million kilogramme of fish every month. It produces about 135,000 tonnes annual against an annual demand of 500,000 tonnes. Fish imports from China hit Ksh1.7 billion ($17 million) last year as Kenya’s appetite for Chinese fish continued to grow with the country seeking to bridge a deficit.

Why Nairobi West is The Best Place to Stay In Nairobi

  1. It’s close to central Business district. Even you’re broke, you can Always walk to Town.
  2. It has every kind of Social amenities like hospitals, schools and churches.Nairobi west hospital is centrally located. It has Nakumatt supermarket and lots and lots of worship centres to join other worshippers.
  3. It’s safe. Chances of you getting Robbed are less than you getting hit by a car.
  4. Housing is relatively cheap as compared to to other estates where middle class stays.
  5. Water, electricity and Recreational facilities is never a problem in any apartments or secured home you may opt for.

Are you from Nairobi West? If you’re from there, what other thing is interesting from there?

GSU OFFICERS AND TRAILER INVOLVED IN A ROAD ACCIDENT The accident happened along Mombasa-Nairobi Highway involving a trailer and G.S.U vehicle…. Just pray for them. Quick recovery our officers. Quick recovery to them. Four officers are in critical condition while the rest are in stable condition. The truck driver disappeared.

10 Best Recreational Places In Nairobi

1. Kenyatta International Conference Center

2. GP Karting limited

3. Nairobi Safari walk

4. Snake Park

5. Karura Forest

6. Nairobi National Park

7. Oloolua Nature Trail

8. Surina Kids World

9. Nairobi Railways Museum

10. Uhuru Park.

Media push for Regulation of Bloggers -By cyprian Nyakundi

Why should the media push for “Regulation or Bloggers?” And what does that even mean? Bloggers should self regulate and anyone pushing for their regulation simply wants Bloggers to be gagged and silenced.

Personally, I have 16 cases in court: 7 Criminal ( government prosecuting me ) and 9 civil from individuals and some corporates.

There is nothing like regulating bloggers, that is the unconstitutional cyber crime law being pushed through the backdoor.

Some of these journalists pushing for the regulation of bloggers don’t even know how it is hard to grow a following by being independent. Most of them are swimming under the wave of media houses they work for.

So if anyone had an issues with a specific blogger, go to court and follow the available channels.

This regulation of bloggers debate is only about trying to control them!

February is Here, and here is a list of places to take your date on Valentines.

  1. See Interesting Animals at Nairobi Safari Walk.
  2. Shop at the Maasai Market.
  3. Visit the Village Market.
  4. Dine at the Carnivore Restaurant.
  5. Go Karting on Lang’ata Road.
  6. Go ice skating at Panari Sky Center.
  7. Admire Kenyan Art Collections at Banana Hill Art Gallery.
  8. Watch Local Plays at Alliance Francoise, the Kenya national theatre and the Phoenix players.
  9. Discover German Culture at Goethe Institute.
  10. Visit the Nairobi National museum.