Building Riches Initiative;Raila’s Feature in The KQ Saga

A good story never ends with the villain losing every game. After lots of exposes from the yesterday’s strike at JKIA, the story seems to be evolving. This is after Raila’s family for the very time is connected to KQ saga according to a report by Citizen TV yesterday. According to the report, Raila Junior Odinga is not only a director but also a shareholder holding 2000 shares in the company.

Assume for a second that I have a rich Father, who is interested in a particular product but being that there are limits onto how many products you can purchase, my father in his right thinking state won’t go ahead and make the purchase having bought before. So to cover his tracks, he’ll use me as a proxy to get the product. What do I mean, he’ll use my name to make the purchase. Legally the product in mine but in reality the product is my fathers.

This simple extract is how lots of filthy Rich people make investments. Think of any big name, and the investments they’ve made. Many times the huge amount is distributed in thousands of small amount. Sounds familiar? Remember the NYS scandal. But why must it always be that ordinary people are used as means to an end. Why must we always glorify the thieves among us and vilify the Patriots.

In speeches and theory they give hope to Citizens but behind dark rooms they toss at their ignorance. Many people were arrested while the real problem at KQ haven’t been addressed. You don’t get rid of bedbugs by burning the mattress. You get rid of bedbugs by spraying each and everyone of them.
The problem of racism and embezzlement of funds will continue unless the real problem is addressed:Get rid of the corrupt and racist in KQ.


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