Tech versus the Political Savvy

Tech-focused individuals aren’t paying attention to politics. Politics-focused individuals don’t realize that technology affects their lives more than politics.

The tech-focused class is younger, better educated, more urban, and has better jobs and better health. They see technology solving their problems. They don’t believe that government solves problems. When was the last time the national government solved a problem in your life?In contrast, figuring out technological change is pretty much what I do all day. The tech-focused class has little time for or interest in politics.

The politics-focused class is older, less educated, more rural, with higher unemployment and worse health. They blame the government for their problems. Their problems are actually caused by technological change and resulting societal structural changes. They like politics because politicians blame their problems on things they can understand, such as immigrants. Or invisible beings are punishing them because the Supreme Court allowed gay marriage. Explaining to politics-focused people that their problems are caused by technological change doesn’t register.

The politics-focused class is able to gerrymander and rig elections because the tech-focused class doesn’t pay attention to politics.

Paying attention to politics is arguably a poor choice for your attention. Climate change is going to be solved by scientists and technologists, not by politicians negotiating for ten years to bring carbon emissions back to the levels of five years ago.

Bi-partisan gridlock is gridlock between two increasingly impotent forces. Technology flies, and politics comes limping after it.

Fake news” and “post-truth” politics will go away. One hopes that the people who believe everything they read on the Internet will get a clue faster than the Germans figured out that they’re not the master race. If not, we have a long dozen years ahead of us.

Those who long for the past when we all believed in the same “golden lies” need to be reminded by blacks, women, or other less-than-equals what the golden past was like.

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.― Philip K. Dick


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