The Cost Of Strike at JKIA

Business wise, the strike at JKIA did not only cause alot of emotional and physical damages but also a greater financial impact on the KQ as an organization and Kenya as a country. According to a story by business Daily, KQ owes five Billion Kenyan shillings to CBA and NIC.

KQ owes 5bn to CBA and NIC

On Top of that huge Debt, the company had 34 flights cancelled and lots of other airlines also rescheduled their flights. At least 120 flights were to leave the Airport yesterday. According to KQ stats, there were suppose to be 120 flights departing with an estimated 8236 Passengers and 114 flights arriving with an estimated 7641 Passengers.

What does that mean economically?
It means the company lost aircraft parking cost for flights landing, connecting and leaving the Airport. Moreover, the company had to compensate Passengers whose flights were cancelled and for some they had to go an extra mile of paying for them hotel accommodation. That’s not all, remember we’ve perishable good like flowers which have to be flown within a set amount of time;that strike meant no product was transported and even if they did, the cargo probably expired along the journey.

No official numbers have been given by the company in regard to how much was lots but from your basic maths you can guess how much it was. Alot.


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