A case for polygamy

Lots of people see polygamy as something necessarily restrictive or exploitative of women because the man is getting to be intimate with more than one woman, and that’s the only aspect they consider. But women can gain from it too.

Living together as a family allows women to support each other in a deeper way than is otherwise possible and, I believe, it gives each woman more room to do her thing than she might have if she was a man’s only wife. Time doesn’t always wait when it comes to matters of the heart.

And as a matter of fact, it allows women to pursue their personal goals.
While polygamy certainly isn’t a choice everyone will make, a part of making any choice is understanding that there are alternatives to what everyone else is doing.

Bonus information.
When you see the word polygamy… The image that comes to mind is a man with many wives but what do we call a woman with multiple husbands? Here is your answer..

Polygyny is the act of a man marrying multiple wives.
Polyandry is the act of a woman marrying (for queer women) or getting married to many husbands


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