What are some unwritten social rules everyone should know?

-Danish Manzar, M. Tech from Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad (2020)

1. No matter what, carry your wallet everytime you go outside with anyone.

2. Take the cab or any other public transport instead of your own vehicle if you’re going to pub.

3. Stop being an asshole if you have got the lower berth in Indian railways.

4. Stop forcing an introverted person to behave like an extrovert in group hangout.

5. If possible, avoid the plan to go outside if you have a runny nose.

6. Something is fishy if you’re paying for the 3rd time on your date unless she’s unemployed.

7. Do not swipe left or right if someone shows you a photo on their phone.

8. If someone says NO for anything, after taking a long pause. There could be a high possibility of acceptance if you ask him once more.

9. You can trust some of your friends but you should be very careful with your colleagues. Colleagues are being made to betray anyone.

10. Wave your hand rather than calling his or her name in a louder pitch if someone is wearing headphones.

11. You’re going to regret the decision of dating a social media freak.

12. Correcting someone’s grammar everytime ain’t getting you anywhere. You better ensure not to make such mistakes on your exam papers.

13. If someone is talking to you while sitting, avoid supporting your face with your hands. It shows the methodological behavior of lack of interest.

14. If someone is taking a bit extra time to take out the money from his wallet along with a minute shake in his hands at the time of payment on the counter, he has definitely got some financial problems.

15. Sharing the motivational quotes again and again makes you a dumber person.

16. Adding emoji at the end of the text sometimes deprive that text of its actual motive.

17. A person winks a lot while talking to a dumbass.

18. Offer a glass of water to the delivery man if your house is above the 1st floor and the building doesn’t contain any elevator.

19. If someone is making an effort to make you feel special, they are most probably anticipating the favor in return too.

20. Leaving the post with the odd number like 19 doesn’t look good enough.


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