Miguna Miguna Warns of Primitive leaders


a) Is when a citizen of Kenya whose vote does not count; whose taxes are stolen; whose voice is muzzled; who is unemployed or underemployed; who is over-taxed; who pays too much for basic commodities
-still supports those who have turned his/her life into a nightmare


a) Show off expensive designer suits, vehicles, houses and clubs but not visionary ideas because they don’t have any.

b) Flaunt fake degrees, diplomas, titles and blings instead of policies, programs, plans and/or industries.

c) Torture, maim, detain, exile or kill their opponents instead of debating and competing with them.

d) Steal elections, loot public resources and oppress their people instead of upholding the rule of law and empowering the people.

e)Use public offices to become billionaires by STEALING PUBLIC wealth and NOT through their productivity, innovation, creativity or entrepreneurship whereas in developed countries no one can become a millionaire in public service.

Tell me who you think fits miguna Miguna’s primitive leader in the comment section.


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