Perfect is You

We treat some words as they are the limit
As like Perfect
Yet your existence makes it different
Because you are a confect
Of a clean soul and a blessed spirit
Of a marvelous mind and a beautiful heart
So I refused to agree there is an edge for you
And I say, Perfect is you

We accept some stories as they are the only script
So we live under our painful past
That has happened to my lonely tripped life
Until you came along through my blurred window
As my Peter Pan, so friendly and slow
With no greed in you to show me the way
To acknowledge my existed reality
So I say no to my story
And started believing your theory
That’s the reason for me to spell Love beside your name
Because through you, I’m living again

Looks are so deceiving I already knew
As I am a type of man that would accrue
I never intended to give credits to the external beauty
But still you made me to always wonder about you, it totally complies
You don’t put up makeups
I thought you were natural
I was wrong
Natural, in a sense its more like an edge
Because natural isn’t natural as you are


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