Magical Kenya

As they say, you haven’t lived untill you set your foot in Kenya.

Magical it is!

Kenya, a country that’s slightly more than a half a Century old is unique not because of it’s diverse cultures and people but because of the unity it’s Citizens exudes on time of Terror and disasters. It’s a country that all Leaders from across the world envy. Our wildlife, is the icon of Africa. Our people are embodiment of unity in strength and out Children are surely the true promise of a thriving country in the 21st Century.

We’ve stood together on so many occasions: Westgate attack, Dusit Inn attack, Bombing of the American embassy, Garissa University attack, Kenyan for Kenyans and helping Turkana and Baringo drought and famine crisis. We did all these not out of obligation but out of a sense of responsibility. We did and we will continue doing because of the pure heart and the compassion that’s deeply engraved in our DNA. This is the Spirit of kenyans and according to world economic Forum Kenya is ranked in the top 10 among the countries whose citizens are more likely to help stranger and not only that; we’re among the top 50 countries in terms of the compassion index. We celebrate all these achievement with a profound sense of humility and not pride.

Our airline,despite it’s recent difficulty, is still the pride of Africa. Our buildings are some of the most iconic in the continent.

We can’t ignore our leaders, irrespective of their dismissal performance in colleges and high school, they still lead at par with lots of fellows who graduated from Harvard. They represent the true meaning of “Kenyan Dream.” I know what you’re thinking: How can that be? Corruption is something that’s present in literally every government in the World. The trick is on how it’s being managed and whether the funds embezzled are used within the country or stored in some offshore Account somewhere in Panama. We’ve done better, because our stolen money is in circulation. It’s used in helping the hungry and building Churches .

There’s is no country that’s perfect in the world, neither do we have one single country that tops in everything. As a country we’ve dwelled in our strengths and forgotten to work on our weakness. That’s why we are an average country, but we can be the best country, but we end tribalism In our politics and elect leaders who reflect our values and spirits.


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