Type you Could Love Someday❤️

Don’t judge me of my imagination
Don’t be fond of them too
Of my mer fantasies
Of my desire to be by his side
To enjoy his warm, calm hugs
His notice and way he cares
Cherish to listen
His cracking jokes
Of me acting gussy
Like quivering blob of jelly
Of my know all she wants presence
Dems to beep of delusion

He’s always imagining
Glitching with fantasies
Waving the tune of smokes
Blowing the burns
Creating a relief
Flying beyond boarders
Climbing to freedom
That provoke u to join or just bribe

But He’s such a sweet pie 🥧
Turtle dove
Type u want to hand on everywhere
Type u would want to taste every now and then
Type u would want to cherish the glamour
Type u would, if u could

Love some day.


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