Could the colonialists be planning a Coup over our precious Airline (KQ)

The whole saga began with alleged merger between Kenya Airport authority and the Kenya Airways. A merger is simply one organization joining another to form one huge organization either voluntarily (Joint merger) or involuntarily ( Hostile take Over). An involuntary merger happens when the weaker organization is operating on debts and can’t even pay its employees. For it’s survival, merging is always the best opportunity cost (the best alternative forgone).

Following how the events unfolded from the merger to the issuance of strike notice by Kenya Aviation worker’s Union, to this day’s strike, there’s something fishy. Workers go on strike because of default payment or underpayment by the organization or Employee’s segregation (racism in other words). No single organization denies it’s workers payment willingly unless they genuinely can’t afford to pay or sustain the needs of the workers.

The union gave a strike notice, that the organization ignored. It’s their constitutional right to Pickett but ironically their Peaceful demonstration was disrupted by armed GSU solders. The cabinet secretary even called them criminals. How can you call someone a criminal when the courts haven’t found them guilty of any crimes let alone being presented before a court of law. Look how Gatwick and Heathrow handled the drone incident. Isn’t that a good way to learn instead of sending armed officers.

Kenya airways was suppose to be a national security installation but it’s now being turned into a private entity. The Top most paid employees (more than 15) aren’t Kenyans but whites. Is our precious airline being controlled by old white guys in suits? If it’s truly Kenyan, why don’t we have a few of our own in among the most paid? A thing like this doesn’t happen anywhere else in the World and as great Citizens who love not only our magical airline but also our country, we must say No.


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