Leading Without Power

You probably thinking that this is one of those many wishful thinking and I thought so too the very first time I read about it. How can you lead without Power? How can you lead without authority? This must be a typical example of an oxymoron I learnt back in primary school. I get your pain but stick with me for a minute.

My mother literally isn’t the head of the household but here is something she told me, ” women don’t need to be the head of the household for them to control the house,they just have to recognize their Influence and that in itself is the perfect form of authority.” She advised me that the best form of leadership is aspiring to motivate others and helping them pursue their interests. I didn’t believe her,I was so much obsessed with top down form of Authority that I ended up forgetting the conventional wisdom of leadership that is to spur change from the bottom up. She taught me that son if at all you’d want to make a memorable Leader,then make humility and selflessness as the foundation of your leadership career.

John Maxwell (a prominent voice on leadership) says:
“Leadership is a choice you make rather than a place you sit. In other words, leadership comes from influence and not from your position. For this reason, even when you’re not in front, you’re still leading those around you.”

Many other prominent leaders have said similar things. For instance Michael Hyatt says

“Leadership is about influence, not control. I am not the first person to make this observation, but it is worth repeating… Aspiring leaders would do well to stop focusing on control and figure out how to expand their influence..”

Don’t sit around and wait for a day that may never come. Instead, choose to start changing your situation right now. You’ll be surprised how far small steps in the right direction will take you. As Lao Tzu famously said:
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And our First step is learning the 4 pillars of influence

1.Building Trust.
Trust has to come first in your life and you gain trust by asking for advice and listening genuinely. Trust is not an action or a resume, it is a feeling that other’s have about you. This feeling comes from two things: 1) a belief that you have their best interests at heart, and 2) a confidence that you have the ability to help them

2.Create Alignment;the power of Communication.
If trust is the bridge that connects you with others, then communication is the vehicle. It enables you to align your actions and goals with those around you.

3. Cultivate Momentum,Take action.
I am often surprised by how often people get a good idea or see how something can be done better, but don’t act on it.
The engine of all change is action. It is remarkable how simply acting on your ideas motivates others to get behind them.

4. Inspire Belief,Find the greater Purpose by helping others find a greater purpose to their work. Don’t get into politics or business because your pack is getting into it, examine yourself and know what’s your true calling. You don’t have to wait to have a platform to start, start right where you are. Am an aspiring governor of Nairobi and Guess what?? Am not waiting for 2022, am in the game this very second.

People like Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, and Mother Theresa didn’t develop the ability to inspire others once they had a platform; rather, they were given a platform because they inspired others.


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