Don’t be So Harsh on Them: Truth about friends

If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” — Mr. Albert Einstein

I personally believe that the way we exert pressure among our peers and friends isn’t fair. The other week I was a subject of argument among my friends about how I spend most of my time doing nothing. My friends believe that the only way to be productive is by earning cash. Unlike me, they argued that betting is actually beneficial than reading because a Gambler, when lucky enough, brings something to the table at the end of the day.

I respect every one’s right to express their opinion, but I feel it’s very unkind to measure others according to our metrics of success. A student can graduate, but take a few months without getting a Job, not because he’s damn but due to some weaknesses in other soft skills like networking. Being a top performer isn’t everything in the real world. Am a victim, I call myself an average student. Since my graduation last year, I’ve learnt that school really didn’t teach me much. I’ve learnt that in addition to the compassion and humility some of my professors tried so hard to instill in me, I needed more.

If I could get another chance at being in campus, I’d do my best to work on my confidence, Public speaking, writing and negotiation skills.

They are a killer outside here.

Back to my case, I’m a Strong believer in cooperation as a way to success and that judgement is a sure way of hindering progress. We are not all blessed equally. Where we are weak others are strong. Working towards uplifting one another is the sure way to bettering ourselves.

It feels bad being told the truth. In my case it was a blog that wasn’t getting too much traffic. Another time it was me being in a room without having a Job. The only thing I can control in the two situations is my effort. In the case of the blog, it’s posting. On the Job part,it was writing a CV and a Cover letter and leaving everything else to God.

It’s frustrating. I’m craving a good life but there’s just no much I can do to get it. Our minds are developing and the best investment I believe in is feeding our brains with knowledge and skills. Richness doesn’t matter to me that much,but I don’t know about you. If you’re below 25 reading this,I believe we should agree on this. There’s no point of having a lot of richness without the right brain to manage it.

That’s why our employed,working and entrepreneurial friends shouldn’t judge us harshly. They should empathize with us. They should understand that life isn’t a parallel line. They should understand that basic journey of life is detours. To my friends who’ve been victims, I’d ask you to keep doing your best. Play your role and learn.

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I know it’s been a long read,but I hope you got something.


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