All you Need to Know About #DevolutionConference

The 6th Annual Devolution conference is on it’s second day in Kirinyaga University, Kirinyaga County following officiation by President Kenyatta Yesterday. This year’s theme is deliver, transform, measure and accountability something that almost all Governors have failed in. The conference brings together Governors, Senators, key players and stakeholders. The Senate role is basically to represent the counties and serve to protect the interest of the counties and their governments.

The first day was quite a show with the sign language interpretor going viral than even the president bringing the conference to the attention of many Kenyans. Also controversial was the step by Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru distribution of 150,000 condoms on the day of conference commencement.

Moreover, there was also a very big deviation from this year’s theme as many leaders turned the conference into a corruption blame and attack game. Many speakers dwelled on the corruption scandals in the country among notable names were DCI and the Deputy President. One big celebration was the impact devolution has made, but is there any progress when it comes to Fight against corruption? And are there any measures in place to curb it’s growth. Kenya ranks higher in the Global corruption index and it’s a rising trend since the former president Mwai kibaki left office.

Out of the 5 bills proposed last year in the Senate, none is targeted towards metigating the spread of this vice. Many kenyans on twitter are embaraced by their leaders using hateful words like “ Kenya is a failed state ” How do you blame them if the Top three families owes wealth equivalent to bottom 70% of the whole population.

Even as the second day of the conference is ongoing, Kenya Airports Authority Workers are on strike and no air operation is taking place at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport while our leaders are wasting billions of tax payers money on hotels and entertainment at the conference. Will we ever learn?


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