BBI Report

The building bridges initiative report is out and irrespective of your feelings on it, the political muscle behind it is a clear sign that your opinion does not matter. Have seen a pattern behind the supporters of the proposed bill, most are of the opinion that a lot of money is now being devolved, which is true.

The amount of money allocated to counties have increased by over kshs. 100 billion. Devolution made us see the worst of places in this country bloom and surely with that amount we expect to see more. Development is good but to me that word only makes sense if individuals in that county benefit. How can we construct highways, hospitals, schools, markets if individuals in that particular geographical region can’t afford it. The money will only fall in the pockets of few of the leadership and the common man will continue with his miseries. This can be attested to by the less than dozen counties who have done something tangible out of the total 47.

In my opinion, we need a bill that is more people centric rather than elite imposed clever ways of wasting tax payers money.

It will be mandatory for a male governor to have a female deputy and vice versa. This to me doesn’t solve gender issues, we elected 47 women representatives and well women feel worse than they did a decade ago. I’ve always said and I’m still saying that women’s problems is not representation but empowerment. Empowerment is a woman having a right and a capability to start her own business, protect herself against pedophiles, care for her own family, engage and be productive in her job of speciality. These are not problems that can be fixed by female governors and deputy, these are problems that can only be fixed by parliament and above all money which ironically is being channeled to a handful of 47 women out of close to 30 million women.

I don’t want to talk about the executive, about the first runners up being appointed as the official opposition leader and about the prime minister being appointed by yhe president who happens to stay in office for 7 good years. Does it mean that elections will be still after 5 years? Yes, meaning on second election we won’t be electing a president what about the prime Minister, and how will the first runners up be the head of an opposition that will be going back for election and most likely fall within the party aligned to the president. I feel this is a job created for no reason whatsoever.

The prime Minister is like the former vice president that is hired and fired by the president only that it has to be approved by the parliament, which most likely will happen because the president will most likely have majority of members in parliament.

I know the BBI Bill will pass, but I would like it to be stopped, this bill is not lightening the burden for ordinary citizens, it’s just creating Jobs for a few elites in society. Our elections have never been on a merit basis, nowhere in the world rewards losers in any election and in my opinion, if a politician isn’t willing to lose, then he has no reason to run in the first place.

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