What is the dark side of falling in love?

Tanu Sharma, PhD Scholar at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (2018-present)

Updated Dec 14, 2017

2.5 years ago

A text message from him

He: I love you so much…l love you that much that I wanna marry you…

It was unexpected for her. She just ignored the message thinking that it might be a prank.

After few casual meetings with him. She finally realised that it was not a prank and started to fall for him.

2 years ago

Chat on WhatsApp

He: you know I really love you. Please be mine.

She: even I love you. But I am afraid of our future. My family will not accept us.

He( with lots of happiness): just say yes. Everything will be fine.

She: love you too…

7 months ago

She: I am feeling that you kind a ignoring me. Is everything okay between us.

He: no dear, its just that I have to leave my friends after 7 months. I am trying to give my time to them.

She: but that is same with me also. You will also leave me after some months.

He: please try an understand. We will be together for the rest of our life. Let me give this time to my friends.

She: ohk dear, I will wait for that day.

1 month ago

She was leaving him. Their relationship was going to be a long distance relationship. She cried hard. But left him with a hope that now their relationship will be better than before. As he had said that the day his friends will leave she will be her priority.

7 days ago

She got a chance to visit him. But he sounded to be a very different person. No love was there in his eyes that she was expecting all days and nights before their meeting. He said that he had to focus for his future now, have no time for anything else. And I cant take stress for the thing that is uncertain (their marriage). She felt disheartened but Did not say anything. She returned to home crying all the way.

5 days ago

A chat on whatsapp

She: why are you ignoring me.

He: you think too much. There is nothing such.

She: but I am feeling this. You never care for my emotions.

But there was no reply from him. All the messages on WhatsApp was being seen. But he was busy in chatting with someone else.

she called him twice but all in vain.

All her hopes, memories blurred with tears coming in her eyes. It was a feeling like all the memories were being washed with the water flowing out of her eyes. She screamed loudly, cried for an hour. Then even the tears refused for her company. She went blank and numb kept on thinking till the morning that what went wrong between the two. But she had done wrong to him that he behaved so rudely to her.

In the end, you can see the darkest side of falling in love. Nowadays a days, no one cares for the feelings of other. The one who love more, made more efforts to make the relationship work, will have to suffer More.


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