Feminism (And Male Bashing)🇰🇪 Interesting Read

A lot of stupidity and totalitarian thinking has arisen with a #Metoo movement. Everyone around the world heard about Harry Weinstein story and I will not defend this man, he got what he deserved for being a pig. But I cannot take the fact that some mentally ill women are collecting signitures to ban Matt Damon from movies just because he says that people judge every case ” you know, there’s a difference between, you know, patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation, right? “. So called feminists are publicly slaughtering a man with alsmost ideal reputation just because he doesn’t blindly support their agenda. Isn’t it ironic that today they want to put up boundaries in a free speech, the one that actually led to the liberation of women’s rights.
After some time I stumbled apone a TED talk by some unknown actor(i’m not gonna advertise him) who was talking about that “guys, we are the problem” and suggesting that men should be more like women. This was last tiping point for me personally. Really, being masculine is a problem now?!
My personal answer to these omega populists, who’re trying to ride the wave of this new hype- if you don’t like being a man, go cut your balls and put on a dress. I am fine being a man, I do not see any issues being one and if someone tells me that something is wrong with it I will defend it the way man should defend his manhood.
As for the general ideas of feminism I totally support the rights of the women, but not the rights to oppress men.

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