Valentines 😍❤️

Valentines is almost here
To some it means a lot
To me
And the rest
Of who support me
It means just another day
A day when the sunburns are pealing off
A day to hustle a little harder
A day like today
Boring yet must survive
Painful yet so sweet
Let’s wait for the day
For the loves to show off
For the flowers to feel the pain
Pain of misuse
As they blossom making a beautiful environment
The lovers will pick
And prick them
Tear them apart
For their own pleasure
But they are dead
Can’t complain
They are beautiful
So taken advantage of
For Beauty comes with pain
Spare the flowers
Spare the human
The human who is lonely
Spare us the weird shows
Spare us the pain.

©Maureen njoki


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