Why do you think most relationships fail?

Why do you think most relationships fail?


Answered Jan 29

You met a girl.

Both of you started talking.

A lot of talking.

On whatsapp, insta, snapchat, almost everywhere.

Both of you realized you have fallen for each other.

You confess your love to her and she says yes, there starts a new exciting journey.

Lot of love is pouring out, “hearts” “kisses” and “hugs”. Clinging to each other all the time.

Making promises of future, getting naughty when alone, exchanging pics of morning, evening and night.

One day she gets angry for not replying to her msgs. you console her and after a small fight everything gets normal and love pours out again.

Time passes, both of you get to know each other, all about the family and friends.

You get to find out differences of each other, the dark side of your better half.

Another day you get angry because of those differences, she consoles you and again after a small fight everything turn out alright and get all lovey dovy

Through these small fights you accepts each other differences and fall for each other even more.

Living a beautiful memory, sitting next to each other, your hand is on her hip and her head is resting on your shoulder looking at sunset.

Both of you are getting used to each other, ignoring some differences and accepting other.

One day you gave her part of attention to another girl, although you didn’t do it intentionally, but it happened anyway.

She gets furious, and start firing all kind of accusations to you.

You block each of them, apologizes, console her, hug her, kiss her.

She gets calm after a lot of consoling, but you didn’t GIVE UP.

One unfortunate day, due to her mood swings she gets angry at you, you also get angry and a heated argument happen like never before and left her, but instantly regretted and realized what you have done.

You instantly go back to her seeking an apology.

But she has made her mind of leaving you, you cry, you beg for forgiveness. she denies all of it.

Even after all that, you DON’T GIVE UP, and after a long series of apologies and consoling, she forgives you.

You promise yourself not to do that ever again. You started to become a better person.

And again relationship gets on track with some small and some big fights.

Fights are the part of relationship, they are as equally important as the love couples exchange, the difficult part is where both parties DON’TGIVE UP.

Getting in a relationship is very easy and staying in it is equally hard. DON’T GIVE UP, find solutions to your problems, love each other, fight with each other , dance with each other, understand your better half and live a life together until the end of time.


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