Fate isn’t the end, it’s the beginning of a falling faith.

I was taking a walk
Wrestling with my thoughts
She came to me like a song on a shuffle
her walk was so elegant and so humble
I didn’t get to see her face
I didn’t need to see it somehow
My mind just thought of her like my future somehow
My future I didn’t know, walking in front me on the road
My legs unconsciously started to follow
Changing it’s route which it never had before
Wondered about her back
Studied her like my past
Still with no intention of watching her face to face
I have no intention of facing my fate
I just followed
I couldn’t allow my self to say hello
I just followed
Untill I lost her from my sight
But still I wonder, what would have been like to see her face
there is always this phrase
that rings behind each day
Fate isn’t the end of the race
It’s the beginning of falling for a faith.


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