All for the Love

One night a girl and a boy were sitting in a parked car, in complete silence.

Both of them stayed quiet for a while, until the girl gave him a piece of paper, but before the boy decided to read it what was on it, he told the girl that he was going to leave her.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, a speeding drunk driver collided with their car.

The boy was devastated the whole way to the hospital. Every time he glanced at her, laying down on the stretcher in the ambulance, bloodied and unconscious, he thought to himself, “It’s all my fault. Why. Why. Why?”

The boy had only suffered minor injuries. But what his heart felt at that moment said otherwise. “Is this what heartbreak feels like?”, he said to himself staring at the hospital lights.

Later that day, the boy heard the news. That the girl had died. He rushed into her hospital room and collapsed onto his knees. “Why am I still alive? You were always there for me. Always. Oh please. Come back.” He said this so quietly, so softly so only she could hear him. He began to sob. “I miss you.”

When he had started to calm down a hour later, he got up from his seat on the floor. A loud crinkling noise came from his front pocket. When he dug into his pocket for it he remembered the piece of paper that she had given him prior the crash. He slowly and carefully unfolded it. He quickly read what was on it and covered his mouth in shock.

One tear. Two tears. Three tears.

A choked sob. Even more tears.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

On the piece of paper, it said,
“If you ever leave me I’ll die. I love you.”


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