This is for you!

To everyone who had a bad day, bad week, bad month! This one is for you.

I know you’re worried about your career which seems unstable and in miseries,
I know your life is falling apart and now it has taken over your happiness,
The one’s who said ‘I’ll be there for you always’ have left you alone,
The person you loved the most is busy loving someone else,
The person who cared for you yesterday doesn’t even care if you exist,
And you still believe that everyone is still the same but they have changed,
You were worried about your life 10 years ago, and see where have you come now. –
Around you, everything is still the same. The sun still rise in the East and sets in West. You’re still surrounded with the same bunch of crazy people, cancelled plans, pending assignments, unopened messages. People come and go, you have no control over it. The things that excited you yesterday, no more attracts you. The person you were yesterday was worried about the person that you’re now and it goes on and on. –
We panic how the things have been, we get carried away. We prefer to fake our smile rather than telling friends directly that we are not depressed, or glorifying our sadness, we’re just tried. That we want to stay alone for sometime. This is the fault in our generation which prefer ‘Fake’ over ‘Truth’. We don’t “talk and solve” but we “fake and laugh”. –
I hope the coming days fills your heart with happiness and positivity. I hope it reminds you that you’re not alone in this world, there are people around you who loves you, in fact all of does. –
You don’t need to get things sorted out everytime. You don’t really need to know what will happen next in your life. Life is uncertain. Everything will happen eventually and you’ll definitely get what you deserve. –
All of us have problems, and all of us are together. Let’s forget what has been troubling us and live this moment. We don’t need to worry about the things that will happen after 10 years, let’s focus on now and make it best. –
I hope all your pain get healed and smiles never takes off of your face.
Inked by Yogesh Gautam.


3 thoughts on “This is for you!

  1. Vivian 18 Apr 2019 / 14:50

    That was so inspiring and well said. Thank you for posting this! Also, ā€œI hope all your pain gets healed and smiles never takes off your face.ā€ You too!


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