African 🇨🇫


I am an African,
Black as the night is black,
Black like the depths of my Africa
I’ve seen the worst
But also the best

I’ve been in Durban
In South Africa,
I’ve been in Mozambique
Where the beauty of Africa
Also lies,I’m African

My eyes have seen,
My feet have been
In Africa,Africa my continent!
I’ve found days of content
Which were all well spent.

African!That’s who i am.
The greatest beauty
I saw in the maq maq waterfall
In Draskop,in Africa!
Not leaving behind the Sudwala caves!

I’ve been to Swaziland,
I shared memories there,
The culture is nartured
My native Continent
My molded Africa!

I am African that’s who i am
I am black,yes black!
Black as the night is black
Black like the dephts of my Africa
Black as many Africans.

By Nontobiso Williams


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