Popularity Versus Privacy

Vulnerability is highly relatable and it’s often easier to drop the mask in print rather than face to face.
Harnessing vulnerability to produce engaging copy lets others catch a glimpse of unfettered humanity, something real and raw. In a world where the prevailing tendency is to curate one’s life on social media to inspire the admiration and envy of others, being oneself bucks the trend.How liberating to let the real you shine, warts and all!
How liberating to see someone so at ease with themselves they’re happy to let it all hang out!

However, bucking the trend is now a trend in itself.
Being real and raw is no longer enough. The more people let loose and embrace brutal honesty, the lesser the impact of such an approach. Suddenly, it’s about shock value to capture the clicks at all cost.So the clothes come off in a desperate attempt to get attention as words shiver and wither on the page, redundant.

The good thing with unexpected visual assault is that it gets a reaction. The not so good thing is that it could be one of annoyance, especially when you’ve seen the same person starkers more than once.I love the human body in all its multifaceted glory but I’m also a staunch proponent of always leaving something to the imagination.

What is the real long-term cost of those clicks though?
I do not plan to ever disrobe online because the internet is forever, and I’ve never felt the inclination to foist my birthday suit upon the unsuspecting. Also, I value my privacy and that of my family and friends.Therefore I only share what I hope may offer some value to others in a spirit of service, something I’ve carried over from journalism.

As a writer, value is derived not from what you can get or take from readers, but from what you can offer them.Attention is a gift you cannot demand any more than you can force praise, support, or interaction.


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