Are you happy being single?YES and NO.

Are you happy being single?

Shovan Chowdhury, Self-regulated, life-long learner in psychology

YES and NO. I am happy being single because

I enjoy the loneliness and can travel to different places in Bangladesh.

I can do whatever I want; I am free to do anything.

I run, meditate, eat, pray, read and help people.

I am not accountable to anyone. I enjoy a carefree life.

I can save enormous amounts of time and declutter all my problems.

I don’t need to share my bed with anyone.

Nobody can give missed calls at midnight. So, I always have sound sleep.

I live my life with my own rules.

I can spend more time to develop myself.

I am emotionally strong and I avoid relationships consciously.

I don’t need to impress someone; the only person I try to impress is myself.

I always stay peace of mind because I lead a very simple and single life.

I don’t need to check facebook messenger or whatsapp continuously to see whether she has sent any messages or not.

I can spend more time on creativity.

I can chase my passion without any problem.

But after running miles after miles and I have not breath left, I start to miss someone. When I am rejected by employers, I feel the need for someone to console me. When I walk among the thousands of people in the busy street, I feel the need to walk with someone. At the end of busy working day I return from office. I am exhausted, tired then make a cup of coffee and sit in the balcony. I feel the need to find someone.

But there’s nobody there but me.


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