Students: Don’t Settle For Voice, Demand Power

Reflecting back to moments I had in my high school and campus years from uplifting high school fun outings to dirty campus politics, I truly want to be thankful for the voice I had and deeply regret my lack of Power. Given our current education system and educational movement, students are at the centre of everything and it’s very unfair for them to be given a voice without a real power (Student- centered learning, student centred activities, schools, discussions, and philosophy).

It is time we have students voting members on our school boards and senate. It’s time we have students on the school’s hiring committee. It’s time for students to evaluate their teachers, lecturers, principals and Vice chancellors. It’s time for students to have one of their own in school board meetings. We need students to be part of the budgetary decisions, design of new schools and curriculum and even vote on school calendars. Now this is what we call power, This is what we call having a meaningful voice.

Research indicates that students who believe they have a voice in school are seven times more likely to be academically motivated than students who believe they don’t have a voice.(Quaglia Institute)

All universities and secondary schools should have student’s “Town Hall” of students, teachers and the administration for issues to be discussed, debated and voted on. Students collaborating and making decisions with principals and vice Chancellors is the safest and the best way to end strike and make learning motivating. Meaningful student involvement is the engaging of students as partners in every facet of school change for the purpose of strengthening their commitment to education, community and democracy.

Student voice is more than just listening to students. Students voice is more than having student’s Representatives. It’s more than having a student’s council. It’s about listening to them and giving them Power. It’s about allowing them take real ownership of their learning.


3 thoughts on “Students: Don’t Settle For Voice, Demand Power

  1. dolphinwrite 30 Mar 2019 / 00:25

    Part of what you say makes sense. However, and Iā€™m glad you shared, all too many students today do not have an understanding of history, cause and effects, and the real underpinnings behind types of governments and how an economy is run successfully. This is not entirely the studentsā€™ fault. Hopefully, many will realize that they have much to understand, and will seek out understanding, though that will be difficult in totality.
    Thereā€™s an article I wrote regarding voting. It explains some concepts in growth and development that even I was unaware. But realizing I was unaware led me to research.
    What I have seen in many of our youth today is a separation between thinking and understanding, between realizations born of experience and historical understandings, between what we see in todayā€™s world and the lessons of yester-years. And this takes time. It cannot be based upon emotions. It cannot be based upon becoming important. It cannot be brought forth instantly. Time, understanding, investing is processes, but also reading and research, eventually knowing which resources are the better. Take care.

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