It’s funny how beauty comes out of separation! like when our ear is pierced, separating an intact flesh,
the wound drying up with what pierced it, in it.
I donโ€™t know what it is maybe
Itโ€™s in the way that time heals all wounds,
Or maybe Itโ€™s in the way our irked flesh can learn to live with what stabbed it and with time forgives the mastermind behind it
And after it heals,
Itโ€™s in the way it welcomes the villain and carries itโ€™s load all day long,
Or itโ€™s in the way that there is no way it goes to bed with it, understanding the backs should go to safely unload
itโ€™s not in the way the flesh connects back itโ€™s in the way it stays a hole
Itโ€™s in the way the hole it makes can heal to take more of what pierced it
If not all this, then itโ€™s in the sacrifice the ear makes for the sake of beauty of the face most importantly its in the way beauty doesnโ€™t even make sense


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