There is nothing less satisfactory experience than having to get what you were craving for. At first the idea plants it self on your mind or someone would put it in your head then after a while you start having thoughts trying to figure out what the the thought is and then the thought become a craving , a yearning and it runs around your head all the time , some times it hides around the dark corner of temptation, it jumps out on your neck and take control then after its not you, till you get what you want the craving drives you
and you will finally arrive at the destination
you will be standing right there beside your craving , you watching it and he is having an ecstasy it might be for a little while but he is enjoying it and you not. craving will leave you right there, it will disappear and will feel alone and a little bit confused I assume that’s what happened to eve at the garden of Eden. After she ate the forbidden fruit the serpent wasn’t there, he leaves!!


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