When The mutable grace of our world becomes my ultimate path of survival; when every atom,every molecule,every blood bids to stand firm posing change; when beliefs propel from here and there with every pump in my heart; i chose to move and stay still however ambiguous that sounds.
My thoughts are weekday fatigues,abridged arrays of perspectives carried by emotive shores and dumped around the corner of reasonable doubts. Waking up a little less purposeful than the worm,it tickles me when its passion and faith for bed,it tickles me when its cold survival for the coming night. indeed,living has been a joke drilling and thrilling man kind.
My opinions are on a war, they say they are fighting change some shooting new some bombing progress and few seemingly Liberal thinking tied by absurd conclusions, buried six inches bellow with two degrees of freedom,cognitive rationality and mare confusion
my entire existence is not utterly intricate or captivating but rather greasy and slick like the European knights galloping in circles while tossing balls from one to another on a yet unnamed rotating platform and if i am like the tossed ball? swiping mercilessly? finding comfort at any destination? i will still be laughing to it, and i will be laughing with it and at it with every breath as my alarm and every fiber of my faith as another contradictory anchor fiercely attached lest the ordinary.
Affection,lust, smooth turns and intimacy flew with a blink of an eye and superficial interactions decorated with few forced smiles swing in on a chariot . If its laughter today,pain ignites tomorrow its poetry and creativity then its crude reality where the heart sits still on a turning chair, its a heavy bridge spanned in inches weighting in pounds made of raging rocks, woven with a smile, untied with infinitely circular fear and hope. hanging ,floating,turning with a knee to feet distance from its core my head is a spinning carousel roasting on a Sunday morning sunlight blinded by the brightest of lights. that’s where a gentle mighty hand placed your glowing soul to light my way more and more and more.



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