How do I know if I am an introvert?

How do I know if I am an introvert?

Vansh Sharma, B com Hons from University of Delhi (2019)

Updated Jun 23, 2018

If you are an introvert ,you can relate yourself with the following points:

(1) You are a dreamer.
 You dream about achieving something very big in life and you make less efforts regarding that(you think that on your own and assess yourself)
By summing up,you are not satisfied with yourself.

(2). You have many other things in mind while doing any single task.

(3). You are impulsive.
Sometimes that results in a very bold action.

(4). You have very good ideas and algorithms in your mind(or you yourself think like that) but you are too lazy or afraid to take those things to the ground reality.

(5). Due to having many things at a time,you often get confused while doing things.
Eg. You double(or more times) check the door locked by you at night while going to bed etc.

(6). You have an artistic side or you have atleast a corner reserved for one of the fine arts.

(7). You observe too much.

(8). People take you as a mature person or close to that.

(9). You are moody.

(10). You are less or careful talker,until you find a person very familiar to you.
But when you find anyone of that category,you can conversate like hell.

(11). You are emotional but you hide it to yourself.
You try to be a solid rock to the outside world.
Also you are very romantic and its one of the deep secrets buried in your heart 🙂

(12). You easily don’t like posts on fb and quora etc.

(13). You prefer the offline chat mode.
You also refrain from liking/commenting on things that give wrong messages or contain sexual material.

(14). You don’t send friend requests easily.
 But with all these things in mind if you find anyone/anything worthy of that you can’t control.

(15). You check your Facebook activity log more than normal.

(16). You sherlock your written comment/answer before posting it and if you are 1% less satisfied with that,either you edit it or delete it completely.

(17). You follow some of your favourite people without following them officially and its not about a few visits,you often do that 🙂

(18). You delete(or at least try to) your browser history wherever and whenever it is possible.

(19). You care about the worldly things.

(20). You are hungry for knowledge.sometimes you start observing weird things(admit it :P)

(21). You overthink things.
You might feel like as if the whole world is watching you while doing some particular things.t

(22). You have a kind of egoist nature(its true) but at the same time you are courteous too.

Besides that,you are too hesitative to take favours from others.

(23). In a corner of your heart you find yourself somewhat insecure.

(24). You repeat that conversation of yours in your mind which you had today with a stranger/not so familiar person when you get time to be alone.(although many people do that,you do that more sincerely :P)the

(25). You go deep into listening any song. You play it multiple times, understand every lyric and keep recalling them.

(26). And..if you have read this answer and accepted yourself as a true intovert … but hesitatet to upvote this answer.

Don’t think that introvert or introvism is a problem! Its just a skill that many people don’t have!

These people look things a different way!




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