Letter from Ex-girlfriend.

Nothing is perfect about what we’ve got…nothing really. We weren’t supposed to even know each other but we did. I was like the one girl you shouldn’t talk to but coincidences took over and you were mine. I think I loved you like no one has and you eventually got tired? I don’t know but you left at some point and that was the angriest I have ever been. It didn’t take time getting over you and all but deep down I know I still wanted you and it hurt so much seeing you come back with an apology for what you did but rejecting you cause of the anger I had. That wasn’t supposed to happen but it did. And I was with someone else being treated ‘how I’m supposed to be treated’ (says society) but each time you came back I lost control for a while and eventually I gave in cause baby you’ve changed…for the better for me and all this time you didn’t give up and you have almost no idea what that means to me I really am stuck on you. Not supposed to happen but knowing you does that to me. And now I still get lost and not know what to talk about I can’t control my anger and stuff but that changes nothing cause none of this was supposed to happen…more like nothing is perfect or even right about us and no matter how people feel about it I don’t care. I believe in something and that’s really it. ๐Ÿ–ค


One thought on “Letter from Ex-girlfriend.

  1. ATypicalLife 17 Feb 2019 / 13:27

    Really insightful! Great post, would mean a lot if you checked my recent one out too! X


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