📺 Netflix’s 2019 Problem

Although Netflix had a record-breaking November, it’s problems can be record-breaking as well. Following #Netflix’s lead, nearly every major video company is moving into the streaming media business. And that means also moving their content off Netflix and onto their own services.

Disney — along with its soon-to-be purchased Fox — is launching its streaming service, Disney+, next year and pulling its content, including Pixar and Marvel films, from Netflix. The combined AT&T/Time Warner, which has licensed its popular TV series “Friends” to Netflix, may also pull its movies and TV shows from Netflix when its own streaming service gets off the ground at the end of 2019.

That potential loss is part of the reason Netflix has ratcheted up its original content spending lately, and is expected to spend $12 billion to $13 billion on content in 2018 — most of which will go toward original content.

As of October, original content made up 8 percent of content, measured in hours, on Netflix, according to Ampere.


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