Joyous Encounter

In a place of deep thoughts, one day, i got recognized

I didn’t know i was recognized until I was welcomed,

Welcomed with friendliness,
and overflowed with

Those kind gestures taught me rather enormous things
which i shall hold within me forever

As they are too meaningful to ignore and
Too couraging to be kept to one’s self only.

In that place,

Being thankful to those who already love you instead of seeking love from others,

Being thankful for what you are blessed with,

Appreciating your surroundings,

Understanding there’s no limit to achievements in life,

Believing and trusting, as the future actually holds something for you,

Enduring it and fighting for it, for it’s all worth it,

Realizing it’s all about “how well” not “how far”,

Putting a little bit effort and being outstanding,

Is taught until it reaches the bottom of your heart
and makes you reflect back on yourself.

And that’s when i thought, “If that place is great enough to teach me those things”, then i better visit it frequently….


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