What do introverts mostly do?

Pradhyumna Singh, “space-time traveller”

Updated Mon

It takes them around 30 minutes atleast to sleep after getting in bed cause they have one hell of a cyclone of thoughts in their minds, it takes time to settle down.

Prefer traveling alone, unless the co-traveller is one of his inner circle friends.

Stare at things for a while where a normal person won’t pay attention.

Most of the time deliberately ignore calls but call back again 10–15 minutes later with an excuse.

Can identify their crush even by shadow of her, or a little glimpse in a crowd and even from very large distance from where you can just see outline of a person.

Perfect species when it comes to waiting, don’t yell generally.

Prefer Quora over Facebook.

Most of the groups in their whatsapp are mute.

Avoid negativity very well.

Never indulge themselves in trivial materialistic things, but also enjoy this if it comes from their special someone. Ex. Shopping with girlfriend/wife.

Generally room of a person is outer manifestation of their thoughts, for introverts it is full of chaos so have messy rooms.

Go by need basis, if it feels like bathing, they will take bath, timing doesn’t matter.

They don’t buy bullshit, either will remain silent or will shoot straight.

Clearly understand difference between lust and love.

They debate rarely but when they do, people generally ask them, Hey bro what happened to you?

They don’t write answers in Quora unless they feel like answering. Again, Go by need basis ( point 12).


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