What is the brutal truth about relationships?

In this digital age, when people encounter any breakup, what do they do first?


Delete all pictures.

Avoid places and friends, where they used to hang out usually.

Throw their gifts.

And many other activities to forget their past.

Brutal Truth: You cannot forget your past, where you were involved mentally, emotionally and physically.

Above activities will keep your mind calm momentarily, but the day your ex pops up like the seasonal mushroom, many of you won’t be able to control emotional burst.

Of course I will give you the solution, it is up to you whether you take it or ignore it. I will explain it with a simple example.

A catchy song is released, you love those lyrics, music and video itself. You keep listening to that song thousands of times.

But after a certain period of time, you start getting bored. And if you keep listening to it from third places, it starts irritating you. Right?

Case 1:

Now imagine, if someone forces you to listen to that song daily for next 5 years. How will you feel?

Of course, you won’t hesitate to kill that person.

Case 2:

You are already irritated of that song and you try to forget it as best as you can. You successfully did it.

But after 5 years, suddenly someone plays that song again. You love its melody. You start remembering those moments which happened 5 years back with this song.

Though it is momentary, you slip for the same song which irritated you once.

I hope you got it, what I wanted to convey here. In the second case, this is where most people cheat on their current partner because of their ex. Suddenly he/she comes after many years, momentarily you tend to forget what happened back then.

And people cheat.

Our mind is a bloody trickster. The more you try to forget someone, the more will you keep remembering them.

So my solution is, never cut all connections from your ex unless they are truly assholes.

Keep watching them unless you get irritated.

Keep staring at those pics until you get bored.

Don’t stop going to those places, until it doesn’t bother you anymore.

Don’t avoid gossips of your ex from your common friend until it doesn’t matter to you anymore.

Initially it is painful to watch them moving on in front of your eyes. But you know how boxers practice?

They keep taking punches on their faces until those punches stop giving them pain anymore. This is the best way to get rid of your pain, either find a cure or keep facing it.

The hardest part in the relationship is

waking up in the morning,

Remembering what you were trying to forget in the last night.

Block Assholes, but don’t block people whom you want to forget. Because forgetting hardly works, keep remembering them. And one day, it won’t matter anymore.


One thought on “What is the brutal truth about relationships?

  1. bookyglover 18 Feb 2019 / 21:30

    This is true. It happened to me.

    We broke up for two years and now we’re back together. I regret burning those pictures.

    I kept only one gift though. Not out sentiment but it was a lovely one and I couldn’t bear to see it go.


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